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  1. Broncos fan - I don't follow college football or a lot of pre-draft scouting beyond the first 10-15 players so I have to rely on "expert" opinion of players and I guess Broncos did well. But here's the thing: I don't think anyone they picked up is a 2021 starter. Broncos did not draft for need, at least need for this year. A lot of guys that can compete to start, and are likely to start next year, and a lot of depth, which is great I guess, but this team was 5-11 last year and I'm not sure the starting 22 got better. Our starting needs were QB (but I'm ok with not addressing
  2. Technically, Favre and Young are the same era. Montana and Rodgers - absolutely different eras but Favre and Young...their careers overlapped by 8 years.
  3. Montana/Young: 1979-1999, 20 years Favre/Rodgers: 1991-2021(+): 30+ years.
  4. True but he only had maybe 8 years as a starter once Montana left. Quite a lot of overlap with Montana. Eta: Montana played 15 years too. Maybe a closer comp than I assumed.
  5. I have not forgotten what the Bolts were like between Fouts and Brees.
  6. They lucked into two guys who were healthy enough to have long careers. No Bridgewater/Alex Smith/Tom Brady knee injuries, no Peyton Manning neck problems, no Drew Brees busted ribs, no eroding skills 5 or 6 years down the road like most QB's, no loss of desire like Andrew Luck. Seriously, if the Pack knew what kind of player Rodgers was going to be, they wouldn't have let 23 teams have a chance to draft him before their pick. The pack made a couple good moves that turned out extraordinarily well. 15 year, MVP, Superbowl winning QB's are really, really rare, and having 2 back-to-
  7. I think if I were Paton, i'd make the value of the picks contingent on games played or something like that...3rd round picks for the next 3 years that turn into 1st round if Rodgers starts at least 9 games.
  8. I'd do it. Chubb, btw, got his 5th year tender today. Don't know if that means anything.
  9. As a bronco fan, I don't there is a price that is too high. Rodgers would instantly make this team a contender. I mentioned the skill position offensive players above, but then remember Munchak with a non-COVID season to work with the OL and a top 5 defense (on paper, anyway) and Broncos are legit SB contenders with a top QB. Three #1s is well worth a few years of SB runs. I'd trade Sutton, Chubb, Jeudy, etc. My only limit is no more than 1 guy from any position group.
  10. They stay above the garbage because they have needed just 2 QB's in 30 years. Unheard of. I don't give the Pack any kind of credit for doing it the right way...its not like they knew Rodgers would be a 15 year guy when they drafted him. As you know, having a QB in place makes everything else much easier. Lucking into two QB's who were capable of playing at a high level for that long really made the org. look better.
  11. Jeudy: 1st Sutton: 2nd Hamler: 2nd Fant: 1st Gordon: 1st Bolles: 1st Risner: 2nd just sayin'.
  12. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer · 14m Some day, Tim Tebow may lack the ability to generate headlines out of absolutely nowhere simply by showing up somewhere. That day is not today.
  13. obviously I was referring to Broncos. Lions reportedly wanted Lock in a possible trade for Stafford. if they are bullish on him, they may want to have him as a hedge behind Goff. I don't know what kind of trade value Lock would have but we are talking about the lions dropping from 7 to 9. Realistically, per the pick value chart, that's a 3rd rounder. suppose the trade was #9 and Lock for #7 and a 4th...Detroit gets a quality back-up QB (which they don't have right now) and only drops 2 spots. per the trade value chart, that would place Locks value at a late 3rd/early 4th round level
  14. one more thought: Trade Lock and maybe a 2nd to Detroit, move up to 7, and get Fields. boom. Long term, short term QB issue is addressed.
  15. This I think its unlikely Chi, or WFT can move up to the 6-7 spot, I would assume the Panthers arent in the market for a qb at this point in rd 1, although its not out of the question. So that makes 9 a very decent spot for one of Lance or Fields to fall assuming SF takes Jones. Whichever one of these qbs falls to 9, they are going to take them. maybe. They don't have to though, and that's the beauty of this move. If you are Paton and decide you are good at QB, you can bluff that you are. That forces a QB hungry team like NE to trade ahead of Denver, which pu
  16. IMO this is a great move by Denver - we get an honest to God QB competition where both guys can have a legitimate shot. If either one of these guys has a better 2021 than 2020, the Bronco QB position got better. Consider - last year, Jeff Driskel, Brett Rypen, Blake Bortles (and Kendall Hinton, I guess) were the only other QB's in the room...Bortles being the veteran presence. At minimum, Teddy is an upgrade over Bortles/Driskel and at best he's a guy who won 11 games in 2015 and went 5-0 for NO in 2019 (yes, 4-11 on a bad Carolina team without CMC). with the Broncos defense (on p
  17. broncos traded a 6th round pick for a guy they will be paying $3M to. no needles are being moved.
  18. I'm more of a Lowes guy. But I need to replace my mailbox...I'll probably do that today.
  19. fair enough. Hypothetically speaking, if he were a WR, where do y'all rank him amongst WR's? trying to gauge NFL value.
  20. Sorry if this has been discussed, but... Has there been any talk about moving Pitts to WR? And, what happens to his FF value if that were to happen?
  21. I had a meeting yesterday with my boss and one co-worker. Neither of these guys masked up, almost at all. I don't really care to know why (I really don't want to get into talking politics at work). Anyways, I realized I'm the only masked guy in the meeting, and I am fully vaxxed. WTF am I doing? What's the point? If they were concerned about COVID and unvaccinated, they would be masked. If they aren't going to wear a mask, then I'm not either. That being said, if I'm around others wearing a mask, then I will - out of a courtesy more than anything else. I think that wil
  22. I definitely agree. I give it until the end of May.
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