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  1. My daughter was hiking the Arches, Bryce and Zion August 4- August 9, no COVID protocols were in place at that time. Although I do believe they had camping reservations.
  2. Not really a good look for the people that boarded that cruise. And let me be clear, the CDC deserves all the blowback that they are getting. In mid to late February, one of my kiddos was studying abroad in Italy. I was watching as cities were shutting down due to coronavirus. Knowing what I saw in Italy, there is no way I would’ve stepped on a cruise leaving port on March 5 heading to Europe…
  3. https://www.jpost.com/health-science/anti-viral-nasal-spray-effective-against-covid-19-673481 I’ve been following Enovid for the last month or so.
  4. I put the toothpaste directly on my tongue and then wet the toothbrush. I have no problem with it since I’m the only one that uses my brand of toothpaste.
  5. Northern Virginia suburb. Lines are into roads and police are redirecting traffic. Only premium available. $4.30 per gallon.
  6. Pretty sure you posted about jogging while wearing a face mask not because you thought you would catch COVID, but because you wanted to let others know that you cared. Yet you didn’t care to stay home or get tested PRIOR to going into work when you thought you had cold/allergies?
  7. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I went through this with my daughter in ninth grade. I can tell you are upset with her as she has betrayed your trust, but the most immediate concern is your daughters mental health and potential copycat behavior.
  8. Line was wrapped around the building, but it was continually moving. Took about 10/15 minutes from when I got in line to when I was sitting for the Pfizer vaccine. As I was on my way to the waiting area I received the invitation to schedule the second dose. Very efficient...👍
  9. Virginia must be opening up. Just registered in Alexandria at the Victory Center for Monday at 1:45 PM. Healthy 48-year-old, 19 BMI and no known comorbidities...👍
  10. I live in NoVA/ Fairfax county, VA. No appointments available / can’t pre-register for phase 2 (healthy adults under 50) until May 1. It’s very frustrating...☹️
  11. Was stationed in Okinawa for 4 years, every spring we would get “yellow dust”(some type of pollution) from China. There would be bad air quality warnings issued along with warnings that if you were going to be outside wear your mask and carry your inhalers. Best to stay inside if possible…
  12. Email from Virginia Tech... Dear Hokies, I write today because though our hopes have been high, our on-campus opportunities for this semester are increasingly fragile, and they will not be realized without ALL of us committed to a successful outcome. As you know, I wrote to you this summer about what will be required. Just last week, our Dean of Students Byron Hughes reinforced the sacrifices that are necessaryfor an in-person residential experience. The reality as of this morning is that only some are choosing to live by the health imperatives necessary. Many gatherings over the weekend, inconsistent practices of wearing masks and physical distancing, and other overt behaviors are weakening the resolve of many and the reality that we can all remain on campus. While developmental and collaborative approaches are the norm at Virginia Tech, it is now clear that this public health crisis will not be solved without clear and definitive boundaries that are enforced with swift and serious action. The following requirements are to provide clarity in your decision-making: There should not be ANY non-university sanctioned/monitored gatherings, on or off campus, larger than 15 people. Face masks/coverings should be worn at all social gatherings, with 6-foot physical distancing. Individuals should remove themselves from situations where this is not possible. Independent outdoor exercise is the only exception to the obligation of the face covering requirement. To be clear, failure to follow these expectations is considered endangering the welfare of others and will result in immediate interim suspension and removal from campus housing. Immediate interim suspension means no academic classes or student activities until a full student conduct hearing is complete. This will adversely impact your academic career. Our student conduct program is typically designed with opportunities built in to learn from one’s mistakes. Yet these aren’t typical times. The nature of the pandemic means the health and well-being of our community must be the values that win the day. Therefore, Virginia Tech will take swift action for all violations, and the academic career of all involved will be impacted. I am counting on ALL of us. Let’s get this right. Now. Frank Shushok Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs
  13. SSG equals staff Sergeant CAC equals common access card… It’s what we used to get into our government computers ESB Is the Army’s expeditionary signal battalions
  14. The Lancet above article( from 7 May) is a small study in U.K. of the kids who have had c19 and then developed Kawasaki type symptoms. Notice the ethnicity.
  15. 👍 Missed the announcement last night and woke to a message that my daughter will be on a charter flight out of Switzerland, but cannot find any info regarding quarantine...
  16. Looking for quarantine info. For those returning from Europe by Midnight Friday, s it honor code self quarantine or will it be gov’t enforced?
  17. Voted based on exraction of my daughter from Switzerland and expecting instructions of 2 week quarantine at my house.
  18. Virginia Tech is heading that way. Daughter is studying in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland and they are planning for evacuation now. Looks like she is returning stateside and we will be quarantined in our house for 2 weeks. Just waiting for dates and instruction..
  19. Was stationed in Japan from 2012 - 2016. In March 2016, Japan closed the schools for a couple of weeks because of flu. I have no clue what the specific strain was, but it was awful.
  20. Italy update Switzerland update Things just got a whole hell of a lot worse in Italy. My daughter says that cities are being shut down and trains are being rerouted/ completely stopped. My daughter is on no travel to any of Italy. Lugano Switzerland has its first case. They expect more because this past weekend was Carnivale
  21. On Sunday, my daughter was returning to Riva San Vitale, Switzerland from Naples ,Italy and had to make a train change in Milan. She said the train station was as busy as usual (which surprised me) and that there were loudspeaker messages in multiple languages warning of the coronavirus and everybody was wearing face masks ( which is not normal for this area). She commented that she felt like she was living in Japan again...
  22. 01/21/20 - 133/BMI 20.2 (-0.7) YTD total lost ~ -1.3 Goal between 125 - 130 by March 1. HIIT 3x a week and Weights 3 x a week. I’ve noticed that through muscle memory I have been able to quickly re-build muscle/tone. Now I want my clothes to fit comfortably!
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