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  1. Conservatives get all spun up about the silliest things, I swear.
  2. gas will be cheap again next time the economy crashes. ETA: it should be self-evident that when people stop traveling and goods aren't shipped (i.e. because factories are closed), energy costs go down. When we come out of that slump, energy costs go up. supply and demand. gas getting more expensive now is a sign that the economy is heating up again.
  3. I'm struggling to see why it's an engineering impossibility. Also, I'd like to challenge the above statement in green...why? How could solar panel power producers sell excess electricity on an open market bypassing the power grid that the PUC controls? it seems to me that they (producers) would have to play by the same rules that traditional power companies play by. it's not like they can do an end-around and sell to someone else without transmitting over existing infrastructure.
  4. I suggest stop looking at twitter if you don't want to be disappointed by humanity.
  5. I get the instant emotional outcry here, but he gambled and lost. He was getting cheaper rates, which was why he signed up with that service (my reading there is he had a choice of providers, if this is incorrect my perspective would change), this is the possible downside of that. Same as saying when someone was making money when the stock market goes up it is great, but whining for a bailout when it collapses. YAY capitalism! IMO, there are certain segments of society that should not be run on a profit basis. We are ok with socialized national defense, law enforcement, fir
  6. Thanks. If I were a Texan, is be demanding everyone on the PUC be sacked for failing to prepare for a likely event (I.e. once a decade is a likely event, IMO). I would be embarrassed that the same weather conditions a majority of the country sees on a yearly basis van be so catastrophic.
  7. You know, I've been thinking about this. I agree with the concept in principle but something just doesn't sit right. 1. Who makes the cost/benefit decision? What gives you the right to decide it's not better for me to not have power once a decade, in the name of saving 5%? Depending on the circumstance, that once a decade time without power could be life or death. Yes, I could buy a generator but how is that supposed to work, given people move on average once every 5 years? Do generators move with the person, or stay with the house? What about people who live in an apartment? What ab
  8. I got a feeling that "commie pigs wearing big boy pants" will become a thing. I hope so anyways.
  9. You know that gov't spending leads to neither communism nor swine, right?
  10. with all due respect, what is the appropriate waiting time until we can speak ill of the dead? Certainly it doesn't go to infinity. a day? a week? a month?
  11. I don't mind the hypocrisy calls. It should force introspection an cause one to reconsider positions and/or draw distinctions. The riots is a great example - why do I find them different? To me, one is a continuation of race riots from the 60s and the other wasn't so much a riot as a direct attempt to stop Congress from doing their duties. Completely different.
  12. I have tried to listen to him as much as I could over the past few years. That's all I have to say about that.
  13. Y'all with old alarms: keep an eye on their expiration date. I think the smoke sensor had a 1/2 life or something...they generally go bad after 7-10 years.
  14. Welp, that's what I expected to happen. A majority of GOP once again chose party over country and put their cowardice and absolute lack of integrity and accountability on display for the world to see, just like they did last year. Did anyone really expect GOP to grow a spine since the Ukraine impeachment? *when I say GOP, I don't just refer to 43 Senators. The rot is much deeper than that.
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