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  1. Ugh, while seeing the video of the dude's shredded arm is objectively gross, it doesn't bother me as knowing he's likely ok. Seeing the footage of the dude basically seizing after getting shot in the head (though not much gore at all), don't think I can un-see that.
  2. He did look pretty darn young in those videos and still-photos. He also was wearing latex gloves. Covid? or Fingerprint adverse?
  3. Scroll down to the first video in this article (btw, this article covers a ton on the shooting incidents and you can really piece together what happened). I think those second shots are when the dude with the pistol who has his arm shredded, first backs away with his arms raised, but then, inexplicably, tries to run kind of by the rifle guy and then gets shot in the arm. I really want to know for sure if the guy on the ground with the head wound is, indeed, the rabble rouser, smaller Steve Austin look a-like from the main protestor confrontation video. He really was acting crazy.
  4. Nah. Don’t need that one at all, our resident silly anarchist. :tussleshair:
  5. We need a German word for “quit letting perfect be the enemy of good”. This thread recently is a good example of that. But I feel like I’m always saying that nowadays when I’m arguing with friends over pandemic response (cloth mask doesn’t even do much compared to an n95!!) and what our local schools are doing.
  6. Wth is happening?! No leadership throughout CFB. 😱 https://247sports.com/college/ohio-state/Article/Big-Ten-refutes-report-of-canceled-football-season-college-COVID-19-pandemic-150086770/
  7. Just chiming in to let you know I was literally LOL-ing by this point of the back and forth. Sometimes I think people need legitimate visual aids to understand something instead of "riGhT" and "wRoNG". C'mon Blutarsky, "Picture a scale laid in front of you with punishments stretching from one end point to the other, a literal slap on the wrist on one end and being beheaded slowly on the other...you have a line where you can stop it on this scale"
  8. Mean randos saying bad things about someone on the innernets?! Shocked I tell you. Discredits an entire side.
  9. That, and his ad-campaign for weeks has been "the Democrats and Joe Biden wish to defund the police and get your loved-ones killed". They must have spent a billion dollars on the 911 goes to voice mail commercials.
  10. No joke...Trending on Twitter right now: Demon Sperm
  11. Good. ETA: Gotta be a big conspiracy right? Can't be because its garbage info.
  12. Trump is re-tweeting conspiracy theories about the Covid response and treatments (Hydroxychloroquine cure again) and accusing Fauci of intentionally causing deaths and damaging his presidency. His response to the Covid crisis is a historical disgrace. /thread
  13. And I feel very confident that’s going to get much worse as he sees defeat looking him in the eye close to the election. He’ll go full burn
  14. I know this was, shall we say, enhanced for "comedic" effect, but nothing like sitting at this event which is mask-optional, right in front of this guy's coughing fit. https://twitter.com/VicBergerIV/status/1282358722224775168?s=20
  15. Holy crap that's hilarious and even sadder she's run for Congress. Here's another winner on her twitter feed I just saw when I clicked on her: DeAnna Lorraine @DeAnna4Congress · 9h From a dating perspective, these masks have made it much easier to identify the cucks.
  16. There’s just not enough classic gems dropped like “3 1/2 hours of high level racquetball” around here anymore. It makes me sentimental, so one like that is mana from heaven. I really miss the “Classic Lines from the Shark Pool” thread too.
  17. I get that and actually feel the police really shouldn't be involved in straight enforcement on calls. Its more of the attitude that we're getting from both Butler and Warren Co. sheriffs that this whole thing is dumb. I totally get a "the Governor is an idiot and you all shouldn't listen to him" vibe from those 2 turds.
  18. No, I hear you and completely feel what you're saying 90% of the time. We're doing what we're going to do...best of luck to "you". The frustration I'm feeling right now is the approach of school and my kids really, really, really need that again. For their sanity. The school isn't mandating masks though (recommended but not a have to) and I'm talking about seeing all these families basically giving the rest of us the bird. That's depressing and left us in quite a quandary screaming towards the start of school.
  19. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? We’ve got freaking county sheriffs holding special press conferences this evening just to say they aren’t enforcing anything. It’s hard not to be bitter at the lack of simple selflessness. These last 4 months have been sadly eye opening for me.
  20. The Washington Please Don't Accuse Us of Racism Anymore, Oh God, Seriously We're Really Trying Here What More Do You Want From Us We'll Give You Whatever You Want Here Take The Keys to My Car We're Cool Now Right....s
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