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  1. Maskless anxiety: My wife and I are vaccinated to the tune of 2nd shot plus 9 days. We have been in Disney and FL for spring break for the past week. Disney felt fine - near 100% mask compliance on property, social distancing, plexiglass, tons of sanitizer, etc. Disney, IMO, is a shining example of how to run a business and keep everyone safe during a pandemic. Last night, we stopped at Flagler Beach on the drive home. We went out to a restaurant on the beach, and completely opposite. Almost no masks, people at the bar shoulder to shoulder, etc. I could tell my wife and ki
  2. I don't get (R) hesitantcy at all. If Trump can take credit for anything positive, it's that the vaccine exists...why would Trumpguys not want it?
  3. Btw, the "to go" option for food was great. We stayed @ Coronado Springs hotel & couldn't get a table @ the nice hotel on property but last night ordered from their menu "to go". Plenty of picnic tables around the property to sit at, and I was able to BYOB (as opposed to $10 Disney beer).
  4. We were in MK yesterday (Wed 4/7). It felt crowded to me while walking around but to be completely honest, some of the wait times we're incredibly quick - thunder Mountain was walk-up (app said 35-40 min). Space Mountain was like 10-15 (app said 45). We left at 3:30 or 4:00 - it was day 3 for us and we were hot & tited, but more importantly, we had already done all the rides we wanted to do.
  5. I'm with you but It's the age gap too...19 and 17 is fine. 17 and 20 is fine. 17 and 21...thats where I start drawing the line. All though, I agree the 1/2+7 rule breaks down around 25. Also agree about Rittenhoise, I argued that point several times previously.
  6. Everyone knows the minimum age you can be with is your age, divided by two, and add seven. Gaetz is 38, so the youngest woman he should be with is 26. Anything less than that is just icky.
  7. One of my daughters friends dad rented out the entire theatre and invited us to watch last night, birthday party kind of deal. 3 adults, 7 or 8 kids. It was pretty great. First time I've been in a theater since the last Star Wars in early Jan 2020.
  8. I assume the light came from the glowing rocks. Duh.
  9. fellas, I think we can all agree that if your family income is X, upper class is approximately X+ $50k . Everyone wants to define themselves as middle class but as FBG, I need to remind you that we are all supper-elite-upper-tier. This has been established time and time again, this is not a new topic.
  10. I've had the Pfizer #2 flushing through my system for almost 48 hours now. Side effects: sore arm for the first 24 hours, almost completely gone. a very strange feeling of optimism and happiness, as if I can get back to life again. difficulty sleeping last night, probably unrelated. increased appetite, but that may be because it's getting close to lunch time.
  11. I think my favorite part of a (D) presidency is (R)'s start pretending to be fiscally conservative again.
  12. ugh. for the last time - I'm not concerned about kids getting COVID. I'm concerned about unvaccinated children transmitting to unvaccinated adults and this thing lingering indefinitely. Think bigger - not implications to you personally but to society as a whole.
  13. I'm not @The Z Machine but I'd argue that for B), it's not protecting the vaccinated so much as the unvaccinated - antivaxxers, religious exemptions, people with legitimate medical exemptions, and those that fall through the cracks, I don't feel so bad about the antivaxxers or religious but the other two - we should protect them. as to C) and D) COVID, vaccine should be thought of along the lines of measles/mumps/rubella, polio, etc and the other vaccinations we routinely give to children....not so much flu. These were down to basically background level, very rare. My understanding is
  14. that's great news! my kids are 12 and 14 (ok, 11 and 14 for a couple more days to be technical). The oldest has asthma, likely to be chronic like me. I know they aren't super high risk but getting them vaccinated would do wonders for their mental well being. We have spent like a whole year preaching them to be careful - kept them home from school, mask enforcement, etc., mostly to protect me and my wife (both with various co-morbidities), but the kids have taken it as risks to themselves, which is natural. It seems wrong to me to allow our family to return to normal once my wife
  15. pfizer. I don't recall where I read that. I was looking into this a couple of weeks ago.
  16. yup - there is some percentage of the population that will not get vaccinated - anti-vaxxers, religious exemptions, people with medical conditions that prevent the vaccine, but also the population that simply falls through the cracks for various reasons - the homeless, migrant workers, etc.
  17. One other point on why we want to vaccinate children: there is no way we can get to herd immunity without including kids. herd immunity is when there are so many people vaccinated that probability dictates that the virus cannot spread and it eventually dies out. for COVID, estimates are we need ~70% minimum. Herd immunity is what we will use to protect those who either refuse the vaccine, those who cannot take it for medical/religious reasons, or for the very small population for whom it will not work (i.e. no vaccine is 100% effective). A quick google search shows 22% of US popul
  18. my understanding is that they started the trials several months ago. I'm expecting them to roll out vaccine approval to the 12-16 age group before school starts in the fall - July/August time frame.
  19. yeah, thats the problem with studying effectiveness on kids. The rate that the control group catches it is much smaller and therefore it's difficult to see a difference in the treatment. That means, you have to have a huge sample size and it probably takes much longer.
  20. My company is offering a $50 gift card (ok, $35 after taxes lol) to any employee who presents their vaccine record card.
  21. Yes, life360 for the kids. By girls are 12 and 14. The oldest likes to be out of the house and hang out with friends in our neighborhood. The youngest gets dropped off at gymnastics class. Good piece of mind for the kids. Honestly, my girls use it to keep track of us more than us of them.
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