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  1. Jaire Alexander, Ramsey, Gilmore. Anybody else?
  2. Joe posted earlier that it might be October before its available.
  3. Thanks. I saw that free one and one other free one. Have you compared the ownership projections on 4for4 with this free one? Earlier in the week it looked like both the free sites had very questionable info about ownership so I hesitate to believe the data. Rotogrinders has a weekly NFL DFS thread where a regular posts ownerships end of week, but its usually DK only and only once in a while FD. I'm FD exclusively so sometimes out of luck.
  4. Do you pay for ownership? I've had no luck finding a reliable free source for this.
  5. It "smells like" Harris gets a pass and will get the lion's share in week 2. I defer to Anarchy of whether they sit RS in favor of JJ....we'll find out I guess. Now if Harris has another fumble in the next 1-2 games all bets will be off, and it will be chaos given the lack of a solid alternative (two green RBs and two specialty RBs).
  6. Not that you are wrong, but Pittsburg has ridiculous defensive performance against TEs. Something like 3 TDs allowed dating back to 2019. Now waller is more like a wide receiver but its a tough matchup, and Baltimore currently has secondary issues that Pittsburg does not. Speaking of Baltimore, Kelce gets them this week. Speaking of the Falcons (ok, nobody did) Gronk gets the Falcons this week.
  7. your username is ironic given the nature of your post ("cooler heads will prevail...").
  8. I think Arians is more of a Marshawn Lynch...."I'm only telling you [insert random name here] so I won't get fined." Shanahan: I don't have to tell you. Bill: mumble mumble mumble we're on to Cincinnati.
  9. Can't believe SF is signing KerryonMyWaywardSon Johnson to the practice squad.
  10. Top 3: 1. Entry 107146 253.45 2. Entry 105091 251.35 3. Veebs 246.60 <------ that's me. Teams 1 and 2 have only 18 players. Team 2, like me, has Gus Edwards. These factors suggest I'll miss the cut next week (LOL!!), but its nice to dream.
  11. Tampa is built to stop the run. Dak threw for 400 yards against them. Having said that, Atlanta looked like Matt Ryan is cooked, so I'm avoiding them until they provide proof of life.
  12. previously mid morning Tuesday...not sure if that timing will be adhered to this year.
  13. Thanks for this summary. I wanted to have Michael Thomas but feared surviving the cut before he comes back in late October / early November. You may have found a gem in Deebo.
  14. you can extract each of these as CSVs..... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2021/fantasy.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2021/kicking.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2021/opp.htm (team defenses)
  15. Another performance like this week and Green will be left in the dust by Moore and Kirk.
  16. Winston outscored Brady. Gronk outscored Kelce. Done around 230 unless Kupp goes off > 24. I will someone had told me Pascal was a better investment than Pittman, lol.
  17. Free entry in milly contest: Burrow/Higgins/Boyd, Damien Harris, McCaffery, Robby Anderson, Kyle Pitts, Kamara Flex, Giants vs Den (punt)
  18. He shadowed less last year than in his first two seasons, but he's pretty much top 3 shutdown corner. Given the lack of other valid receiving options (besides Kamara), I would expect him to shadow. I would call anything better than 4/60/0 a win for Calloway. Horrible game 1 draw for the kid, but then so was the Bucs for Elliot.
  19. Better pass rush and better coverage by linebackers in space. Gronk ran wild, but sometimes he be like that.
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