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  1. Travis and Liriano on active roster. Goins and Pompey in, Smoak and Feldman out. Jays play a man down tonight until Liriano back tomorrow
  2. Losing him? Where was this posted? Gibby said yesterday he ma or may not be available for game one..... Sounds like he will be on the roster. Possibly Tepera and Goins not on it?
  3. Grilli is not a 2 inning guy...period. He can not heat it up, cool down in between innings, and ramp it up again. The bullpen is a house of cards right now...sucks Sanchez has to pitch tomorrow.
  4. Would love to see the Jays go to a 4 man rotation down the stretch. With the expanded roster, and the extra arms in the pen, it could be done.
  5. AGREED Bautistas skills have eroded so much in less then a year. He can't field, can't throw, and can't stay healthy. Upton is hard to watch at the plate also.
  6. 6 man rotation? I wonder how long Lirianos leash is before he is another lefty in the pen Upton Jr is a bust. Not patient, swings at 1st pitch way too often. Doesn't fit into the Jays hitting philosophy
  7. His thinking was with Upton getting 16.5 mil next year, they can't sign all 3 of Jose, Edwin and Saunders.
  8. Was listening to Gord Ash this morning. He thinks there is a big move going to drop....either Saunders or Bautista on the move for pitching...with Saunders being the more likely. I guess they could put Upton on RF, Edwing at 1B, and DH Jose, and have Smoak on the bench. I heard the Jays were scouting CC in NY the other day....I hope not
  9. After the Grilli blockbuster yesterday, Paredas traded today to Philly for cash or a PTBNL
  10. Jay announce Goins and Barney are going to platoon the 2B position for the next while.
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