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  1. Gruden: It was a good idea. Morgan Freeman: It was NOT a good idea
  2. “Baby Fish Mouth” is sweeping the nation…
  3. Sal Paolantonio and Joe Tessitore can rest a little easier tonight…
  4. So frustrated with Franklin for the complete mismanagement of the QB room for years to the point that we end up with a backup that cannot throw a forward pass. After tonight, I have a whole new appreciation for Clifford.
  5. As predictable as the sun rising in the East, our friends in the B1G assign John O’Neill and crew to a big matchup for us.
  6. Cowboys release Jaylon Smith. Potential landing spots?
  7. Can you help me remember how to smile? Make it somehow all seem worthwhile How on Earth did I get so jaded? Life's mysteries seem so faded
  8. I remember a “We Want ‘Bama” chant starting in the student section of Beaver Stadium back in 2017. Right before we lost back-to-back games to tOSU & Michigan State. Iowa has spoiled many seasons for us, including 2008 & 2009. Kinnick is always a tough place to play. Will be happy to get out of there with a win Saturday. Then use the bye week to prepare for a tough closing stretch with 3 more teams currently ranked in the top 11. If we somehow make it to the B1G championship game this year, we certainly will have earned it.
  9. No response from any of the staff is telling…
  10. Electric atmosphere last night and good, hard-fought win over a ranked SEC team. 3-0 with a chance for a special season.
  11. Seems to happen just about every year, with the main difference this time being that Helton is actually gone and there is actually an opening. When he was hired, I remember Franklin saying something like “I’m a Pennsylvania boy with a Penn State heart”. Guess we will see. His goal is to win a national championship and if he thinks USC is an easier path to doing so I could see him leaving. He has already been @ PSU longer than any other stop in his career I think. I don’t think he jumps yet, but I also doubt he will be here all that much longer whether he leaves for another college job or jumps back to the pros. If/when he does leave, I appreciate what he has done to help “Restore the Roar”.
  12. Ravens quickly putting together the best backfield of 2016
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