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  1. It's the shark pool in the spring...a wasteland of info meets a pool of addicts, lol.
  2. A high functioning organization would have negotiated with Pittman offline. As things stand, Pittman's position undermines the stature of a QB who already has questions about his ability to lead. Now if this was Randy Moss or some proven WR1 it would be one thing, but Pittman is one step removed from being a nobody.
  3. Waiting for Anarchy or other informed party to stop by and verify or reputdiate my perception that half the defense are free agents this year. We need Allen Robinson or some other dramatic skill player infusion more than we need an upgrade over Stidham / Newton. That's considering the above list and assuming Watson is too expensive.
  4. President Ronald Reagan authorized a long list of illegal and improper quid pro quos with other governments as part of what became known as the Iran-contra affair. Reagan wanted to destabilize the socialist government of Nicaragua, using a proxy army known as the contras. When Congress passed a law (which he signed) in 1984 to stop him, he ordered a wide assortment of illegal efforts to keep the contras supplied with weapons and cash, including getting other governments to do so secretly. Bill banged an intern, but was otherwise a moderate who curried some favor in financial circles. App
  5. Top 3 as exected HOU, DET, NYJ. Interesting that WFT is about the same as JAX. I'm thinking WFT is turning a corner...
  6. Nope. A small twinge of irriation at TB12 as he's partially implicated in the salary cap woes and skill position deficit of the current situation in Foxboro, but his leaving was not hard calculus. Mostly happy for him. Would like to see a Sam Darnold led Patriots squad beat him next year though. 😉
  7. In his 15 years with the Yankees, Ruth helped the team win seven American League (AL) pennants and four World Series championships
  8. Wayne Gretzky won 4 Stanley Cups. He won each of those Stanley cups with the Edmonton Oilers in 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, and 1987-88. As well, in two of those trips he won the Conn Smythe trophy as the Most Valuable Player.
  9. Bring on Patrick. Or Josh. Doesn't particularly matter. Aaron Rodgers is now 1-4 in NFC title games, and yet he's apparently "playing the game better than anybody". What a joke.
  10. Ah the FBG Dynasty. Did Dodds make Bryant or did Bryant make Dodds? They're both great, duh! best wishes dd
  11. per Arians, the first pick was read correctly by Evans and incorrectly by Brady, and the second pick was a bad decision by Brady. I didn't see the first pick. The second one looked like a bad throw (inside shoulder on an out route) versus a bad decision. Arian's seeming bogus comment about the second pick makes me want to see the footage of the first pick. I'm guessing the Bucs and the Cowboys and a few other teams are better than what they showed this week.
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