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  1. I didn't either. I jacked that up last year. I knew I was over-contributing to my 401(k) but I figured that extra amount in my paycheck in Devember would be nice for holiday bills. Looking at it now, I got 0 company match for my last 2 pay periods. This year I am scaling back to make sure I am just over the limit - make sure I get that sweet, sweet company match.
  2. can you expand on the bolded above? Are you implying that there should have been no response whatsovever? what would you have done?
  3. no president would have stopped it, but we could have fared much better. Consider Germany - a highly industrial, first world country with stable, center-left government (relative to US politics). A country from which travel to/from other hot spots like Italy is unimpeded. Germany has major urban cities and small rural regions, just like USA. Germany had 30k cases per million, compared to 90k for US - i.e. 1/3 the level of spread. in terms of deaths: 877 per 1M, vs 1636 for USA - i.e. half the deaths. Don't tell me that 540k American deaths were inevitable.
  4. For those curious - this was the first post in this thread on 3/11/2020. kudos to us - we had a 173 page thread on COVID before most of the rest of the country started paying attention. Thanks to this thread, many of us were able to beat the Great TP Rush of 2020. I remember the first thing I did on 3/12/2020 was go to the liquor store and stock up on bourbon and vodka. I'm not much of a liquor guy - I'm planning on finishing that bottle tomorrow.
  5. I started my beard exactly 1 year ago. I keep it trimmed - it's not some scraggly, unruly beard but this is the longest I've ever had one. Debating cutting it after shot #2.
  6. That sets my end-of-mask date to June 15. I may move to June 30, depending on how the rollout proceeds.
  7. honestly, there are a lot of things that I have really enjoyed about this - WFH is great for me. I understand it's difficult for others but I much prefer not having to commute and eating lunch in my kitchen with my wife. I really appreciate people respecting my personal space - I love how no one wants to be within 6' of anyone. I like that my kids school sends anyone home with so much as a sniffle and (most) parents are respectful enough to not send their kids to school if they are sick....hell, most adults are respectful now to not come to work if they are under the weather. don't get me wrong - there are activities I want to get back to for sure but there is some good that has come of all of this for sure.
  8. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. Remember - it won't be open for general pop until after all of the other critical groups have had a chance: the elderly, the health-compromised, health care workers & other front-line critical employees, etc. It wouldn't surprise me if 1/2 of the adult population is eligible for the earlier rounds.
  9. Regarding masks in public: I wear my mask not for my health but yours. I have no idea if I have asymptomatic virus and would hate to transmit to someone who is compromised. Even though I have had my shot and it won't be long before I have my second, asymptomic transmission still may be possible so I will continue to mask up. That ends 8 weeks after vaccines are available for everyone - IMO 3 weeks is more than enough time for the remaining people to get a shot, 3 weeks to get a second, and 2 weeks for vaccines to do their thing. I think full availability happens (locally) in May so we could be mask-free sometime in July - certainly in time for next school year, football season, etc. For sure the Carolinas will drop mask ordinances before then - I'm talking about what I think is right for me.
  10. Heard on the radio this morning that the southern states are doing a much better job rolling the vaccinations out. some locations are at capacity for scheduling but are getting additional shipments anyways. Things are going to be opening up quickly.
  11. for reference, group 4 starts March 24 in NC. this is for anyone 16+ with a condition such as asthma or high blood pressure or basically has a job.
  12. for you northerners - would you consider traveling to the Carolinas for your shot? They I'm not sure what their policy is on out of state travelers here. I am a South Carolina resident but got my shot in north Carolina. Of course, I live on the border (Charlotte area) and my primary care physician is in the North Carolina group that administered the mass vaccination at Bank of America stadium (Atrium Health). They didn't check ID at the event and eligibility seemed to be mostly on the honor system. Of course, I have an account and web app with Atrium so I'm not sure if people outside the practice can sign up but it might be worth considering. If you are eligible in NC and within a days drive, it might be worth the trip(s).
  13. My shoulder is quite sore day after my pfizer shot, but that's it.
  14. If only there was a number between 1 and 24 that could represent the amount of time some people wear a mask on a daily basis.
  15. Maybe you don't have allergies to mold or asthma?
  16. I didn't say an hour a day, did I? *checks notes* nope.
  17. Agreed. Condemning Rittenhouse is by no means endorsing the riots. No one "loves" the guy who was in and put of mental institutions & a child molester (except maybe his mom & fiance).
  18. Warm moisture from your breath create a nice breeding ground for mold/bacteria/etc. When this fisr went down I wore the same (cloth) mask w/o washing a few days in a row and suddenly my asthma started acting up. I switched to a clean mask and could breathe fine again.
  19. I think the acts themselves were self defense. However, I also believe Rittenhouse was acting as a vigilante, illegally bringing a gun someplace he had no legal right to be to do something no one asked him to do. That can't be ok.
  20. it seems some of the interpretations of self defense, or if that is an appropriate defense in this case, are in dispute.
  21. well, sure but Elizabeth II's uncle, Edward VIII was forced to abdicate the throne because he married an American divorcee (Wallis Simpson was a 2x divorcee but white so not a perfect match)
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