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  1. Skimming through it. So far it's a collection of what we already know, plus a bunch of whining about how the MSM refuses to cover and republicsn leadership refuses to bend to Trumps will. I haven't seen anything noteworthy so far.
  2. I would be fine with a special counsel here, but not Powell. That woman is not stable.
  3. Any link to these 36 pages? I hate to summarily reject a privately produced report by an extreme partisan hack that cites "statistical anomalies" in 2020 (an unprecedented year by any measure) as legitimate without reading it.
  4. honestly, I don't think i could do business with someone who doesn't know who the president is. Such an extreme amount of partisan hackery would cause me to question their values and judgement.
  5. When did succession talk begin prior to 1860? It had to have been something discussed for years prior.
  6. It's a ridiculous proposition in 2020 or 2021. Wait until you see the craziness in store for us in 2024...i mean, does anybody think things are getting better? 2028? 2032?...succession may very well be a legitimate talking point within 20 years.
  7. My interpretation of "avoid capital punishment" implies they want a trial - capital punishment can only be state-sanctioned and affords due process. That would have to happen first. So, the tweet is really calling for Harris/Biden to be arrested and charged with treason When you say they are calling for an admittance of guilt or execution, my interpretation of that is an extrajudicial killing without due process - maybe I was interpreting @Mr. Ham incorrectly.
  8. The new definition of Liberal is "against Trump". Actual bona-fide liberals are now referred to as "socialists".
  9. knowing what we know now, the only disqualifying offense to the GOP is siding with liberals... maybe being poor also.
  10. You guys remember back in 2017 or so, a lot of people criticized the democrats for not learning any lessons from the 2016 election? Instead of going back to the drawing board and rethinking who they are and what they stand for, they went all-in on Russiagate. I think Republicans do the same thing. They are going to spend the next 4 years whining about a "stolen" election. There will be no move to the center, there will be no reasonable candidates. It's going to be Trump or someone from his brand.
  11. Well that's just silly stuff. Whatever. Unimportant information. Remember Michael Avenatti? Hypocrisy my man. You do it and you don't even see it. so now that we have established that Avenatti was nothing more then a porn-star's lawyer who tried to capitalize on his newly-found fame, how is his existence hypocrisy WRT Guliani?
  12. can you point to the part where he represented any faction of the DNC or it's leadership?
  13. clearly it's not all trumps fault. trump is a symptom of a rot inherent in American politics - a rejection of facts and expertise in favor of wild conspiracy theories, a win at all costs/no compromise stance, abdication of conservative principles once held dear, and demonization of political opponents. This is much more than one man, and has been brewing beneath the surface for decades, if not generations.
  14. Avenetti never represented the democrat party or any of it's leadership. He was a media darling for a minute but he had no formal relationship AFAIK.
  15. Michael Avenatti represented a porn star. Guliani represents the president. Not the same.
  16. are you really comparing a few opinion pieces from media hacks with 40-50 actual lawsuits? come on now. You have to know these are not the same.
  17. There were a lot of statistical firsts this year. Why anyone finds this odd is beyond me. There are a lot of reasons why 2020 is unique: COVID - need I say more? a president who has openly feuded with the media for years a president who ran unopposed on his party ticket a few months after being impeached a large faction of the incumbents party openly campaigning against him (Lincoln Project) a president who signaled prior to the election that he would cry FRAUD!!1!! if he did not win (in fact, the same president who called FRAUD!111! when he did win in the prio
  18. honestly, I drink less now than before.
  19. To be fair, in 2016 the loudest conspiracy charge was illegals voting for Hillary and busses of people from MA voting in NH.
  20. You only have to go back 4 years to find a democrat losing a presidential election and see the reaction. I challenge you to find one politician or serious media member posting as late as Devember 7 that the election was a fraud.
  21. No. The average Republican voter jas got to be smarter than that, right? I mean, it's the hackiest of partisan hacks that are being really loud and obnoxious with this crap now, right? The average Joe who has seen politicians lose gracefully for every election ever knows this is all whining from the whiniest whiner there ever was, right?
  22. Yup. I don't care if Teump never concedes. What matters is if Biden is afforded a transition and that process has started.
  23. the problem as i see it is that when liberals try to distill something down to an easy slogan, they are completely oblivious to how their slogan will be used against them. "defund the police" is a perfect example. If you are coming from the position that the police have been oppressing your family for generations, this slogan makes a hell of a lot of sense. However, this idea scares the crap out of millions of Americans. It's completely tone deaf. I don't know what a better message needs to be but this ain't it.
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