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  1. interesting stuff Woz (Zow), thanks. Does it matter that Rittenhouse was not local to Kenosha, WI? Or, that it technically is illegal for a 17 yr old to open carry? I am fine with the argument for self defense. What I'm not fine with is him acting as a vigilante - a kid who isn't old enough to vote, buy a pack of cigarettes or join the Army is roaming the streets to LARP as a law enforcement officer. He was not there to defend his home or his families business. And again, he is just a kid and like all other teenagers, he doesn't have impulse control of an adult.
  2. Cliffs notes on content of the interview?
  3. "Your honor, the level of maturity and responsibility was so lacking on Jan 6 I request my client be tried as a minor."
  4. If the house was unlocked, is it really breaking and entering?
  5. Does that make it ok? I mean, if you are trying to argue that it's OK for people to break laws because it's easy to do so, go for it. But don't try to tell me you support law and order.
  6. Seriously? The capital was (poorly) guarded by a police force, over-come by the mob. You don't get to be a part of the mob that crossed the barricade, or entered via a smashed window and pretend you are a tourist. This is some amazing gymnastics on display here, especially just hours from arguing minutiae of other legalities. So very odd.
  7. I certainly hope you aren't arguing Rittenhouse was there for "hunting purposes".
  8. Being inside the capitol on Jan 6 is a crime. Full stop. No one purchased a ticket, stood line line with other smelly tourists or we're there on ****official business***. This was not a tour group that took a wrong turn. They were to disrupt congress, no much how badly they protest otherwise.
  9. The left loves this guy? Imma call BS again.
  10. so you are going with the two wrongs makes a right defense? I don't let my kids get away with that. also, literally no one says the left is blameless. No one ever claimed riots were legal. Not anyone serious, anyhow.
  11. this is precisely why we can't have random people running around LARPing as policeman. intentions are fine and dandy but a 17 year old kid hasn't had the (admittedly minimal) training police have, nor has his brain sufficiently developed to accurately judge risk/reward or fight/flight scenarios. There is a reason kids aren't adults.
  12. while he was there, uninvited, and armed with a gun he legally wasn't allowed to carry (because he was 17). Rittenhouse was NOT there as a member of law enforcement and he wasn't hired as private security. He was there on his own accord. That, my friend, is vigilantism....or, is this one of those laws that conservatives prefer to ignore?
  13. without a doubt he had full intent to interfere with congress from certifying the election as they are obligated to do under Amendment 12 of the US constitution. This wasn't a simple B&E, and this is nothing like busting the windows of your local Auto Zone in the middle of a race riot.
  14. You serious Clark? I don't recall any serious media member or politician calling any arsonist a hero. As for Rittenhouse he is nothing if not a vigilante. The man literally killed multile people while committing a crime (possessing a gun while under age) yet he is a hero to the alt-right. All this while you downplay an insurrectionist breaking into the capital. So very odd.
  15. He's just a regular guy being persecuted for his political views, right? Him breaking into the office of the Speaker of the House and interrupting the constitutional duties of congress is totally the same thing looting, yet this guy gets arrested?
  16. (1) didn't happen. When you say "the left", this implies that 100% of everyone to the left of center politically held the views you describe. I could easily refute that by finding one person who was concerned about the looting etc. Stop with the hyperbole. I don't think many, if anyone, completely supported all protestors and completely ignoring the violence. Stop it. (2) stop it. No one is saying all Trump supporters were treasonous. People are explicitly saying anyone who broke into the damn capital with intent to disrupt the counting of the electoral college is an insurectionist.
  17. Just a guess but he is a living reminder of their own hiprocracy. They need to justify him not being on the SC?
  18. it's absolutely amazing to me that allegedly constitution loving, thin-blue-line "conservatives" are bending over backwards to defend this insurrection. After witnessing the mental gymnastics of the last 5 years I shouldn't be surprised any more, but I am.
  19. It sucks but almost everyone I know (myself included) ended up in a better place afterwards. Sometimes a severance is just the kick in the pants you need to advance your career. ETA: 20 years at the same place means he probably has gotten complacent but also he is a desirable employee - the kind of guy who will stick around and his previous employer valued enough to keep him around that long.
  20. I think we lost "safe harbor" when we stopped matching...does that make sense?
  21. I hear ya. one other goal for this account- I will be using this as my escrow. That is, in addition to the difference in P&I, i am also socking away funds to pay my property insurance (July) and taxes (December). Once I have enough in this account (in bonds or other less risky funds) to make sure these are covered, I will change the ratios. I am also considering transferring money from savings into this as a better vehicle for my "emergency" fund - i.e. you generally want to have enough to cover expenses for 3-6 months if things go bad, right? Might as well lump that in here
  22. That seems to be the case. I think when they stopped the match people stopped contributing and that's when it kicked in.
  23. while I'm here, I want to vent for a minute. Just checking my 401(k) and I'm down about $7k from a couple of weeks ago. Market fluctuation, right? nope. Last year when business went bad, my company froze 401(k) match and like 1/2 the company got furloughed. somehow that messed up our 401(k) balance and we failed a compliance test. I don't really understand how or why, but about $3500 of my contribution was deemed "excessive", even though I put in my allowable $19.5k. That amount was sent to me via check. Another $3500 was forfeited - employee match and some gains. So, basically
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