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  1. except it's not. At all. Reason 1,244,365 why people should read the article before commenting.
  2. lol..."look how wet my shoes are. This umbrella sucks!"
  3. read the article. It takes literally 30 seconds to skim. Here's the title: FBI facing allegation that its 2018 background check of Brett Kavanaugh was ‘fake’
  4. yet that was known at the time and he was confirmed regardless. There are no do-overs for a for-life appointment. Kavanaugh has his seat. isn't nothing gonna get him out, barring impeachment, which would only be subject to anything he has done since the confirmation.
  5. we really managed to thread the needle, exerting big pain on the economy with minimum to show for it. It absolutely was a massive failure. If we had effective mitigation efforts and actual proper lockdowns, we would have had far fewer deaths (but bigger economic impact). If we did nothing, we would have had more deaths but less impact on the economy. I do think it might be interesting to examine results of various responses, in terms of GDP growth in 2020 and deaths per million. What countries would be extreme examples of high and low mitigation efforts? Ideally, we should consider as large countries as possible (i.e. population > 100M), and data we can trust (i.e. not China) Japan and USA are probably the best counter examples. JAPAN: 68 deaths per million citizens, GDP shrank by 4.8%. USA: 1649 deaths per million citizens, GDP shrank by 3.5%. so compared to Japan, our half-assed mitigation efforts led to the deaths of 1581 people per million (or 521k) while improving our GDP by 1.3%. worth it?
  6. hold up...Kavanaugh isn't the subject of this inquiry - the FBI's "investigation" is. this isn't an attempt to remove Kavanaugh. This is questioning if the FBI did their due-diligence or not.
  7. our dishwasher went bad in February (2020) or so...we bought a new in in March, didn't get delivery until November.
  8. for sure. I was on the trails by RiverWalk - lots of fun. I was with my daughter - she rides a $150 walmart special so we aren't doing anything crazy. Lots of walking up the hills, for example. A bit frustruating that I have a (low-end) nice mountain bike that breaks down on me while here POS walmart is fine.
  9. It stuck on the sprocket while down shifting and got wedged on the wrong side of the frame. "Chain suck" I think it's called.
  10. my question is more along the lines of, will you resume "risky" behavior such as large crowds knowing you have unvaccinated children?
  11. for those of you who have had the vaccine and children: how are you handling things moving forward? I have two kids, ages 12-14. Obviously, they are low risk but my oldest does have asthma so there is a little concern there. Overall, they have done OK at adapting to COVID - they wear their masks everywhere, constant washing hands, 6' of space, etc. My wife and I will have our 2nd shot in a couple of weeks. the thoughts of getting back to normal start running through my head, but I get a little stuck thinking that we aren't completely in the clear - I am still living with two unvaccinated kids, after all. I'm talking about things like getting back into jiu-jitsu - pretty much the opposite of social distancing... or being in crowds - football, concerts, etc. It feels a bit selfish to resume normal activities at this point until the kids are vaccinated. Feels like it would be a bit hypocritical. Fortunately, we should be vaccinating kids by the fall so there is an end in sight, it's just longer than I had hoped.
  12. everything's gotta be political, right? SMH.
  13. I got a Trek Marlin 5 for Christmas. I've done a few rides but took it on a trail for the first time today. Aaaand, this happened. I bought a multi-tool with a chain repair function so I fixed it by taking apart my chain and reassembling. Googling around, it appears a dirty chain can be a cause of chain-suck. I did down-shift while peddling hard up a hill so it could be that too. I gotta be better about that, I guess. I hope I didn't bend the sproket.
  14. I would have done the same but for my asthma/hypertension. I used my job as legal justification but in reality, it was health. And at the end of the day, it will end up being a difference of 8 days...thats it (NC opens up next group on 3/17)
  15. Actually, looking at the NC groupings, occupation comes before health - that is, front line workers were group 3, health risks (less than 65) are group 4, which starts Wednesday. My friend, btw, is a transplant recipient. NC put grocery store workers ahead of him. Honestly, it probably a good choice as he is a WFH kind of guy and isn't out there exposed to others by profession.
  16. I have a Facebook friend who is complaining that younger, healthier people were getting shots and he couldn't. As someone who got a shot * (and is probably healthier than he is), I do feel a bit guilty. I don't know why he hasn't been able to get his - feels to me like it was not difficult to get an appt at the big event at BofA (Panthers) Stadium with >20k vaccinations. I think it's just a matter of persistence, effort, and time. I'm sure he will get his in the next week or two - it's not like he will never get it. There will be other events. * I used my work as justification - critical manufacturing. When "safer at home" orders were issued last year, I had a signed letter from our in-house lawyer claiming I needed to be at the factory, and because our products are required by law, it is critical that we remain in operation. I don't work shoulder-to-shoulder with the assembly line workers but occasionally review operations and spend time up close with test technicians. I also could have cited my chronic asthma or high blood pressure, both requiring daily medicine.
  17. It's something I'd like to do. My great grandmother was into this back in the 70's and did a bunch of leg work, I have all of her notes. She was able to trace her ancestors back to 1086 in the Doomsday book in England...all you have to do is find some nobility and then it becomes easy. In our case, it was the Scottish clan of Agnew. something else that's interesting: her (my) first ancestor to emigrate to America fought in the revolutionary war and is buried about 60 miles from where I currently live...its interesting because no one from our family tree has lived in SC for over 200 years.
  18. AFAIK, that's all they are asking for. Don't disqualify people on the basis of _______, regardless of performance.
  19. Can you expand on the bolded? Are you claiming trans or pregnant people don't have civil rights?
  20. The US military desegregated in 1948 under Harry Truman, almost 20 years before the Civil Rights Act. Was that a social experiment from the left?
  21. Calm down. If you can't acknowledge that people on the left side of the political spectrum love this country as much as you do, we can't have a conversation. Your over the top hyperbole isn't helping anything - you are fanning the flames yourself. I strongly recommend stepping away for a bit...this isn't healthy.
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