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  1. Yikes, I know there was disdain from Mattis, but this seems to be possibly implying something?
  2. Even if I were to grant your point about politicizing (though through a deeper discussion I would disagree)....not to the degree of this President, at such a critical early time, and the amount of damage he did and continues to do by his actions and in-actions. My area is a fustercluck almost directly because of his politicizing.
  3. Exactly. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that, in my area of the country, if he had been forthright early on we wouldn't have and (and frankly still continue to have ) that incredible amount of push back on things like masks. He pretty much set this up as a "red team/blue team" thing right away and at least around here people behaved and continue to behave accordingly. This isn't a "an asteroid is coming and I don't want anarchy" kind of thing. This was him protecting his stock market. He cost a lot of lives.
  4. Btw, Trump has to be livid this is coming out just a few hours after his Nobel Prize nomination. He had stuff all over twitter about that.
  5. You absolutely nailed this. I can see it on the Facebooks already. "Nancy would've still gotten her hair done. Derp Derp Derp"
  6. The fact that he won't say boo about Navalny's obvious Putin driven poisoning tells you all you ever needed to know.
  7. I'm reasonably sure it was the CV joint's ball bearings and internal cage all broken up. I also read, that you can still push a car in Park with a severed axle so I guess that makes sense. IDK, I'm with fish up there, I still don't get why it "let" him slam it into Park. And if just neutral, why would the axle snap. I ask my kid and he's like "I dunno specifically what I did, I don't remember anything." No license until 18, ftw!
  8. Welp... still holding my breath a bit but the immediate damage was: He snapped the left front axle. And according to the dealer... it’s being covered by the warranty. Now, like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, I’m not going to start *bleeping* our *bleeps* yet. I still gotta wonder if that transmission pawl (the thing that keeps it in Park) is effed up or something hasn’t presented itself yet once they get that new axle on. For the first time ever I’m thinking of looking into one of dem extended warranties for any downstream issues later on. 😳 Also still don’t get the mechanics on that. I guess the force of throwing It in Park threw everything under pressure and the axle blinked first. Yikes. Thanks to everyone for the guesses/advice. So I guess....for now (fingers crossed)...$1 is winner?
  9. Anyone have any idea why Homelander left Butcher alive? That’s been my only mental blocking “Why?” moment in the narrative.
  10. I didn’t think it was possible to do that either and I’m fully confused how
  11. There wasn’t a collision at all, I wouldn’t think Insurance would touch that regardless?
  12. We really need a shoot-myself-in-the-head emoji on this forum.
  13. Just unbelievably a dumb moment of parental incompetence. Your guys‘ guesses are about what I’m thinking too but I’m fairly part cost naïve. At least it wasn’t just me as my wife was there too. (Though I’m sure this story my evolve to just me over the years). Based on things I’ve read I’m kinda surprised it let him do it too...like I said this is a 2019. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise though because if it didn’t let him maybe his next panic move is to swerve wildly into the woods. I’m sure Insurance would’ve been kind there. 😫
  14. In the annals of terrible Dad decisions this has to rank up there with them. I can't believe our moment of parental idiocy and we are all sick to our stomach here. But, our loss could be your gain if you can predict the catastrophic damage and subsequent repair amount. Went for a family hike and as we got closer to the parking lot where our car was our oldest child, our 15 year-old was feeling cocky. Him: "Let me bring the car to you guys!" Wife and I: "No" Him: "Please, its just the parking lot and my friends parents let them start to drive in lots" Us in a horrendous moment of idiocy and weakness: "Fine, just let the auto drive to us and leave foot on brake" I know what you are thinking: WHY DID YOU NOT GO GET IN THE CAR WITH HIM YOU MORON?!?!?!? I can only answer, mmm-hmmm.... Now my oldest has always been the "car kid" since he was little. Drove the kiddy jeep like a champ, drove go-karts like a boss on the track with me, had a mini-dirt bike the past year. This is no excuse, but on reanalyzing this event over and over and over again, I think that's the moment of cloudy judgment coupled with wanting to momentarily be the "nice" dad. Uggggghhhh. Kid starts the car and begins to slowly make his way toward us. The car is a 2019 Subaru Ascent which has some weight obviously. Instead of the brake, he begins to speed up and steer a little away from us. He hit the gas. He starts to obviously panic and at maybe 25 to 30 mph he fully panics and....slams the car into park. CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG the car stops. Worst metal noise I've heard in a car. I run over, get him out of the car as he starts sobbing and my other kids start screaming crying too. I get in and the car will not drive anymore. I roll it back via my foot and look: about 5 ball bearings rolling around, small chunks of definitely sheared metal, and a few small patches of mud colored goop. We have it towed to dealer. Its the holiday weekend so they won't look at it until Tuesday morning. There ain't no hiding the damage so this will be our bill no doubt. :puke: 1) Can you guess what exploded under our car? The entire transmission? Complete loss or partial? Of course Subaru has a fancy transmission so that can only add to the joy if its FUBAR-ed 2) Nearest to the pin cost? 3) Please hit me in the head with a ratchet. Still can't believe our moment of terrible judgment ETA: I’m being slightly shticky, but obviously we are truly thankful he didn’t go ramping into the woods or flip the thing. Just further adds into the thought of wtf were we thinking in that moment.
