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  1. Never had an issue with Magical Express. In fact, freaking love it. There's something awesome about not having to worry at all and your bags will be in your room as soon as it's ready.
  2. yeah, you outlined pretty much any major CFB message board pretty well. Like anything on the internet, it's the loud minority making all the noise.
  3. FWIW: I think the Brees (+1400), Brady (+1400), and Allen (+1200) have value at SB MVP. Current SB odds: Saints (+670), Bucs (+875) and Bills (+560). Would be really rare that any of them doesn't get it if they win (obviously barring some ridiculous individual output like a Karama 6 TD game). Only 5 of the last 15 winners were non-QBs. The last two (Edelman/Von Miller) were a result of dismal performances by their respective Qbs. TVs love Qbs. None of those teams win with a poor QB performance (possible exception Saints b/c of their Defense....but they're not going to avoid that story of his last game barring an outlier performance as mentioned above). Lines from MyBookie, FWIW.
  4. LSU/Wisconsin in Lambeau was freaking awesome. While not technically a true neutral site, it's all about the experience. Two fan bases that love to eat and drink and don't hate each other....throw in a unique venue...was one of my favorite road trips ever...even though we lost.
  5. Only way I'd ever go to the Super Bowl is if I got free tickets or I'd pay something reasonable to go if the Saints were playing. I passed up face value ($750) in 2011, b/c I wanted to be in the city to experience the celebration if we won. Was the right decision. My friends that went to the game (in Miami) said it was horrible after the game. Game experience was good though.
  6. Always overrated Always fail in the big games What's there to love?
  7. Hint: He wasn't really stressed out. He's a ####### ##### who doesn't like to face the music and just reap the rewards and not handle anything negative at all and uses stress as an excuse. Helluva college coach though (seriously)
  8. anyone seen any SB MVP lines up yet? Always like to compare the teams to the QBs.
  9. sorry you lost your magic football game
  10. B/w Wilson/Mostert as well....my thoughts: obviously a dream matchup for either we can't trust shannahan at all, i especially don't trust him with Mostert's health The 9ers aren't mathematically eliminated yet As many pointed out, Mostert could break one, but Wilson will be getting the red zone touches Checked multiple projections/rankings sites and they're all within a point or two of each other either way To me, I think it boils down to if the game is close, Shanny will be playing both....if it gets out of hand either way, Mostert is getting pulled As of 8:12 CST, I have Wilson in right now...mostly due to goalline touches...but will be monitoring
  11. yeah i hate ND....but it's actually a good move by Kelly. And Dabo is right as well
  12. whoa....that looks pretty cool...thanks
  13. Piggy backing a little bit on my earlier post...any other non-Disney/Universal fun stuff for kids (10 year old boys) to do? Was thinking stuff like top golf, ripley's, etc? Amount of info is overwhelming out there!
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