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  1. I hope their defense against TEs is up to snuff because they’re facing the freaking gauntlet the first half of the year: Pitts, Kittle, Kelce, Gronk, Waller, Hockenson, Fant
  2. oof. Juve down 0-2, at risk of missing champions league. Can’t be great for Mr. Swag. No wonder they wanted the Super League.
  3. This is true, but to be fair to Aaronson, this last stretch of matches is against all the other top teams in the league, a qualifying/playoff round of some kind past the standard round robin. Belgium appears to be doing this too for the top 4 teams in their league
  4. Make it a brace! https://twitter.com/si_soccer/status/1391401118786273281?s=10
  5. Another Aaronson goal this morning for Salzburg https://twitter.com/usmnt/status/1391395969636478977?s=10
  6. I heard Sampson was given a severance package of $361
  7. 17-yr old Jack McGlynn getting the start today for the Union with Brujo on red card suspension. He’s looked good in limited minutes so far.
  8. The four best teams in North America: Cruz Azul Monterrey Club América PHILADELPHIA UNION What a surreal run this has been
  9. Credit to ATL tonight. Super well organized. Felt like you had 15 players on defense out there. It was precarious for 87 1/2 minutes
  10. Sounds like the FDA might be approving the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds sometime next week
  11. Zero doubt in my mind he’s done in Green Bay. The only question to me is whether he actually plays somewhere else next year or holds out / “retires”.
  12. I hope Marsch leaving doesn’t negatively impact Aaronson
  13. There is now a significant chance that the Philadelphia Union of all teams might play a real match at the Estadio Azteca. That is absolutely mind-blowing to me
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