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  1. Finally dropped this stiff. Inexplicably, Tonyan and Goedert (aka paydirt - ha) were on waivers and I jumped on them both.
  2. Is cook that guy who fakes injury when he fumbles? Thinking so
  3. So he can get you 4 points as full time starter?
  4. Let me see...in 2 weeks, NE gets back Brady and the best TE in the league. They are 2-0 with Jimmy G. Jacoby B. will be serviceable for a week, maybe 2. My take away from these two weeks is that NE will get whatever they want for Jimmy G. - 2 1st rounders and a stud player at the very least. Kid can play and showed as much.
  5. Yeah but they play Houston this year, not Houston and Watt circa the last 4 years. Big deal.
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