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  1. My kids (12 & 14) have had phones for years. We use screentime to limit their usage and what apps they are allowed to use. We also use bark to monitor content (but rarely check it) and life360 for location tracking. No Facebook, no Snapchat, no Instagram, no Twitter. They use their phones to communicate with friends, play games, listen to music, and other misc things. They have a lot of freedom but are locked down pretty well at the same time.
  2. This season obviously comes down to Lock. On paper, Broncos have one of, if not the best defenses in the league - pro-bowl safeties in KJax & Simmons, former all-pro in Fuller @ CB plus Darby, Callahan & Surtain II. Von and Chubb on the edge, and an above average IDL. Only weak spot is mlb but Alexander Johnson has been more than adequate. It's a young and loaded offense at the skill positions, a pro-bowl LT, good guards. Cushenberry struggled last year, if he doesn't improve, Meinerz will be the guy. The only thing holding this team back from a deep playoff run is QB
  3. Your question was - "my trivia question for today is .... what are the chances a healthy person under the age of 50 gets covid and dies ? give me a percentage." however, the 200M is not all healthy people under 50, that number is all people under 50. I think I read that around 2/3 of Americans have at least one comorbidity - high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, over weight, smoker, etc. We aren't a healthy people. @Alex P Keatonwas correct - we don't know the number of healthy people under the age of 50, nor do we know the number of people under 50 who died of COVID who w
  4. Has anyone drawn a parallel to cutler's tantrum in 2008? New management comes in and immediately talks about bringing in Matt Cassel. cutler pouted his way out of town. New management was forever hated and was fired 2 years later (although he did go 6-0 with Kyle Orton before the wheels fell off). cutler and Rodgers are no where near the same level of ability or pedigree. cutler was entering his 4th year and had never won more than 8 games in a season. I definitely sided with management in that fiasco but with full benefit of hindsight, I came to REALLY dislike mcdaniels too. So
  5. to be fair, Favre didn't fall off a cliff in 2005. Yes, the Pack had a bad year that year. they went 8-8 in 2006, 13-3 in 2007, Favre returning to the pro-bowl. He went to the Jets and then Vikings where he went 12-4 and was a, OT game away from the Superbowl. He didn't fall off the cliff until 2010.
  6. my concern is that by the time we find the next great QB, the youngsters will have "graduated". unrestricted FA's after this season: Von, Bridgewater, Fuller, Gordon, Callahan, Kareem Jackson, Patrick, Alexander Johnson, Sutton. That's a lot of pending FA's, and probably what this draft was about addressing - Surtain, Williams, and the safeties for sure. I think most of these guys will walk - they will want to get paid or play for a contender. If we don't get improved QB play, it will be impossible to convince these guys we are a contender and they should stick around.
  7. If they were the case, the shark move is to trade back from 9. Allegedly bears offered a 2022 #1, which would probably be high if Fields busts. That plus Broncos own #1 would give the ammo to trade into the top 2 or 3, putting them in a GREAT position to reboot if Teddy/Lock can't get it done.
  8. Broncos fan - I don't follow college football or a lot of pre-draft scouting beyond the first 10-15 players so I have to rely on "expert" opinion of players and I guess Broncos did well. But here's the thing: I don't think anyone they picked up is a 2021 starter. Broncos did not draft for need, at least need for this year. A lot of guys that can compete to start, and are likely to start next year, and a lot of depth, which is great I guess, but this team was 5-11 last year and I'm not sure the starting 22 got better. Our starting needs were QB (but I'm ok with not addressing
  9. Technically, Favre and Young are the same era. Montana and Rodgers - absolutely different eras but Favre and Young...their careers overlapped by 8 years.
  10. Montana/Young: 1979-1999, 20 years Favre/Rodgers: 1991-2021(+): 30+ years.
  11. True but he only had maybe 8 years as a starter once Montana left. Quite a lot of overlap with Montana. Eta: Montana played 15 years too. Maybe a closer comp than I assumed.
  12. I have not forgotten what the Bolts were like between Fouts and Brees.
  13. They lucked into two guys who were healthy enough to have long careers. No Bridgewater/Alex Smith/Tom Brady knee injuries, no Peyton Manning neck problems, no Drew Brees busted ribs, no eroding skills 5 or 6 years down the road like most QB's, no loss of desire like Andrew Luck. Seriously, if the Pack knew what kind of player Rodgers was going to be, they wouldn't have let 23 teams have a chance to draft him before their pick. The pack made a couple good moves that turned out extraordinarily well. 15 year, MVP, Superbowl winning QB's are really, really rare, and having 2 back-to-
  14. I think if I were Paton, i'd make the value of the picks contingent on games played or something like that...3rd round picks for the next 3 years that turn into 1st round if Rodgers starts at least 9 games.
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