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  1. 2016-2020 proved that "presidents lying" is a purely partisan issue. This dog won't hunt.
  2. Why don't we just make it illegal to cross the border illegally?
  3. I'm not saying the Broncos are the best team in the league, but if the best team in the league played the Giants, Jags, and Jets, the results would probably be about the same. >10:00 TOP advantage in all three games, 2 turnovers vs 5 takeways, 2 non-garbage time TD's allowed over three games, and a league leading point differential.
  4. this is a relatively weak class overall. I like the HoF monitor that @Anarchy99 posted above, thanks. From that, it appears the best shots are Kevin Williams, Richard Seymour, Zach Thomas, Patrick Willis, Reggie Wayne and Torry Holt. Border line guys: DeMarcus Ware, Steve Smith, Leroy Butler.
  5. I would also argue that the reason case counts are going up is we, as a society, have almost completely abandoned any mitigation efforts (your local area may differ). Masks are not commonly worn publicly (in my state of SC, anyways), we are going mass gatherings again, and kids are in school full time. It's as if we are back to pre-COVID life.
  6. But, just like last time, deaths are increasing along with case counts. It's almost like case counts are a leading indicator. Now, the ratios are different, but the timing and shapes of the death curves are similar to previous spikes.
  7. Friendly reminder that we are seeing a one-sided, selectively edited account. We have no idea if this was handled well or our nurse is being over dramatic.
  8. There's one other aspect to this - admitting you are wrong means that "the other guy" was right. We have gotten so partisan in this country that giving the other team a win is unconsionable. We reinforce and double-down because everything is a zero-sum game, and everything is politicized.
  9. stop calling it that. This isn't Americas audit, it's Arizona Senate Republicans audit.
  10. to be fair, this is a one-sided and clearly edited video. We don't know the whole story. The parts we see show the situation being handled poorly but the tiktoker would not to show the rational bits.
  11. I can't speak for everyone but I have friends of all races, creeds, genders, political affiliations, and vaccination status.
  12. https://www.eeoc.gov/employers/small-business/3-who-protected-employment-discrimination
  13. If you want to wait 10 years, we are looking at a death toll of 2-3 million Americans, at least. Along with that will come a shinking economy because of the dying population and eroded consumer confidence.
  14. Worse at being annoying, smug jerks? Maybe...maybe we are just tired of seeing our unvaxed friends and family die.
  15. I stand by that. Frankly, we as a society should stop catering to the irrational fears of all of these delicate snowflakes, needlessly prolonging COVID.
  16. No one says HCW are villains. they are still heros - always have been, always will be. Anti-vaxxers are the villains, even if they are health care workers.
  17. I would agree that it's a fair request for her to have her termination in writing. HR should have had that letter generated already.
  18. I don't like the mandate across the board but I do think the vaccine should be required for certain occupations - namely, anyone who comes into contact with a large number of people (say, >20 per shift?). If you are a trucker, or an office drone, who cares. Nurses absolutely clear that threshold. Even more critical they are vaccinated given the likelyhood they will encounter COVID positive patients. Also, she should know better as a HCW.
  19. except no one ever said he was the guy that dug into something, spent the money and time, and found nothing. That's my point - no report was issued, no grand proclamation, no mea culpa. Nothing. They swept it under the rug and pretended nothing ever happened. Most people probably aren't even aware that Trump tried to prove he won the popular vote in 2016. Regarding sovreignity of the states and their voting rights - I mostly agree with you except for the pesky fact that certain states south of that Mason Dixon line, (mine included) have a long history of shenanigans. I wish I could believe those days are past us, but...you know...it continues to this day.
  20. but for Trump, there was no downside, whatsoever. Nothing found, pretend the inquiry never happened. Don't issue a report, and never speak of it again. There was no risk. In Bidens case, there is no upside. If they find nothing, folks on the right will claim they just didn't look hard enough and demand a forensic audit. And, you are entertaining nonsense and conspiracy theories. No one wins. That is maybe not risk per se, it's just stupid. The proper thing to do is let the states, who have ultimate responsibility for their own elections, enact the protocol already established. Let due process play out. That's what Biden did, along with all 45 previous presidents.
  21. that's how I remember things too. Seems a bit of a stretch to give him credit for taking a risk when no report was ever written. I mean, I'd give him credit if they came out and proclaimed, "sorry folks, nothing to see here," but that's not what happened. In fact, if they had actually done that, maybe 2020 wouldn't have been so ugly.
  22. they did, until they were shown someone worse. I think many democrats think fondly of GWB these days. ETA: the other side of that same coin: Republicans used to consider GWB a Republican.
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