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  1. Italy recently had a draw to Bulgaria (ranked two spots lower than Panama), AT HOME. ZOMG Better fire everybody! Is Serie A to blame here?
  2. Props too to Geoff Swaim, who opened up the monster crease on the edge for the 76yd TD
  3. Early on…it was kind of true. He had a come to Jesus moment with Eddie George at one point in 2018 and it’s been lights out ever since https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/tough-love-eddie-george-lit-a-fire-under-titans-rb-derrick-henry-and-he-s-been-a
  4. Interesting. Harris is 23 and JT doesn’t turn 23 until January. Had no idea.
  5. My daughter, also in 7th grade, has decided to get into vinyl. Among her first 5 album buys? Abbey Road and Revolver. The kids are alright.
  6. Obviously, this is just Disney’s brazen attempt to bring the Beatles into the MCU. Well played, Disney. Well played. (IN!!!!)
  7. 6 pt passing TDs Rodgers at CHI or Burrow at DET? Burrow’s matchup feels like a higher (not high) ceiling than Rodgers given the respective defenses they’re facing. Both games feel like they’ll be played at a snail’s pace with a lot of rushing. All rankings have them basically neck and neck. Any thoughts?
  8. Dropped point” standings - Matchday 6: Mexico +2 USA -1 Canada -2 Panama -4 Jamaica -5 Costa Rica -6 El Salvador -9 Honduras -9
  9. Nestor Araujo sent off for Mexico - will be unavailable for the US match next cycle
  10. Jamaica is kind of flying under the radar here. Only 5 points, but they still have 5 home matches remaining, and are already done with MEX/USA away. They’re in better shape than CRC/HON/ELS and not that far behind Panama when you adjust for home/away splits.
  11. Every Mexico win against someone else is good for the US and vice versa. Bury everyone else as quick as possible.
  12. Jamaica takes a 2-0 lead on Honduras. The top 4 are separating from the pack
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