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  1. If you don't want a teeny tiny phone for your big man hands you would want the pro MAX
  2. So these are the specs: 12 Max: Height6.33 inches (160.8 mm) 11 Max: Height6.22 inches (158.0 mm) 12 Max: Width3.07 inches (78.1 mm) 11 Max: Width3.06 inches (77.8 mm) 12 Max: Depth0.29 inch (7.4 mm) 11 Max: Depth0.32 inch (8.1 mm) 12 Max: Weight8.03 ounces (228 grams) 11 Max: Weight7.97 ounces (226 grams) The difference is negligible. Weight basically zero difference. Width is essentially the same. Depth is 10% smaller and the height is 2% taller. They are virtually the same size. If the 11 max was not a size issue this won't be either.
  3. Yeah, it's such a slight increase I'd rather go slightly bigger than significantly smaller.
  4. I don't think the 12 Pro Max is any bigger than the 11 Pro Max
  5. Ugh, that's the price for 128gb max. Wonder what the 256 is? 1199?
  6. I'm gonna be so pissed if the leaks are true about the 12pro max being delayed until November.
  7. The new iphone design is disturbingly similar to the 5/6 whatever it was that had the attenuation issues.
  8. Yeah it felt super obvious, but Stormfront isn't "dead" so maybe we can get a round 2
  9. I couldn't be happier about being wrong about my prediction. That was awesome.
  10. I don't think 1 happens this season, but I think it's the ultimate end of homelander, IMO.
  11. I'm pretty convinced the following will happen in the finale or next season: 1. Homelander's kid kills Homelander 2. Starlight (effectively a battery) kills Stormfront (effectively a charger for said battery). Starlight can literally absorb Stormfront's powers and use them back on her. Mark it down
  12. She blew up entire bodies not just heads. Not that she couldn't just do heads but that isn't her MO it seems. I'm thinking this is someone related to the Fresca people.
  13. I'd tell him "thank you, but that is too expensive for painting a door. I'd rather find someone who can hang and paint at a reasonable price so I'll be going elsewhere for this" $10 says he drops the quote.
  14. Which, mind numbingly, does not work with the YouTube app, only YouTube in Safari. 😖
  15. Yeah, it's pretty underwhelming for me. Maybe widgets will appeal to me eventually, but I just don't care about them. I don't want to create more pages on my phone (I've been struggling to keep it to 2 pages for a loooong time)
  16. Yup, there was a great reddit post too about AirPods from 4 years ago: " I'm not sold on these at all. But....I do remember "iPad, are you ####### kidding me? What is it, a feminine product? What the #### it's a giant iPhone. Who would ever want this. Magical? Jobs has lost his ####### mind. My iPhone is fine. This is another classic Apple money grab" Since about 2006 Apple has rarely missed on hardware, and they've done some #### that people thought was downright crazy at the time. I say give it some time, let the stuff actually ship. Let people use it, lets see how it shakes out. " Suffice to say, they are incredibly popular now.
  17. I thought I’d have issues with the X max with one hand but I’m having no issues. I don’t have Otis hands either (I don’t think at least...:unsure:).
  18. I might've misspoke. I was thinking the XS Max was 6.3" but it is 6.5" along with the 11 pro max. The new phone is 6.7" and depending on if they get some extra screen size from a reduced bezel it might not be much bigger than the pro max. Do you currently have the 11 (6.1")?
  19. So looking at images, it looks like the 6.7 is only a hair bigger than the 6.3. Seems they removed some bezel to increase the screen size.
  20. I'm irritated by this. My 6.3 X plus is perfect. I don't really want to go bigger to 6.7" but I also don't want to lose size (duh, what guy does?) My question is, will the 6.3 and 6.1 be effectively the same size? Does the new 6.1 have less of a bezel so it is technically the same screen size?
  21. The great thing about this show, is that (aside from he who will not be named *spoiler*) there are no true bad guys. Johnny and Daniel are both "good" guys in their own way. So are Robby and Miguel, but they also have shades of grey and do "bad" things. It's more nuanced than I expected from a show like this. Can't wait for season 3 as I'm expecting some big "new" (read: old) faces.
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