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  1. ugh. for the last time - I'm not concerned about kids getting COVID. I'm concerned about unvaccinated children transmitting to unvaccinated adults and this thing lingering indefinitely. Think bigger - not implications to you personally but to society as a whole.
  2. I'm not @The Z Machine but I'd argue that for B), it's not protecting the vaccinated so much as the unvaccinated - antivaxxers, religious exemptions, people with legitimate medical exemptions, and those that fall through the cracks, I don't feel so bad about the antivaxxers or religious but the other two - we should protect them. as to C) and D) COVID, vaccine should be thought of along the lines of measles/mumps/rubella, polio, etc and the other vaccinations we routinely give to children....not so much flu. These were down to basically background level, very rare. My understanding is
  3. that's great news! my kids are 12 and 14 (ok, 11 and 14 for a couple more days to be technical). The oldest has asthma, likely to be chronic like me. I know they aren't super high risk but getting them vaccinated would do wonders for their mental well being. We have spent like a whole year preaching them to be careful - kept them home from school, mask enforcement, etc., mostly to protect me and my wife (both with various co-morbidities), but the kids have taken it as risks to themselves, which is natural. It seems wrong to me to allow our family to return to normal once my wife
  4. pfizer. I don't recall where I read that. I was looking into this a couple of weeks ago.
  5. yup - there is some percentage of the population that will not get vaccinated - anti-vaxxers, religious exemptions, people with medical conditions that prevent the vaccine, but also the population that simply falls through the cracks for various reasons - the homeless, migrant workers, etc.
  6. One other point on why we want to vaccinate children: there is no way we can get to herd immunity without including kids. herd immunity is when there are so many people vaccinated that probability dictates that the virus cannot spread and it eventually dies out. for COVID, estimates are we need ~70% minimum. Herd immunity is what we will use to protect those who either refuse the vaccine, those who cannot take it for medical/religious reasons, or for the very small population for whom it will not work (i.e. no vaccine is 100% effective). A quick google search shows 22% of US popul
  7. my understanding is that they started the trials several months ago. I'm expecting them to roll out vaccine approval to the 12-16 age group before school starts in the fall - July/August time frame.
  8. yeah, thats the problem with studying effectiveness on kids. The rate that the control group catches it is much smaller and therefore it's difficult to see a difference in the treatment. That means, you have to have a huge sample size and it probably takes much longer.
  9. My company is offering a $50 gift card (ok, $35 after taxes lol) to any employee who presents their vaccine record card.
  10. Yes, life360 for the kids. By girls are 12 and 14. The oldest likes to be out of the house and hang out with friends in our neighborhood. The youngest gets dropped off at gymnastics class. Good piece of mind for the kids. Honestly, my girls use it to keep track of us more than us of them.
  11. Pfizer #2 is now coursing through my veins, killing stray COVID virus as it goes. Fellas, it's a new day!
  12. (1) I don't understand your point here. If masks are effective, and they helped stopped the spread of the flu, why would we not assume they would stop the spread of COVID? Or, are you claiming we knew they would stop spread of the flu and therefore we should have known they would stop COVID from day 1? (2) that assumes that everyone wears masks, and wears them effectively - i.e. not around their chin, always when they are supposed to, etc. I don't think that's a very valid assumption. (3) I'm asking because I don't know - what percentage of US patients acquired COVID via a supers
  13. Apology accepted. We can all get a bit heated in the moment. Thanks.
  14. I love this country as much as the next flag waving dude. We absolutely do not suck. That being said, there is a significant portion of our population that sucks and they make the rest of us look bad. I wish it wasn't true, but it is. This country has taken a very anti-science, anti-intellect, anti-expert turn over the past couple of decades. we turn our noses up at good advise because of muh freedom! As far as comparing us to Europe, where we lagged in mitigation, we far exceed in vaccination. Europeans are jealous right now at our vaccination program. We will turn the corne
  15. You could have just said cars worth less than $950 are being stolen at such a rate in California that it deserves national attention.
  16. Tool lefty? Lobbing insults now? Be better. And you didn't have to look it up. You could have read the link I posted yesterday and considered the question without lazily posting an article based on the headline only.
  17. Please dont lump me in with Sho, I don't constantly call for citation. I rarely do it - I'm more than capable of googling for myself. I honestly don't know what you guys are on about. I'm suddenly supposed to be aware of a national upswing in auto thefts? And I did google myself, thank you very much. I learned about prop 47, and how auto thefts can be interpreted as stealing things from cars (per the article you posted) and stealing cars. I can see how prop 47 can be related to the former, but not the latter, unless the car value is >$950. I asked if this is about cars wort
  18. In other words, the obviousness of your position is so obvious you shouldn't have to back it up? Eta: I'd suggest reading the articles you post instead of skimming the headline to make sure your semblance of reality is apparent.
  19. This article is about theft from vehicles.
  20. Last paragraph excluded, this is a much better post than the original one. Very interesting, something I hadn't paid attention to.
  21. so it is about bail? I get so confused about the lefts transgressions and what we are supposed to be upset about.
  22. this isn't really about bail itself either. It's about crowd-sourcing bail money - the left supported it WRT race riots and (big-tech as a proxy for the left) is against it WRT the insurrection.
  23. This isn't about parking tickets. This is about proclaiming an equivalency between race riots and the insurrection. Lots of folks on the left went to bat to bail out people arrested over the summer and therefore it's hypocritical to complain about the right doing the same thing. of course, that only works if the alleged crimes were relatively equivalent. I absolutely do not agree with that position.
  24. Finally - some actual news stories on the subject. I would agree this is probably a bad law. I suggest taking it up with your local reps.
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