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  1. You can always sell to close the call today for $4.98 and pocket the 46% gain. Break even means the stock needs to get to $28.45 by 7/16 to net out the premium you paid for the the 100 shares you’d be exercising at 25 (25+3.45). the closer you get to 7/16, the more theta (time) decay on the value of the option. So if the stock opens flat tomorrow, the value of the option will probably be less than $4.98
  2. If I didn’t know any better I’d have thought it was @Ned on the call
  3. I have an old BitWallet address that someone dropped $2 worth of Bitcoin into back in 2016. I did nothing with it. Today it’s ~$180
  4. Cool article translated from Dutch with Genk’s coach effusively praising Mark McKenzie Ze Link For example, in the Jupiler Pro League, McKenzie is the third most efficient defender on the defensive. For example, he scores eleven percent more than Lucumi in that segment. McKenzie is also very clean in playing football, a parameter in which he takes second place among his positional peers. (Small sample size alert but still a pretty awesome start)
  5. ARK bought another 5.3M PLTR shares today. Up over 9M shares owned now
  6. ARK just loaded up the truck with PLTR stock today - bought 1.6M shares. I would definitely give this more time
  7. Anybody here subscribe to CuriosityStream? Streaming service completely dedicated to documentaries. They ran a deal over the weekend charging $12 for a year. I haven’t gotten through looking at a ton of the titles yet but it seems like they have some pretty good stuff here.
  8. CJ Dos Santos to Burnley? https://twitter.com/letsallsoccer/status/1360989344824180739?s=10
  9. I hope you’re right because that would be more fun overall. But if it was really multiverse quicksilver, why would he know all about MCU quicksilver’s backstory about getting shot in Sokovia?
  10. I don’t think it will end up being multiverse Quicksilver after this week. Which is kind of a bummer. It could be just another Westview rando implanted with Pietro’s memories (or rather Wanda’s projected memories of Pietro from Pietro’s point of view). I also haven’t quite ruled out that it’s someone else controlling “Pietro”. Some of his questions to her last night seemed odd if she was the one who conjured him up.
  11. I’m here for the “Paxten vs Brendan” arguments in three years
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