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  1. unless I'm missing something, no one has suggested banning guns.
  2. Of the 700k people you cite, what percentage were aware that tobacco use is hazardous for their health? Of the victims on Monday, what percentage knew that going to King Supers in Boulder, CO on 3/21/2021 was hazardous for their health?
  3. I get the feeling that this is another veiled discussion about gun laws, especially in the wake of two mass shootings. Poor form, IMO.
  4. I think this is the right answer. Nicotine can be detected up to 3 months after ingestion. It sounds reasonable to me to allow insurance companies to double everyone's insurance and then give 50% discounts for passing yearly nicotine tests.
  5. of course, that creates a black-market for tobacco...grow it yourselves, find cartons that "fell off the truck", import from Mexico, etc... that whole thing.
  6. you didn't say "Communist Chinese Government" virus, you said "China" virus. I'm sure you know that China is more than it's government.
  7. personally, IDGAF what China thinks about people with purple hair.
  8. let me be first to speculate: Akiem Hicks and Kyle Fuller to Denver in exchange for a mid-round pick.
  9. let me put on my bronco homer glasses (like I ever take them off lol) and try to make sense of this: Lock: It appears to me that the team has more confidence in his future than the rest of us do. Consider that 2020 was to be his first year as an incumbent but last year was tainted by (A) new OC (B) no OTA's (C) injuries to Lock himself and receiving corps. The team is satisfied to go into 2021 with Lock as the incumbent starter, but they want a better back-up QB than Driscoll. Von: Not sure if he is over the hill. His sack numbers were down in 2019 but his pressures were still there. Losing Chubb in 2019 hurt Vons production: without a viable threat opposite, defenses could chip and double him all day. All reports last pre-season were glowing - he was primed for a great year before a freak ankle injury. Regardless, cutting Von would have cost $4M in dead money so the team would be saving $16M - pretty close to what top edge rushers made when FA opened this year. Lindsay: I think we (FF community and Bronco fans alike) overvalue Lindsay. I keep hearing that the Broncos didn't use him correctly. Well, they said the same about Tebow. You don't pay a lot of money for a guy you can only use in a few specific ways. I love the dude, his fire and passion was incredible, but he also went down on first contact a lot. Also, he was a liability in the passing game (not great hands, not a great blocker) and didn't contribute on special teams. Lindsay is a guy who could turn a nice hole into a 50 yard run, but most NFL backs can turn a nice hole into a 10-20 yard run...Lindsay had value there for sure but if the hole isn't here, he's losing yards. A guy who can eek out 4 yards when there isn't a hole is more valuable. I'd also say that I think Lindsay and his agents over-valued his worth. He rejected any offer from Broncos, so the team let him go out and see if he could find another offer, and they would match - a great way for Lindsay to make market value, but for the Broncos to keep him. He didn't find it, so he asked to be released, thinking the RFA original round tender was holding him back. I think he will find that is not the case. I don't think he gets >$3M/year. 9th draft spot: If you believe Broncos are OK with Lock, CB is next biggest need. All mocks I have read had Broncos going CB at 9: Farley or Surtain. with the Darby signing and if the Broncos can acquire Kyle Fuller, Broncos could go BPA - OL, or LB. If the Lock-trust is a smoke screen, it's a hell of a lot easier to move up from 9 than it is at, say, 15 or 20. toss in next years #1 and that could do the trick. look for some big moves to be made in the near future. Broncos are in process of signing Simmons (currently on franchise tag) to a long term deal, and converting salaries of McManus and Purcell roster bonus into signing bonus (i.e. kicking the can down the road in exchange for more breathing room in 2021). Something big is about to drop. I'm hoping it's related to be Bears.
  10. had Trump actively promoted masks and social distancing, we could have given Trump credit for that. any affect that masks/distancing had was in spite of Trump, not because of.
  11. my expectations would have been a national response with clear guidance about who can receive a vaccination and when. Exceeding my expectations would have been vaccinations run by the US Military (best logistics organization in the world), setting up drive-thru locations around the country, and the ability for me to sign up for a slot and know exactly when to arrive.
  12. big programs are hard to roll out quickly. Remember Obamacare web page debacle? I'm not going to find fault with trump org because they fumbled here...IMO fumbling was expected. That being said, they didn't exceed expectations.
  13. Well then it should be easy to prove me wrong.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_party_switchers_in_the_United_States A whole lot of D->R in the 1960's, especially in southern states. A handful of R->D as well.
  15. Trump did us no favors when he claimed we would have it by the election. By making that claim and politicizing the process he seriously injured the public trust. If the whole thing feels like it is being rushed to bolster the presidents election chances, a large segment of the population will not believe the vaccine is safe.
  16. keep checking. There will be more mass-vaccinations at Bank of America Stadium. When I got shot #1 at BofA stadium, reservations were opened up on Saturday for injection on Tuesday. At the event, there were people there getting shot #2. My shot #2 is scheduled for 3/30. If they follow the same pattern, they will open up for vaccinations at the stadium on 3/27. I used the Atrium app to make my reservation.
  17. I will not credit Trump with development of the vaccine. Credit goes to the scientists, doctors, etc who did the grunt work. (I am sensitive to this as someone who is in product development but sees marketing / management take credit for the hard work I put in). I will credit Trump for the vaccine rollout. While it has not been perfect, it has been better than expected.
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