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  1. Sorry I've been busy the last couple of days and haven't checked-in. @tri-man 47, love the Boston RR and your performance. Don't pin it on the VaporFlys. It was your feet in those shoes and your legs/heart/lungs doing the work. And, like you said, you're a touch older than your last PR. Take all the credit you deserve, and that's 100%. @xulf I read through the thread chronologically, and saw your half split at ~2 hrs and worried the the final 10K would beat you down for a 4+ finish. I was so wrong!!! Awesome work with a sub-4 marathon! Way to kill that MFer. I bet you're already thinking about how you can improve for your second race.
  2. Any updates on Mixon practicing this week? I benched Swift last week in favour of Mixon, which proved to be a mistake, but it could have been even worse were it not for that TD. Is Perine likely "out" for this week given COVID status? Not sure if I should make the same mistake two weeks in a row. But if Perine is out, and Mixon is practicing, I probably will start Mixon again.
  3. @xulf my top recommendation would be to kick the can to some race a few weeks from now. If only I could think of one... Aside from that, go finish this one. I went into my first marathon undertrained, went out too fast, wore too much clothing, and didn't hydrate enough. Walked a bunch of the last 10K. But I'm happy I did it, because it allowed me to learn a bunch of things (as well as expect the pain of the last 10K) so that I could run another one four months later and hit my goals (sub-4, no walking). And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I'm in no shape to run Monumental. But I'm going to give it a go anyway.
  4. My capability to get to the starting line lately is miserable (sigh), but I actually have a hotel booked for 6Apr-8Apr (run on 7Apr) at the south rim for my own (hopeful) attempt. Happy to pool efforts if you like, even if it just means I wave bye to you at the start, and then you pass me in the canyon on your return...
  5. Burrow down after a rush and big hit. Trainers already on him.
  6. Right or wrong, I won't be one emailing you. But Matchup Dominator now has Mixon ahead of Swift in my scoring system (thanks to your team for continuing to update through the morning!), and the email commentary you just sent out, quoting "close to normal workload" is enough for me. FWIW I'm always worried about Swift's touch share, especially after last week, so that played a part in the decision.
  7. I'm waiting for warmups to make the call, but I have Swift as my alternate. Actually, Swift is my primary, unless the reports are glowing re Mixon from warmups. I think starting Perine today would be crazy unless Mixon is confirmed out.
  8. Do you guys run on streets regularly? Where I run, I'm on sidewalks or concrete paths the whole time. And when I cross streets, it's either controlled intersections or very sedate community ones. Haven't felt the need for something like this, but maybe I'm missing something?
  9. Just coming in here to #####. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm a runner again, after my leg injury this past summer. It was very demoralizing to lose so much fitness after I was setting 10K and HM unofficial PRs on training runs prior my injury shutdown. Anyways, I wasn't back to April fitness, but I was getting better. Getting up to 40-50 mile weeks, with a good chunk of elevation in the mix as well (yay, mountains!). Then on Wednesday, on a normal/easy street run, I felt some pain on the right side of my back close to the end of my run. That day at work, it hurt a bit to inhale fully, and my back/arm would hurt if I used it in certain ways. Mostly reaching for things. Shrugged it off, did weights the next day (as planned), and everything seemed fine. Yesterday, I get out on the trails, and going through the first loop I started to feel the same pain again. Then a friend joined for the second loop and it was getting pretty bad. It was painful to breathe, and I was slowing him down (even at his easy pace), and after that loop I called it a day. Through this morning, it's been very hard to do certain tasks with my right arm or breathe in deeply. Right side. I haven't had rib pain before, but this is what I imagine it would be. Anyways, I'm taking my first Saturday off from activity in months. Probably going to have to do the same tomorrow, too. On a long weekend (Canadian TG) when I planned to knock out 4 days of kick ### trails. So now I'm sitting on the couch pissing and moaning on an internet message board instead of running. Just as I was getting back into the swing of things. ####.
  10. A real #BMF would write the report and post while running Boston on Monday.
  11. I'm with you and @ChiefD on this one. Usually the newbs in this thread are "hey 10K guys, I'm trying to run more than a mile without walking, any advice?", not "hey 10K guys, I'm already a #BMF, any advice?" My only advice/request for @Zigg here is to get on Strava and join our group so I can witness his BMFery...
  12. Way to go, @SteelCurtain!!! Setting a PR in a setting like that will be a memory you'll keep forever. Great job!
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