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  1. fair enough. Hypothetically speaking, if he were a WR, where do y'all rank him amongst WR's? trying to gauge NFL value.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed, but... Has there been any talk about moving Pitts to WR? And, what happens to his FF value if that were to happen?
  3. I had a meeting yesterday with my boss and one co-worker. Neither of these guys masked up, almost at all. I don't really care to know why (I really don't want to get into talking politics at work). Anyways, I realized I'm the only masked guy in the meeting, and I am fully vaxxed. WTF am I doing? What's the point? If they were concerned about COVID and unvaccinated, they would be masked. If they aren't going to wear a mask, then I'm not either. That being said, if I'm around others wearing a mask, then I will - out of a courtesy more than anything else. I think that wil
  4. I definitely agree. I give it until the end of May.
  5. I recently saw a guy wearing a mask that said, "worn by law, not by fear". This really got me thinking.. 1. it implies that there are only two reasons to wear a mask. Somehow empathy didn't cross this guys thought pattern - IMO we should wear a mask to protect others more than protecting ourselves. If asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spread are a thing, or if you think your congestion is because of allergies, it's possible that you could be infected, not know it, and spread to someone else. That's not wearing a mask out of fear, it's wearing a mask to protect others. 2. it implies
  6. GA mountains and oceanfront are both sub par. One major city, but ATL isn't that great of a city. Terrible traffic, and not just in Atlanta...i always seem to find traffic on I95 just north of the FL state line. GA is all right I guess, but not ***super elite upper tier***
  7. GA and TX are too high, but not nearly as much as Nevada. Seriously - #4 for Nevada? I mean, Vegas is a fun town, but the rest of the state...geesh.
  8. My top 10, in no particular order: Wyoming Alaska New York North Carolina California Colorado New Hampshire/Vermont - same state, as far as I'm concerned. Florida Hawaii Washington/Oregon - same state, as far as I'm concerned. I like mountains, ocean access, or both.
  9. that's what I've been saying for like 30 years. The problem with Colorado is all the Californians who moved there.
  10. the Jan 6 protest was based on a lie. Pure and simple. A lie that was obvious to anyone who was paying attention. Trump has been lying to us for his whole political career - big things and small things. Easily disprovable things. He lied about crowd sizes, he lied about hurricane tracks, he lied about involvement with Ukraine, he lied about Russia, he lied about paying off porn stars. He lied about the election. He told us he would call foul before the election results were known. This was all blatantly obvious. At it's essence, the motivation for the summer riots and Jan 6 were c
  11. I'm also embarrassed that Tucker blurts out obvious white nationalist talking points and red team instinctually defends him. Come on. Sometimes things actually are racist dog whistles. Tucker is a world champion at making white nationalist propaganda sound reasonable.
  12. I think the bolded true, but there is sometimes a clause missing from the end: "at a given wage" (goes along with @Sands previous post. I agree that immigration is good and a net benefit. I agree that illegal immigration is bad - as a sovereign country we have the right to control our border. I agree that visas are often abused by big business. We have a mess in this country and no party is willing to fix it. Build the damn wall, enact amnesty and quadruple the refugees we bring in. How's that for a mixed message?
  13. Maskless anxiety: My wife and I are vaccinated to the tune of 2nd shot plus 9 days. We have been in Disney and FL for spring break for the past week. Disney felt fine - near 100% mask compliance on property, social distancing, plexiglass, tons of sanitizer, etc. Disney, IMO, is a shining example of how to run a business and keep everyone safe during a pandemic. Last night, we stopped at Flagler Beach on the drive home. We went out to a restaurant on the beach, and completely opposite. Almost no masks, people at the bar shoulder to shoulder, etc. I could tell my wife and ki
  14. I don't get (R) hesitantcy at all. If Trump can take credit for anything positive, it's that the vaccine exists...why would Trumpguys not want it?
  15. Btw, the "to go" option for food was great. We stayed @ Coronado Springs hotel & couldn't get a table @ the nice hotel on property but last night ordered from their menu "to go". Plenty of picnic tables around the property to sit at, and I was able to BYOB (as opposed to $10 Disney beer).
  16. We were in MK yesterday (Wed 4/7). It felt crowded to me while walking around but to be completely honest, some of the wait times we're incredibly quick - thunder Mountain was walk-up (app said 35-40 min). Space Mountain was like 10-15 (app said 45). We left at 3:30 or 4:00 - it was day 3 for us and we were hot & tited, but more importantly, we had already done all the rides we wanted to do.
  17. I'm with you but It's the age gap too...19 and 17 is fine. 17 and 20 is fine. 17 and 21...thats where I start drawing the line. All though, I agree the 1/2+7 rule breaks down around 25. Also agree about Rittenhoise, I argued that point several times previously.
  18. Everyone knows the minimum age you can be with is your age, divided by two, and add seven. Gaetz is 38, so the youngest woman he should be with is 26. Anything less than that is just icky.
  19. One of my daughters friends dad rented out the entire theatre and invited us to watch last night, birthday party kind of deal. 3 adults, 7 or 8 kids. It was pretty great. First time I've been in a theater since the last Star Wars in early Jan 2020.
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