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  1. With Allen not playing (according to Schefter), does that make Johnson a viable start?
  2. I'm starting Fournette today with full confidence. Last week he got 14 carries (including 2 goal-line TDs), 5 targets, and 3 receptions. McCoy received 0 carries, 3 targets, and 3 receptions last week. And that was against a good Falcons rush D. Today they're going up against the Lions, worst in the league.
  3. Still not sure what to do with Allen tomorrow. If Lynn comes out and says he's going to be on a snap count, like he did last week, gotta bench the guy. But if reports are that he's not going to be limited at all? It'll be tough to bench him. My best alternative is Crowder in a full PPR. So while he's not the greatest option, I can still probably hope for around 10 points if he doesn't get a TD, if I choose to bench Allen.
  4. Yeah if you have other decent options, probably best to stay away from the Miami backfield altogether.
  5. Gaskin practiced today and will be activated from the covid list soon, so I assume he'll take back the starting role.
  6. Still probably rolling with Cleveland @ NYJ, but it's very tempting to pick up Arizona vs SF. Beathard is starting at QB for SF, and AZ has 14 sacks over the past 2 games.
  7. Really want to play Kittle if he's active! But no way I can take Fournette out of my flex to do so.
  8. Sorry, I have a lot of players floating around in my head and mixed up who the conversation was about, lol
  9. Teams do not include players currently on IR in their injury reports. That's why Kittle isn't listed.
  10. But what if he practices but is on a "snap count" like last week? At least Lynn was upfront about it, so if he says something similar this week, gotta bench Allen.
  11. After 5 straight single-digit weeks as the lead RB, I can't imagine anyone having the balls to start him in the semis.
  12. I watched the whole game. At halftime, he had 2 catches for -6 yards and a fumble (for a total of -.6 PPR). Add in the 21 yard 4th quarter catch, and that's the 3 catches for 15 yards and a fumble. All I can think is that they give him the yardage on the 2nd catch at the point where the fumble was recovered (-10 yards).
  13. Well, if we feel so inclined, do we pick up Brown or Henderson for week 16?
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