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  1. ok, I'm looking at some index funds that are mixed between stocks and bonds for good diversification. The reason to do that is for protection in a downswing, right? If the market tanks, you want to be in bonds and a good mix limits the downside (while also limiting the upside) - at least, that's my understanding of it all. Well, we had a pretty bad downswing last year - roughly a year ago. it seems to me that the S&P500 outperformed these funds even then. I mean, maybe the bond funds did a tiny bit better, but really missed the boat climbing back out. Am I better off just put
  2. me too. I'm going to tell ATT to eff off and go no cable. I have an antenna mounted in my attic which gives me good reception for all local broadcast from Charlotte (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and a few others). I have netflix, hulu, disney+ & amazon prime. I can certainly get HBO ala carte. Really, the only things I would be missing are ESPN come football season (maybe I sign up for Hulu live for September thru December), AMC for Walking Dead & Better Call Saul (all though I can stream on Hulu or Netflix when available), a few other random shows that I really wouldn't miss on F
  3. Are you talking about the people offended that Hasbro is refreshing a 70-year-old product line? I promise you - more people are offended by "Potato Head" than "Mr. Potato Head". I agree that people are too sensitive but I think we differ on who the delicate offended are.
  4. Btw, PR is def on our short list of places we'd like to go...maybe this summer. My wife is Puerto Rican but born in FL and has never been there. I think she has some distant relatives there.
  5. Early April isn't bad. We went once for spring break a few years ago and it was too cold for water parks. Crowd wise - could go either way.
  6. We are going to do Disney. I know they will go out of their way to accommodate handicapped folks. Will probably get a wheelchair and push her around. We've done Disney many times over the years - always a good experience.
  7. I know the keys fairly well, I used to live in south FL. Definitely want to take the kids there sometime. It is full of drunks but I'm ok with that. This isn't the time for that. Duvall St = walking and/or mopeds. Snorkeling/jet skiing isn't a great idea with a broken leg. No, this trip needs to be something easily accessible for a kid with a broken leg.
  8. Yeah, that's a place I've been lobbying for. My wife insists that the keys are too full of drunks (she's not wrong about that) and maybe not kid friendly. I think her focus is on resort style hotels - not my jam but probably easiest to do with a kid in crutches. Haven't found the kind of hotel she is looking for there.
  9. Unfortunately, no passports for the kids. Eta: good suggestion though. There may be time to get passports.
  10. My daughter broke her leg pretty badly a couple of weeks ago doing "home gymnastics". It was bad enough to need 3 screws and 2 nights in the hospital. Obviously, she is very mobility-limited. It's me, my wife, and 2 daughters, 12 (broken leg) & 14. Spring break is coming soon and we have a bit of cabin fever after covid. We need to go somewhere and do something, having a hard time figuring out what to do. We are located in the southeast, and prefer to drive but short direct flights are doable. In the past we have gone to the beach or rented a cabin in the mountai
  11. Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. There will be no civil war. Republicans will continue to swallow any objections and pretend their morals are in line with Trump, just as they have since 2015.
  12. "anyone have any ideas how we can revitalize interest and sales for a 70 year old product line?"
  13. My line of argument is that the gender of the potato head line of toys is not anywhere near a foot up your ###. Apologise if I wasn't clear.
  14. ...on the right? It seems the way the right views the definition of "mainstream media" is rooted in a term coined by the biggest partisan hack of all time (still too soon?).
  15. Conservatives get all spun up about the silliest things, I swear.
  16. gas will be cheap again next time the economy crashes. ETA: it should be self-evident that when people stop traveling and goods aren't shipped (i.e. because factories are closed), energy costs go down. When we come out of that slump, energy costs go up. supply and demand. gas getting more expensive now is a sign that the economy is heating up again.
  17. I'm struggling to see why it's an engineering impossibility. Also, I'd like to challenge the above statement in green...why? How could solar panel power producers sell excess electricity on an open market bypassing the power grid that the PUC controls? it seems to me that they (producers) would have to play by the same rules that traditional power companies play by. it's not like they can do an end-around and sell to someone else without transmitting over existing infrastructure.
  18. I suggest stop looking at twitter if you don't want to be disappointed by humanity.
  19. I get the instant emotional outcry here, but he gambled and lost. He was getting cheaper rates, which was why he signed up with that service (my reading there is he had a choice of providers, if this is incorrect my perspective would change), this is the possible downside of that. Same as saying when someone was making money when the stock market goes up it is great, but whining for a bailout when it collapses. YAY capitalism! IMO, there are certain segments of society that should not be run on a profit basis. We are ok with socialized national defense, law enforcement, fir
  20. Thanks. If I were a Texan, is be demanding everyone on the PUC be sacked for failing to prepare for a likely event (I.e. once a decade is a likely event, IMO). I would be embarrassed that the same weather conditions a majority of the country sees on a yearly basis van be so catastrophic.
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