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  1. Seriously? You are going with "I know you are but what am I?" Lol.
  2. Their goal was to inappropriately influence congress from certifying the legitimate vote, thereby suppressing the will of the people. This is how fascism starts.
  3. Our democracy was more in jeopardy on Jan 6 than at any point since the states took up arms against themselves. Had Mike Pence some what Trump or the mob demanded, or had any resolution passed where the vote was not certified, the will of the people would not have been fulfilled.
  4. More so than it has been since what...1860?
  5. More so than it has been since what...1860? Speaking of which, these guys did what Lee never did - march the Confederate battle flag into the US Capital.
  6. I don't know the answer to either of your questions. To your general point though, I agree but in theory we should be able to hire people who don't want to come back to whatever crappy job they were at before. It should be a big game of musical chairs except when the music starts playing, no one is moving.
  7. As a guy who needs to have things made, I think the opposite. I mean, good on the people who don't have to do manual labor, but manual labor still needs to be done. I mean, how much would we have to pay people to make it worth their while working on an assembly line? I think it's more than 2x baseline..maybe 3x? All that gonna do is push jobs overseas and jack up distribution costs (who would want to work in distribution for marginally more than baseline?) I would be up for something like UBI after you have 20 years of accrued work or something like that. Something to ensure we still have (relatively) cheap labor available.
  8. My factory is across the street from an amusement park. I can literally see rollercoasters from my parking lot. Despite everything being able to fully open, the park is still shut down. There is a big banner in front that they are hiring - I have never seen that before. It's the labor shortage preventing them from opening. Here's where it gets interesting: this amusement park has a history of hiring foreign nationals to work - most of the ride attendants are 20-somethings from Eastern Europe - Poland, Ukraine, etc. I think they have been bringing these kids over and paying them jack ####. They give them housing, etc and send them back at the end of the season. It's a great way to suppress wages - $7.50/hour sounds great for these people, and once they are here, what are they going to do - quit and go work at McDonalds, losing their work visa? I speculate they are having trouble especially with international travel being limited - I have no sympathy.
  9. I'm sure this is has all been discussed; I'm late to the party. Let me give some anecdotal stories: My company is a manufacturer. When SHTF last summer, our sales dropped roughly 50%. to compensate, we furloughed 50% of the staff including labor. We had 50% of people on the assembly lines, which meant our thru-put was 50% of what it should be - i.e. where we could get a unit out in 1 minute before, it now took 2 minutes. The furloughed employees were technically laid off - separated from the company to they could collect unemployment and the additional stipend. When things normalized this year and want to run full steam, a lot of the folks didn't come back. We are having trouble finding people to work. We go thru staffing agencies now, and people stick around for a week, maybe two, and leave. I absolutely think the added unemployment has something to do with it, and raising wages isn't really going to cut it. We were already paying $10/hour (~$20k/year) starting out. Now, I don't know how much they were making on unemployment but with the federal COVID supplement, it was probably pretty close. Why would anyone come back to work, spending 8 hours a day on your feet assembling products when you could be home on the couch for the same money? I wouldn't. Suppose we bumped pay up to $20 per hour - double it. would that get people back to work? I doubt it - I mean, if I have proven last year I can survive on my couch and survive making $20K or bust my ### for $40k, I think I'm gonna couch it more. I agree it's time to end the Federal supplements and for people to go back to work.
  10. I think it's absolutely fair that the WHO should use the virus as leverage to force their way into inspecting Chinese labs and ensuring safety protocols are appropriate and followed. That should happen regardless of cause.
  11. from a curiosity stand point, I get it. What happens next? sanctions? restitution? China isn't going to want to play ball, so is it worth risking WWIII over it?
  12. Assume we know 100% for sure that COVID was created in the Wuhan lab and escaped somehow. What difference does that make?
  13. I'd believe it. Certain groups have done a masterful job of sewing seeds of doubt and decoding trust in our institutions. This moment predates COVID by a lot. I'm not saying Fauci didn't make mistakes - he did. But, IMO this eroding trust I'm Fauci correlates strongly with eroding trust in all of the institutions that keep us safe.
  14. Yup. Be intelligent, witty, insightful, concise, etc or be ignored. I've found more than a few people (from both sides of the ideological divide) who are go on the ignore list. It had nothing to do with opposing opinions.
  15. I can't believe this guy was so high in the military/government.
  16. I think they should call it Livebetes. that way, instead of moping around saying, "oh no, I have diabetes", they can say "Look out world, I've got livebetes! Here I come!"
  17. yeah, that math behind epidemiology fascinates me...the way that overall populations can behave in predictable ways, even though on the micro level it doesn't appear to be so.
  18. I'm just sayin - if whataboutism is in play then I want to whatabout too.
  19. The reason it would be lower than that is demographics. Once the virus tears through the elderly, killing 5-10% of everyone in that population segment but an aggregate CFR of 1.5-2%, things would slow down. That's where the math gets murky, and this is what @Dr_Zaiuswas talking about above (He'll never make a monkey out of me). We can argue about true numbers of infected people across the entire population vs reported positive tests. But it's widely assumed the COVID death toll is underrepresented as well. There are errors on both sides of the equation. My general premise is that to get to herd immunity without vaccine, a hell of a lot more people would have to get sick and a hell of a lot more people would die. Remember the initial projections of 2.5M? That's a far cry from the 4M that I was talking about, but 2.5M dead Americans is still a hell of a lot. We can use that number - call it 4x instead of 7x if that makes @supermike80happy. Further, as has been pointed out above, these numbers do not account for what happens when there is a run on PPE, oxygen, intensive care beds, etc. If we had stopped mitigation efforts in favor of just letting everyone get sick, the death toll would compound and be much, much higher - 10x? 20x? If we just kept doing what we did, it might take 5 years to get to herd immunity. That's what a flattened curve would look like. 5 more years of wearing masks, restaurants being closed, no movies, empty stadiums, etc.
  20. the media absolutely did not keep quiet about last summers race riots.
  21. What about protesters murdered by 17 year old vigilantes?
  22. I think so but once we reach that 70% immunity threshhold, COVID will be a part of our lives similar to the flu or chicken pox...something that is out there and deadly but we can deal with it. We will go get our yearly boosters and that will be that.
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