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  1. It'll be all about who can get the narrative out as soon as possible afterwards. It'll be a social media bot-infested cesspool to drive hashtags and memes out quick to drive the "winner". It will all about snagging the casual voter who doesn't pay much attention, but could see "Biden so sleepy!" or "Trump O\/\/NS Biden" in their facebook feed.
  2. I gotta give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant Catholics and Protestants. If he didn't then I'm unfortunately going to give him the BAM -> : rolleyes:
  3. I think he's going to be spending a significant chunk of his post-presidential life trying to stay out of prison. #lockhimup
  4. I've said it many many times; I would be absolutely floored if Biden won Ohio. Hamilton (Cincy), Franklin (Columbus), and Cuyahoga (CLE) aren't enough to overcome the male blue collar, former-union rush to Trump.
  5. I wish I could see the (...) for this quote. I don't have a Post subscription where it came from, but I don't think they reveal it either. I really wish I knew the context and who she was speaking to, etc as I try really hard nowadays not be straight reactionary.
  6. Ah, ok thanks. See, as a gun beginner and big dummy I guess I had this backward as I thought shotgun spray didn't go through walls as easily as a rifle or handgun bullet. I was more worried about my kids in their bedrooms being safe(r) from any main rooms action. Also, thought folks always said the sound of a shotgun being cocked is some of the best home defense . Definitely like the idea of getting a smaller/less expensive handgun bed-side safe as opposed to a big under the bed one. Definitely lots of internet research ahead but thanks for the stepping off points. I'm as n00b as n00b can get. Its definitely a pretty intimidating topic knowledge-wise to ramp up on especially when I then need to skillfully convince an uneasy wife.
  7. Alright, sorry I looked for a a 'FAQ' style post in the beginnings of this thread as I'm sure its answered 12,000 times. But here comes the probably very standard questions for this very knowledgeable crew here: Home defense/very-nervous-about-the-idea-wife/ Kids in the house ranging 8-15 Based on the occasional post I've picked up here: thinking shotgun as there is less thru-wall room-to-room danger? If I can finally wear my wife down about this (getting there!) have to have a safe. Thinking under the bed storage? You guys have some standard or specific advice on what kind of shotgun (or general firearm if I'm out to lunch on that)? I haven't shot since I was 13 and my wife never has so almost certainly a range date when we do this. Any advice on pistol grip or sight or anything? Any safe/storage advice? Should I be biometric or is a code just fine? Liked @STEADYMOBBIN 22 answer to his wife about being the protector and too old to fight anymore. I'm going to use that in my approach. Not in a hurry by any means, but have always felt more and more naked to protecting my home if things get squirrely. Don't like that feeling. Thanks! If there is a standard answer to this in a post I missed...many apologies.
  8. Well in fairness life expectancy back then was like the mid-40s so blame science. Dumb science
  9. Read this tweet which is McConnell's note to his fellow GOP. Make sure you click right to the next pic...the end of the letter. He's arguing 46 days is very doable. https://twitter.com/seungminkim/status/1307155643971833857/photo/1 ETA: I should put a big 'ol If this is indeed legitimate disclaimer
  10. I've read that literally only play would be for the House to throw Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Its the only thing that takes more precedence. That would be nuts.
  11. I fully admit I'm having trouble getting around why this is a sort of "gotcha" for hypocrisy on the Dems part. There was a standard process before. The Republicans changed that process (waiting in an election year). The process has changed and its not hypocritical to be angry the GOP wants to return to the old process that was "broken"...by them.
  12. I definitely remember that argument as well...although I'm also definitely too lazy to comb through an old thread to figure out who said that.
  13. Big surprise, I'm sure, but Trump tweets he wants it done post-haste. No carrot dangling it would appear. This is interesting/terrifying/fascinating how this will all shake out politically. I honestly have no idea what this will do to all the moving parts of turnout.
  14. Martin Van Buren? Goldie Hawn? George “The Animal” Steele? Ralph Wiggum?
  15. I’ve said it before, but I would be floored if Biden wins Ohio. Ohio has lots and lots of rural and outer suburbs and, though anecdotal, they are so insane-hot for Trump. Signs everywhere and it completely fits his “trolling the libs” demo. All former blue collar, Union Dem support has collapsed and ran to Trump’s MO. I’d love to be wrong but Ohio as battleground seems a decade old now. It’s closer to Indiana/KY than Pennsylvania.
  16. I wonder if he takes out the blue states if he’s talking about positive economy news, or job numbers?
  17. Yeah we’re driving it around now “good as new”. As I posted above, he somehow snapped the left front axle, but we got away with no other damage somehow. 😳 Subaru actually covered the axle in full. I must admit that when I shift from Park to Drive I can make out the faintest squeak so I wouldn’t be overly surprised if the parking pawl has a slight notch or rub or something now. But it all works. We got so lucky.
  18. Tough but fair. i like it ETA: And/or the Test Forum 👍
  19. Very well put and so true. That might be his biggest failing in the whole thing. Him politicizing masks. <insert word that'll get me banned>
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