  15. Its interesting, if he runs for re-election, DeWine may be the last Republican I vote for in a long, long time after a lifetime of voting GOP. I really appreciated his early and science-based handling of the early Covid stuff...a very proactive approach. He had a team of health experts (the main one, his director of health was a Dem), he listened and deffered to their expertise, and he made smart decisions based on their advice....a rarity in today's Republican Party. I get the impression that he is a genuinely good guy. It wasn't easy as he took tons of guff from what I call the mouthbreather right in the state. He received HUGE push-back from his own party in-state. In fact, just a few weeks ago a significant chunk of the state GOP began to try and impeach him simply for listening to his health experts. Disgraceful. but par for the course from that wing nowadays. Unfortunately, as I have learned the last several months, per capita Ohio definitely has a higher percentage of anti-mask, Plandemic kooks than other areas. Jim Jordan is not an anomaly here in rural, outer-suburban Ohio. The Trumpists in Ohio simply hate DeWine...call him a RINO. He had a high approval in late June in how he handled it, but I fear if he runs for re-election he wouldn't win. The Trump right more than abandoned him and when push comes to shove, I'd bet the Dems while appreciating his handling, would naturally vote for the Dem governor candidate. Tough to run as a moderate leaning candidate in an increasingly extreme shifting Ohio. Its the reason Ohio will likely go easily Trump in 2020 and no longer be the battleground state in once was ("as Ohio votes, so goes the nation in president") . Much closer to Indiana and Kentucky anymore than Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  16. Tangential to your policy question, but I look forward to removing his assigned heads of important agencies (and their terrible imo policies) that are going about gutting these agencies from within.
  17. Pretty good tweet on this: https://twitter.com/numbersmuncher/status/1301887130399059969?s=21 Three things that can all be true: 1. Rasmussen is a trash pollster 2. They shamelessly seek out Trump's tweets with their polls 3. Trump hit a 6 month high on their poll and it's worth watching Never forget that Rasmussen had Republicans *winning* in 2018 (they lost by 8)
  18. If you think that Trump is a "better option" for this country when it comes to less division and hate for the next 4 years, I think you've talked yourself into something. He gets re-elected and its going to be an extremely ugly 4 years. I tend to be optimistic, but I begin to wonder if we can survive it intact.
  19. Just for some clarifications: the below link has a ton of good photos of the event. In one of the lower pics, the guy who got his arm shredded (I've read since that he had to have that amputated), indeed, is holding a pistol. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8665383/One-shot-dead-two-wounded-BLM-protesters-defy-curfew-Kenosha.html
  20. Yeah, 17 supposedly too. I know he's nearly an adult, but I have to play the game here: Who in the hell let's their 17 year-old kid out the door to go to a counter protest armed with an AR-15? Sweet Jesus. ETA: Reading some more, it seems like he was even part of some ascribed militia. In that case I have to wonder if his parents were real "Muh freedom" mouthbreathers themselves.
  21. Ugh, while seeing the video of the dude's shredded arm is objectively gross, it doesn't bother me as knowing he's likely ok. Seeing the footage of the dude basically seizing after getting shot in the head (though not much gore at all), don't think I can un-see that.
  22. He did look pretty darn young in those videos and still-photos. He also was wearing latex gloves. Covid? or Fingerprint adverse?
  23. Scroll down to the first video in this article (btw, this article covers a ton on the shooting incidents and you can really piece together what happened). I think those second shots are when the dude with the pistol who has his arm shredded, first backs away with his arms raised, but then, inexplicably, tries to run kind of by the rifle guy and then gets shot in the arm. I really want to know for sure if the guy on the ground with the head wound is, indeed, the rabble rouser, smaller Steve Austin look a-like from the main protestor confrontation video. He really was acting crazy.
  24. Nah. Don’t need that one at all, our resident silly anarchist. :tussleshair:
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