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  1. Ignoring ownership and price, the RBs I like are Taylor, Cook, Jones and Elliott. I'll have some Henderson, Pollard, and Hunt. On the low end I like KC DWilliams and Herbert.
  2. About $10 in FD showdown last night in a half dozen lineups. Missed out on $625 win by having Reagor instead of Ertz in an otherwise perfect lineup. :whoopsie:
  3. Is it me, or does that article infer that Gruden's dismissal was a consequence at least in part to Snyder's blood fued with Allen?
  4. Up until recently I did the same thing. I don't think its flawed on the surface, but what I realized I was doing was....after deciding how to stack and run back, I was being very haphazard in filling in the remainder of the skill position slots. Establishing my RB/WR/TE priorities (and sticking to them!) followed by targetting games / game stacks seems to be giving (MILDLY) better results and I feel better about the process. It also motivates me to do a little bit more research, not doing which is my major flaw as a casual player.
  5. Sometimes its not a vendetta, but rather a well orchestrated plan to make the problem go away by sacrificing a scapegoat. Gruden was in the boys club; now he's not.
  6. Ronald Reagan said "Government is the solution to our problems; Government is the problem". Since that time, we've witnessed further erosion of the nuclear family and a growing bimodal distribution of economic prosperity in this country. We spit out billionaires at an unprecendented rate at the same time that a single major medical issue can financially devastate a "middle class" family, and our veterans and other forgotten souls remain homeless or destitute...all the while idolizing people like Besos and Musk for the success they have achieved, and making arguments that "doing business is too hard in this country because of big government and big media and the liberal elite". Finally, as a bitter cherry on top, we raise the notion of protection of free speech in the context of Jon Gruden's actions. Suffice is to say we disagree on some very basic things. Carry on.
  7. Person A is a racist, sexist and homophobic tool, but manages his visible communication well and never leaves a smoking gun. Person B is a racist, sexist and homophobic tool, and manages his visible communication poorly and leaves a smoking gun. Large organizations can be expected to visibly deal with Person B, much as they can be expected to make their charitable donations and efforts to support green initiatives visible. But Person A is alive and well, despite the "do gooders" celebrating the demise of Person B. Its a shallow victory, built on a foundation of political correctness which in turn is a coproduct of the information age. For my part, I'll watch old celebrity roasts with Don Rickles and Sammy Davis, from a time when we didn't have the hang ups we have as a society now. But I won't cry because Jon Gruden exposed his flank and got his junk cut off for it. The best analogy I can muster is how sexual perversion blossomed during the Victorian Era. You don't judge a culture by what's on the front page...and you don't kid yourself and say if we police the front page the rest of it will get sorted out eventually, but this is where we are. Instead of talking about whether cancel culture is good or bad, we should be focusing on the ugliness buried deep in the belly of the beast, instead of putting makeup on the pig.
  8. I dont follow a formal process, but would guess about 2/3 of my spend is in $5 milly entries and 1/3 is in various single entry $1/2/3/5/10 entries. Having won a 100 team mini-gpp can say that was horribly unsatisfying...I have basically no interest in H2H or 2X/5X/etc. What I'm trying to do is buoy up my bankroll with small cash wins from the SE's to support my gpp fetish, plus a little showdown action (tonight for example I have 2 $2 and 1 $1 entry -> of this $3 is SE and $2 is ME).
  9. From what I've read, the "pundits" say your participation in cash should focus on head to head versus double-ups which are more "gpp like". I don't particularly care for either of them, just wasn't sure if when you say cash you're referring to one or both of them.
  10. $93 in $82 out. Getting better lol. At this rate, I'll turn a 5% profit next week, omg!
  11. I hope you smash it at some point. It's interesting that you're approaching it from the ownership/leverage perspective whereas I have tried in the past to approach it from the value/regression perspective. I saw a guy on rotogrinders forum posting that he was having more success with parlays than with GPPs. I wanted to tell him of course you are because the optimal lineup in a GPP is the equivalent of a 1000 line parlay.
  12. I appreciate you doing all this work and sharing, particularly for FD as that's all I play. Is it working?
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