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  1. Electric atmosphere last night and good, hard-fought win over a ranked SEC team. 3-0 with a chance for a special season.
  2. Seems to happen just about every year, with the main difference this time being that Helton is actually gone and there is actually an opening. When he was hired, I remember Franklin saying something like “I’m a Pennsylvania boy with a Penn State heart”. Guess we will see. His goal is to win a national championship and if he thinks USC is an easier path to doing so I could see him leaving. He has already been @ PSU longer than any other stop in his career I think. I don’t think he jumps yet, but I also doubt he will be here all that much longer whether he leaves for another college job or jumps back to the pros. If/when he does leave, I appreciate what he has done to help “Restore the Roar”.
  3. Great all-around performance by the D today. Maybe the best since 2016 tOSU. Playmakers at every level today.
  4. Apologies if this is a Honda, but… I came here to chew bubblegum and kick a**…and I’m all out of bubblegum.
  5. Enjoy! Just saw him in Bristow last weekend and it was a good show. They sounded great!
  6. In the past few days, my company (suburban DC) has reinstated mask requirement in common areas regardless of vaccination status AND backed off a previous mid-September return to work announcement with no new target date.
  7. I have been to two concerts in the past week or so. One each in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Both were outdoors with crowds >20k. Masks were a rarity at both. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Portable Bar Triple Blender These are a couple of the centerpieces of our tailgate. There are all kinds of wraps for the bar (not sure if they still have NCAA team themes).
  9. Saw Guns N’ Roses last night in Hershey…first show of their tour. First time seeing them. Something was off with the vocals. Not sure if it was the mix or if Axl’s voice is just shot after all these years. Slash was amazing. Nice to have live concerts again.
  10. This Neymar fellow sure spends a lot of time on the ground.
  11. Clock management not exactly a strength, either.
  12. Nice recruiting run they are on. Landing Singleton today gets them to #3 in the 247 2021 team rankings. Not bad after a down season last year. 60 days until the season opener in Madison…
  13. Bit the bullet and bought floor seats for the 9/1 DC show. Only nosebleed seats seemed under $299. YOLO, especially after a long year+ with no concerts.
  14. Was part of a great ensemble cast on Homicide: Life On The Street
  15. What a lineup they had back in the day. Patrick, Olbermann, Scott, Eisen, Kilborn, Mayne.
  16. You could have gotten like 50 Columbia House albums or cassettes for like a penny under a fake name then never completed the rest of your obligation!
  17. This was big at my (Pennsylvania) college bar, as he was from (Western) Pennsylvania. Had a couple of other minor hits along the way as well.
  18. He was the Forrest Gump of music there for a while. Poco, Eagles, even some time with Toto and Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band (legend has it he coined the term "Parrothead"). Plus backing contribution to "Southern Cross".
  19. On my Fire TV stick, there is a free app you can download from Downloader app to watch Peacock. You can find the instructions with a quick Google search.
  20. I can still vividly remember the moment I realized I was middle-aged. It was a beautiful spring day, and I was driving home from work with the windows down. At a stoplight, I realized I was tapping the side of the car to the beat of some song, and it turned out to be this one. Horrified, I commanded my arm to stop. At the next red light, I realized I was tapping the car again this time to the beat of Carribean Queen. I realized then that youth was now in the rear-view mirror and that I had a one-way ticket to Oldiesville.
  21. That movie has a surprisingly good soundtrack. That song is heartbreaking in that scene.
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