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  1. Well then it should be easy to prove me wrong.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_party_switchers_in_the_United_States A whole lot of D->R in the 1960's, especially in southern states. A handful of R->D as well.
  3. Trump did us no favors when he claimed we would have it by the election. By making that claim and politicizing the process he seriously injured the public trust. If the whole thing feels like it is being rushed to bolster the presidents election chances, a large segment of the population will not believe the vaccine is safe.
  4. keep checking. There will be more mass-vaccinations at Bank of America Stadium. When I got shot #1 at BofA stadium, reservations were opened up on Saturday for injection on Tuesday. At the event, there were people there getting shot #2. My shot #2 is scheduled for 3/30. If they follow the same pattern, they will open up for vaccinations at the stadium on 3/27. I used the Atrium app to make my reservation.
  5. I will not credit Trump with development of the vaccine. Credit goes to the scientists, doctors, etc who did the grunt work. (I am sensitive to this as someone who is in product development but sees marketing / management take credit for the hard work I put in). I will credit Trump for the vaccine rollout. While it has not been perfect, it has been better than expected.
  6. well, there hasn't been a SC justice impeached since 1805 when the independence of the court was still in question. This isn't something that happens often and it ain't gonna happen here.
  7. good call. Reading a bit, their government did less than ours did, but their population kind of did their own "lockdown" - they voluntarily restricted themselves. Japan is probably more of an outlier. Is there a better example of a country with more restrictive lockdowns than US, a relatively high population, and trustworthy data?
  8. except it's not. At all. Reason 1,244,365 why people should read the article before commenting.
  9. lol..."look how wet my shoes are. This umbrella sucks!"
  10. read the article. It takes literally 30 seconds to skim. Here's the title: FBI facing allegation that its 2018 background check of Brett Kavanaugh was ‘fake’
  11. yet that was known at the time and he was confirmed regardless. There are no do-overs for a for-life appointment. Kavanaugh has his seat. isn't nothing gonna get him out, barring impeachment, which would only be subject to anything he has done since the confirmation.
  12. we really managed to thread the needle, exerting big pain on the economy with minimum to show for it. It absolutely was a massive failure. If we had effective mitigation efforts and actual proper lockdowns, we would have had far fewer deaths (but bigger economic impact). If we did nothing, we would have had more deaths but less impact on the economy. I do think it might be interesting to examine results of various responses, in terms of GDP growth in 2020 and deaths per million. What countries would be extreme examples of high and low mitigation efforts? Ideally, we should c
  13. hold up...Kavanaugh isn't the subject of this inquiry - the FBI's "investigation" is. this isn't an attempt to remove Kavanaugh. This is questioning if the FBI did their due-diligence or not.
  14. our dishwasher went bad in February (2020) or so...we bought a new in in March, didn't get delivery until November.
  15. for sure. I was on the trails by RiverWalk - lots of fun. I was with my daughter - she rides a $150 walmart special so we aren't doing anything crazy. Lots of walking up the hills, for example. A bit frustruating that I have a (low-end) nice mountain bike that breaks down on me while here POS walmart is fine.
  16. It stuck on the sprocket while down shifting and got wedged on the wrong side of the frame. "Chain suck" I think it's called.
  17. my question is more along the lines of, will you resume "risky" behavior such as large crowds knowing you have unvaccinated children?
  18. for those of you who have had the vaccine and children: how are you handling things moving forward? I have two kids, ages 12-14. Obviously, they are low risk but my oldest does have asthma so there is a little concern there. Overall, they have done OK at adapting to COVID - they wear their masks everywhere, constant washing hands, 6' of space, etc. My wife and I will have our 2nd shot in a couple of weeks. the thoughts of getting back to normal start running through my head, but I get a little stuck thinking that we aren't completely in the clear - I am still living with two unvac
  19. everything's gotta be political, right? SMH.
  20. I got a Trek Marlin 5 for Christmas. I've done a few rides but took it on a trail for the first time today. Aaaand, this happened. I bought a multi-tool with a chain repair function so I fixed it by taking apart my chain and reassembling. Googling around, it appears a dirty chain can be a cause of chain-suck. I did down-shift while peddling hard up a hill so it could be that too. I gotta be better about that, I guess. I hope I didn't bend the sproket.
  21. I would have done the same but for my asthma/hypertension. I used my job as legal justification but in reality, it was health. And at the end of the day, it will end up being a difference of 8 days...thats it (NC opens up next group on 3/17)
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