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  1. Thanks guys.... I guess he is a hold...unless my doors get blown off Appreciate the responses
  2. They are 1.10 and 2.10. I already own 1.04, 1.09 and 2.04
  3. 2020 1st and 2nd and 2021 1st and second?
  4. TE ppr premium. FFPC league 12 team... Have Chubb, Gurley and Mack. WRs are average. TE is a mystery. Thanks for looking QB Philip Rivers RB Marlon Mack RB Nick Chubb WR Jarvis Landry WR T.Y. Hilton RB Nyheim Hines RB Tarik Cohen TE Eric Ebron PK Jake Elliott DF CIN Team Defense Jimmy Garoppolo DeVante Parker Todd Gurley Jordan Howard Zay Jones Elijah McGuire Robert Foster Rodney Anderson Jerick McKinnon Lamar Miller
  5. I bought an orphan dynasty ppr team. It's going into the second year. The owner that had this team auto drafted and didn't make a FAAB move all year. I have all my picks (1.04), and have made a few small moves already. I have Nick Chubb. Could land a bunch of picks in a year I probably won't compete, or I could try to kill the draft and use the FAAB this year and build around Chubb I am pretty new to dynasty, so could use different perspectives Thanks!
  6. Mixon has a stomach bug. Any locals that can add to this would be awesome
  7. Hi Bloom, Standard PPR....No premium for TE Ertz or Gurley? Thanks
  8. I also need to decide on Juju or Mega. I am leaning Mega with Juju injured and against Ramsey
  9. Hi Sig, Who do you trust more in PPR? John Brown in the bad weather or Chark? Thanks
  10. Sat McGuire to hope for Gurley....I get to start Mike Davis now
  11. Just curious if Gordon should be a buy target, or be concerned and stay away?
  12. With the hammy issue, is Melvin Gordon a buy target?
  13. Been a decent summer of shows for me. Saw Jack White in Toronto and he slayed as usual. Then saw the Foos at the Rogers center. Holds over 50,000 and they KILLED it. Also have seen July Talk a couple of times as well as my fav new up and coming band The Beaches....I highly recommend you check them up. Saw Loverboy here in London. Mike Reno has no voice left, but his band remains tight. Got tix again for Jack White here in London, and may take my boys to the Foos in Detroit Pretty decent
  14. I'M BACK!!!!! Updated my thread, but it is so humbling to see someone noticed I was gone!! Thank you @Mrs. Rannous
  15. Hey everyone!!!!!! Been offline for a while enjoying life and recovering! Today I am 8 months post liver transplant. Tomorrow is my physical abilities assessment for returning to work. That last 5 or 6 weeks I have really started to feel like I am back. I am getting stronger, getting good rest and just loving every day. I must say though, that my outlook on life had changed profoundly. I am not a religious person, so I am very thankful to the people that have pulled me through this ordeal. I am now surrounding myself with all the positive people/enery that I can. I NEED to avoid negativity when I can. Anyway, I am back, and will be on much more now that football is ramping up, and I may even enjoy my fantasy football this year! All the best to you all! PS....so, since my bariatric surgery 3.5 years ago, and now a healthy liver, my weight has gone from an all time high of 368, to my now spongy 227. wow
  16. I'm not gay, but 50 bucks is 50 bucks
  17. A lot of these military heros don't want the recognition...right? They don't look real happy to be there
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