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  1. I don't hate Republicans or even think they have bad ideas. I honestly think most of their ideas are good but their bad ones are REALLY bad. What I hate the most are the party over country folks - the people who sell out our country to advance their party. That's Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, etc. I find far more Rs fall into that bucket than Ds these days.
  2. There is nothing inherent to liberalism that makes liberals inclined to violence. We are all humans and Americans. We can be a violent sort. Breitbart is inherently one-sided. The list which had been spammed (anything more than once = spam) is inherently one-sided. I'd also add that antifa is not necessarily leftist. Hear me out - they are anarchists first and foremost - anti government in general. They just want to be #### up and with a Republican president, Breitbart lumps all anti-government attacks in as leftist.
  3. That's not how I remember it. I recall republicans posting forth lots of amendments only to be locked out. "Elections have consequences." ETA: I remember starting a thread on it back in the day - "Republican proposals ignored" or something like that. That was back when I was conservative. Either search sucks or the thread was purged (or both).
  4. I remember this. I don't believe the Kerry org gave this conspiracy any oxygen.
  5. Let me add: at this point, I fully expect that whenever we have the president and at least one chamber of Congress in opposite parties, the president will be investigated for something, and impeachment will be likely. This will be the new normal.
  6. IMO it goes back to Clinton impeachment. Dems wanted a pound of flesh and took it out on W. That got put on hold by 9/11 but Iraq was enough justification to resume hostilities. Obama didn't help, ramming health care reform thru & rejecting Republican involvement. Tea party took it up a notch, and that lead us to Trump. It's been escalating hostilities for years now. Biden's acceptance speech was about bringing us back together but it takes 2 to tango.
  7. Ooh, good question...which is it? A) Lincoln was shot purely because Fords Theatre didn't have adequate security. B) Wilkes Booth was exercising his free speech.
  8. True. If these guys hate her so much she has to be doing something right. If other people dislike someone, you automatically like them? Party over country indeed.
  9. In no universe is storming your way into the US Capitol free speech. This is not debatable.
  10. No. I'm not a partisan hack. I know it's a foreign concept for some but I only want what's best for this country. What happened on Jan 6 was opposite that - it was an attack on rule of law, peaceful transfer of power, the US constitution, the US Congress, and democracy itself. For the life of me, I can't comprehend why anyone would defend it.
  11. I only hate those that hate democracy.
  12. The police were not prepared. We need answers why. The right refuses to look into why when they stonewall the hearings, and you yourself don't care - you said so yesterday. The truth is that the mob was there per instruction from the outgoing President. There is no arguing that. Security would not have been needed AT ALL if there was no "Stop the Steal" to protest an election that was not stolen. That is the root cause.
  13. When you say things like you just did, I tend to agree.
  14. Sorry, I can't let this go. Complete and utter bull####. Full stop.
  15. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/capitol-shooting-that-led-to-ashli-babbitt-s-death-captured-on-video-99180613572 Has audio. Can't hear if officers issued a warning but protestors knew a gun was drawn.
  16. #backtheblue (Unless they are protecting Congress while they certify the election result)
  17. It's on video. There was a locked door. "Peaceful" protestors were bashing it to bits. Officers opposite were armed and flashed their gun. Rabbit crossed the door & got shot. What would you expect should have happened to her - pillow fight? It's really hard for me to understand you so-called law and order folks. She was breaking and entering, committing a crime by her very presence. She crossed a line fortified by armed security on the opposite side. There is no universe where her actions were OK or the officer during on her was not justified.
  18. Obviously. True Republicans would never question welovetrump.com or conservativetreehouse or gatewaypundit. Amiright?
  19. Gasp! Someone questioning dear leader and starting to think for themselves...obviously must be a democrat.
  20. @jon_mx> comments on "protest peacefully" and "fight like hell" in the same speech? Can you acknowledge mixed messages at best?
  21. Yet, you use this same language to conflate the BLM protests over the summer with the riots. Can you not see you do the same thing you accuse others of?
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