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  1. My glute has been grumpy but I'm just resigned to running through it. What exercise was the culprit, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Good run this morning. 8C/46F. Waxing gibbous moon. Light wind, which was a tailwind to start, and a headwind to finish (my favourite combo). Dry sidewalks. Kept a decent pace for the first 11K, then coincidentally another runner and I crossed paths (literally, I had to slow down so that we didn't collide) and then (again, coincidentally) ran the same route for the last 0.5km of my run. He was running maybe 20s/km faster than me, but of course I had to pick up the pace to stay a few steps in front of him. So rare to see another runner so early in the morning for me, and even mor
  3. I think I've only had MRP on two of my last 20-30 runs. Both were caused by opting for the fake-meat/vegetarian dinner the night before, instead of the real-meat thing. My wife is in DFW with me now (WOOO!!!), but the downside of that is she's veg and I tend to eat more like her when we're eating together.
  4. I will bring a bedazzled shovel for you if you join!
  5. My search-fu is nonexistent, but I did try (and come up empty). A while back, someone posted about a relay race in the Apr/May 2021 timeframe. I responded that I would be up for 2022, but couldn't jump in for 2021 because of a conflict with Miwok. With Miwok now canceled (again, sigh), I'm "in" for this relay in 2021. If it's still happening. And if you guys still have any interest.
  6. Great run this morning. Temps were nice, light wind. Dry sidewalks and paths the whole way. Only thing was the coyotes were howling up a storm in the woods near a section I run. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little unsettled by that!
  7. Well, in what should be a surprise to no one, Miwok got canceled again. Sigh. Time to go find a new race to aim for.
  8. Got mine yesterday, and ran with them today. Not light years ahead of the Plantronics Backbeat Fit I normally run with, but I could definitely hear more of my surroundings, and when running into a strong wind there was less wind noise in my ears. It would be frustrating sometimes that the Plantronics+wind would create a lot of noise in my ears and drown out the podcast. With the Aftershockz, it was less pronounced and I could hear my podcast better. That said, are they $130ish better than the Plantronics (since I already have two pairs of those)? Probably not. But the Aftershockz wer
  9. I haven't. Now that I'm in DFW for the next few months, I should have a weekend I can give it a try. It is a 45-minute drive from my house, so maybe just once to see what it's like. The upside of my neighbourhood is that I have a lake/river running paths I can run to without having to get in my car. The downside is that as such I have little incentive to try something new. But definitely worth a go. You're not the only person who has suggested this to me.
  10. Haven't run since Sunday. Longest break since my injury back last summer. Did weights twice and the stairs once. The latter destroyed my calves. Apparently you don't use your calves like that when running or climbing regular mountains. Sun is out here in DFW today, and hoping it will burn enough of the snow off to prevent another freeze cycle tonight. If it looks good, I'm hoping to get a long run in tomorrow.
  11. These shorts have a zippered pocket just below the waistband in the back. Phone fits perfectly, and I don't even notice that it's there.
  12. You have a crapton of natural ability. When you put your mind to <99 on the HM, you crushed it. Not just <99, but blew past that, and left that goal in your dust. If you similarly put your mind to 3:30, and train this summer like you did for the HM PR, I would bet on you all day long.
  13. You could do 3:30 in your sleep. Me and the marathon distance don't get along, though. If I run 3:45 for my next marathon (recall my PR is 3:56), I'd be happy.
  14. How many #BMFs do we have running Indy now?
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