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  1. I see this a lot in my area too, re: masks. Doesn't matter if it will help people out who need it, people just don't want too. They'll dress it up in "freedom" or something, but it comes down to laziness, thoughtlessness or carelessness. Funny thing too is they'll cite the CDC early guidelines against mask-wearing in early March. But, everything else mainstream science based is the devil and not to be trusted because of some sort of radical agenda on controlling us. It sucks even though it will directly help my wife and elderly parents and in-laws. Its hard not to be down on humanity at times.
  2. There's a week between episodes? Mainly though there's no current sports to argue about. I've been betting with my kids when the mail arrives. :sadtimes:
  3. I know I'm several days late on this, but good effing postings. I "appreciate" ren's posts in a way because they are such a different viewpoint and interesting reading at times, but many times its like a caricature.
  4. I feel like for every one of these topics (and frankly, Facebook, Twitter, etc), I need a macro that says: "Because all they care about is that it makes the right people angry, upset, and....(lolololol) 'triggered'" That's it. That's the reason. Its all one big "You Mad, Bro" meme
  5. Just an great example of how different the game was played in Jordan's time: That 1986 Bulls-Celtics playoff game, the Jordan 63 point game. 135-131 3-pointers: Bulls - 0 for 2 (Jordan didn't attempt one), Celtics 3 for 9.
  6. Lol..I haven't been worried about that since the combine. Listen to the interviews he's been on like Schefter's podcast yesterday and he's all in on being the number one pick and being the best pro he can be. A bright glimmer of hope in Bengaldom in such current dark, dark times.
  7. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://www.fox19.com/2020/04/22/source-bengals-have-informed-joe-burrow-hes-their-pick/
  8. Least surprising news of the day/week/month/year...but since this is the ***Official NFL 2020 Draft Thread *** let's put it down in ink and get the thread going in earnest: https://www.fox19.com/2020/04/22/source-bengals-have-informed-joe-burrow-hes-their-pick/
  9. Except for Gen-X. We're cynical enough and annoyed by everyone else sucking. Whatever. :eyeroll:
  10. Nothing wrong at all with this. Don't blink an eye about it.
  11. Unknown origin. ETA: In fact, I'm working on a theory it was.....the Danes.
  12. Yeah, its easy to say "Florida gonna Florida". That said aren't the petri dish of the world, the NYC subways still open? :shuked:
  13. I also just think people need to realize that there are different psychologies people go through dealing with this stuff. It’s neither right nor wrong. Just recognize it and move on to the next post. I admit I’m the type that gets through this stuff looking for little positive stories or glimmers of hope from potential ‘treatments’ here or there. I like and seek out those stories as it gives me mentally something to just grab onto thinking that stuff is being tried all over and one of these is bound to hit eventually. So I admit @shader (among others)more skeptical posts on these bummed me out. But i have to remember he likely comes from the other place psychologically where folks want to keep their guards up until it's a more certain thing. They don’t want to get their hopes up and have it crushed... again. I think people need to accept (talking both schools of thought here) the two different psychologies here and just move on when they see a post that embraces the ‘other’ school of thought. We’re all in da same gang.
  14. Just what I love about social media...and let me say 100% definitively I'm not picking on you shader for posting this. In the past a dozen maroons on a street corner would reach about 100 people and eye-rolled to oblivion. Social media blows these guys up and it becomes "uh oh...look what's happening to folks' resolve in Ohio". I know for a fact that DeWine/Acton have wide-ranging support for their actions and that's not changing right now. Can't speak to middle of July, but right now, the 'protestors' fit firmly in mouth-breather category.
  15. Between the FDA on this (and approving all sorts of antibody tests; “we’ll get to it in a month”)and the utter failure of the CDC on an effective Covid-19 test and PPE both agencies should be torn down completely after this and reimagined. I’m a Fed who actually works in an agency that deals with and helps prepare for disasters. So I’m typically sympathetic to ignorant criticisms from John Q. Public who don’t know how the landscape works. Those agencies failed in their missions. Spectacularly.
  16. I gotta be honest; golf is one of those activities that should theoretically ok to leave open if the people playing it would be responsible and take careful measures (one per cart, don't pull the flag, don't congregate). Unfortunately, in my experience, I'm not confident the folks playing golf would be the ones to be extra careful there. My Dad is in his low 80s and really needs golf in the Spring/Summer/Fall for his mental health. But, I'm awfully uneasy the old farts at the course would do the right things.
  17. My wife is immuno-compromised and I am wearing an N95 mask when I go out to the store or any place there are people (I've been out twice in the past 2 weeks other than a nearly vacant office taking deep precautions). If people give me a dirty look....bite me. They know nothing. You were all over the mask need in January and are almost solely the reason I have about 10 in our house for use.
  18. China continuing to do what China does. Thanks again guys...bang up job.
  19. Can you imagine getting an antibody test and it showing you had it a ways back and never realized it/no symptoms. You'd feel like a god, going everywhere with a spring in your step. "Why yes I will book this $29 flight to NYC. $129 to Seattle? Sure...absolutely."
  20. Now if you want bad, scroll up to that footage from India. Terrifying there. I got the willies.
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