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  1. Yup. I don't care if Teump never concedes. What matters is if Biden is afforded a transition and that process has started.
  2. the problem as i see it is that when liberals try to distill something down to an easy slogan, they are completely oblivious to how their slogan will be used against them. "defund the police" is a perfect example. If you are coming from the position that the police have been oppressing your family for generations, this slogan makes a hell of a lot of sense. However, this idea scares the crap out of millions of Americans. It's completely tone deaf. I don't know what a better message needs to be but this ain't it.
  3. Democrats are terrible at messaging. "Stop asking police to do social or psychiatric work" somehow becomes "defend the police" and the right wing echo chamber convinces millions of people that Joe Biden wants to let criminals roam the streets freely. "Medicare for all" somehow becomes "socialism" and the right wing echo chamber convinces millions of people that the democrats want to turn the US into Venezuela.
  4. IMO, the energy from the right was driven primarily from the desire to taste liberal tears - i.e. a rejection of political correctness, environmentalism, etc. If there was a perceived improvement in quality of life, that perception stemmed completely from the right wing echo chamber repeating nonsense, which is essentially my point.
  5. Do you think many people are happy now? What about before the pandemic? Before Trump’s presidency? Folks on the right have convinced themselves that everything was garbage between 2008 and 2016, and then Jan 20, 2016 everything magically improved. The economy was garbage before Trump, employment was awful, manufacturing jobs weren't coming back, etc. It's as if the Obama economy is forever confined 2008-2010, ignoring the consistent growth since then. Quality of life generally improved under Obama (once we got passed the 2008 recession). That improvement continued under Trump
  6. I know this is probably unpopular but I support the China trade war. I don't think it has been handled well or been successful, but it's a topic that needed to be addressed.
  7. Was the EC more an artifact of appeasement to the slave states than agriculture?
  8. The other day I saw a man on TV who claimed to be the president-elect. I believe his name was Biden, probably related to Hunter somehow. How can he claim to be president-elect if TRUMP is president? WHY WONT SOMEONE INVESTIGATE?
  9. put me down for Rudy having the affidavits he claims, but they aren't nearly as damaging as he thinks. It's going to be a bunch of hearsay and poll workers being rude to poll watchers.
  10. This looks exactly like that bunk that Dr Shiva was pushing earlier.
  11. Lol, I only went back one page. You were cool before if became tedious.
  12. "Quote schtick has become tedious. Time to update the ignore list." --Moleculo ETA: Not @The Football Freak, @Osaurus, or @JAA. You guys are cool.
  13. it was wrong of Facebook/Twitter to allow all of the disinformation to flow freely in 2016. It was wrong of them to overly moderate their platforms in 2020. They haven't found that happy medium yet, but I can guarantee when they do, people will still whine about it. Frankly, they are closer to it now than they were back then.
  14. Juran, one of the giants of Quality, has written that, based on his studies performed on Inspector accuracy, 100% inspection is about 87% effective. ETA: I expect a hand recount to be less accurate than a machine.
  15. does signed off = certified? in my experience, certified means signed off by an independent reviewer. I can count something and sign my name that it is correct. But for my count to be certified, it needs to be reviewed by someone else. ETA: if one of the monitors caught it, good for them! nice catch! We should applaud their work in ensuring a fair and safe election.
  16. not really. From the sounds of it, this was a tabulation error, caught when a discrepancy between number of votes cast vs sum of votes for each candidate didn't match up, or match up with the machine tally. From the sounds of it, it has nothing to do with the watchers.
  17. let me add one more thing here: the AP still has not called GA. According to the AP, Biden has 290 electoral college votes, Trump has 232. Georgia's 16 are undeclared, pending the recount. This is the process working. Trust the process.
  18. this is why they have a mandatory recount for <0.5%. Mistakes happen. It's human nature. The fact that this was caught is proof that the process works and is self correcting, not of some nefarious plot to cheat.
  19. absolutely not. I read somewhere, can't find it now, of course, that the abbreviated transition in 2000 may have led to some intelligence failures leading up to 9/11. Remember that this was a failure of different departments not communicating or recognizing threats. One hand knew about middle-eastern men taking flying lessons, another hand knew that Bin Laden was plotting something, but the two hands weren't putting it all together. Could a more cohesive transition helped with communication issues? Were there lingering, unresolved leadership roles and positions in the months leading u
  20. and, how did 2001 go? Were there any failures, particularly in the national security/intelligence fields shortly afterwards?
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