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  1. This article is about theft from vehicles.
  2. Last paragraph excluded, this is a much better post than the original one. Very interesting, something I hadn't paid attention to.
  3. so it is about bail? I get so confused about the lefts transgressions and what we are supposed to be upset about.
  4. this isn't really about bail itself either. It's about crowd-sourcing bail money - the left supported it WRT race riots and (big-tech as a proxy for the left) is against it WRT the insurrection.
  5. This isn't about parking tickets. This is about proclaiming an equivalency between race riots and the insurrection. Lots of folks on the left went to bat to bail out people arrested over the summer and therefore it's hypocritical to complain about the right doing the same thing. of course, that only works if the alleged crimes were relatively equivalent. I absolutely do not agree with that position.
  6. Finally - some actual news stories on the subject. I would agree this is probably a bad law. I suggest taking it up with your local reps.
  7. Misdemeanor if value <$950 (Fox article is not about car theft, rather things being stolen from inside cars). Are there a lot of cars worth less than $1k getting stolen?
  8. It looks to me like prop 47 is related to items with values less than $950. Is that what we are discussing here - lots of cars worth less than a grand getting jacked?
  9. You are the one lobbing vague accusations - don't accuse me of bad faith requests for links. I posted above the result of my quick search - misdemeanors only in Cali for breaking into cars but that's clearly not auto theft. If you have something better, please share otherwise I have no idea what the hell you are tilting at. And please hold the snide - it's not appreciated.
  10. Here's an article about theft from cars, not cars themselves. It's a little bit interesting: misdemeanor if the car door was not locked, burden on prosecutor to demonstrate the door was locked. If they can't get the vehicle owner to testify (I.e. out of state), they can't push for a felony. This leads to out of state plates being targeted. I'm not sure if this is what OP is talking about though.
  11. Then it should be quite easy for you to connect the dots you have laid out. What democrat pushed the bill to decriminalize car theft? Give me a name.
  12. Maybe you guys should "cancel" Conneticut.
  13. I don't see any reasonable way to implement. Are you really going to retrofit the hundreds of million vehicles on the road today, and except them to not be tampered with?
  14. well, that's an odd interpretation. I was trying to demonstrate a difference between tobacco deaths and gun violence.
  15. if only there was more police presence to prevent these guys from getting egged on by Antifa. Damn those cops, making it so easy to storm the Capitol.
  16. lol... Meggs: "then wait for the 6th when we are all in DC to insurrection"
  17. unless I'm missing something, no one has suggested banning guns.
  18. Of the 700k people you cite, what percentage were aware that tobacco use is hazardous for their health? Of the victims on Monday, what percentage knew that going to King Supers in Boulder, CO on 3/21/2021 was hazardous for their health?
  19. I get the feeling that this is another veiled discussion about gun laws, especially in the wake of two mass shootings. Poor form, IMO.
  20. I think this is the right answer. Nicotine can be detected up to 3 months after ingestion. It sounds reasonable to me to allow insurance companies to double everyone's insurance and then give 50% discounts for passing yearly nicotine tests.
  21. of course, that creates a black-market for tobacco...grow it yourselves, find cartons that "fell off the truck", import from Mexico, etc... that whole thing.
  22. you didn't say "Communist Chinese Government" virus, you said "China" virus. I'm sure you know that China is more than it's government.
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