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  1. I'm in bed usually around 7:30pm most nights. That's how I do it. Not an option for most people who lead normal lives, I know. But to @El Floppo's point, having my run behind me before I even gets to the office is a big stress-reliever. Doesn't hang over me for the whole day.
  2. Well, I heard from the PA. So assuming the PA was speaking for the radiologist, the radiologist said it was shin splints ("perostitis"). Which is odd, because, A) my pain isn't really in my shins, it's on the inside of my leg/calf; and B) I always hear about shin splints for new runners, and I've been running for long enough to not really be "new" anymore. But most importantly, it's not a stress fracture. So I can run again!!! PA said as long as there's pain I should avoid impact, but I'm going to try to just manage it. For my glutes, they found no issues with my hips, and the
  3. MRI results back. Not a stress fracture. Just registered for Monumental. Going to be fun to run with you guys, even if I just stare at your asses for a few minutes and then lose you to your #BMF paces. And meet you for beer after. Now I need to try to knock out a 1:38 HM to get in the first corral! ETA: Updated the FBG race sheet as well. How do we get it to default to 2021?
  4. I'll likely register tomorrow. Already have the hotel booked. Would just like to hear back from my DrPA about my leg first.
  5. I got the xray at the sports med clinic, minutes before seeing the PA at said clinic. If there was a radiologist in the mix, it was behind the scenes and very much on-demand. What I didn't put in my post is that I got the MRI anyway since insurance would pay for it. I got my hips/butt scanned as well. That was a long 2 hours in the tube! Your answer tells me though that it's likely a radiologist will look at the MRI and interpret the results (since the MRI was done at an offsite imaging center). And not just my PA. Regardless, I'll ask when I chat with him today. Thanks
  6. Question mostly for @gianmarco, but all are welcome! The two times I've been to a "doctor" (butt, calf), I have actually seen a PA. I would prefer an actual doctor, but maybe I'm just being a snob. PA seems fine, although I have no way to know if he knows what he's doing. Except for the fact that he works at a fairly large and reputable sports medicine clinic. When I got an xray for my calf issue, it didn't come back with anything conclusive. Doc (PA) said that a stress fracture doesn't always show, and irrespective of that, the treatment he was recommending was the same anyway:
  7. My two cents. I used Higdon for my first marathon (Houston) and Hanson's for my second (Calgary), four months later. Luke Humphrey Running (LHR) built me a custom training plan for my second marathon. I never skipped a run, never cut one short, and never ran below prescribed pace. Normally, I made runs a little longer, ran on a few of my off days, and often ran a little faster. Given that I was following this "miracle" plan, customised for me, I expected that my second marathon would be night-and-day better than my first. It wasn't. It was just as brutal. I ran less
  8. Nope. MRI this morning. Hopefully if it comes back negative (for a stress fracture), I'll be running soon.
  9. Whoops, sorry, "not walking" during any section of my 2nd marathon was definitely the hardest running thing I have done. Even more than 2,500mi in 2020. Every ounce of my body wanted to walk during the last 8K of that race. So, going-in, I didn't think it was going to be a tough goal. But it turned-out to be the hardest. Kind of a lame goal compared to those of the #BMFs here, but I know where I was mentally for those 8K, and proud of my ability to keep myself running. I still remember that pain.
  10. Love the quote as well, but repeated failure would be the fast track to quitting -- at least for me. Over my running career, I have probably set all my goals too low. Except for 2,500mi in 2020. That was hard. But for races, I've pretty much beaten all of my day-of goals. That feeling is what helps to keep me going. I hate to be that kid with the participation medal, but I have enough experience now to know that positive reinforcement is a big motivator for me. So I try to harness that, even if it's my own inner voice providing said reinforcement. That said, I hope to attem
  11. Running warehouse has a stack height guide that could steer you to a few.
  12. Depends how much you're saving. M.2/NVMe is the future (can pretty much argue that it's the present, as well). Games do load a little faster with the latter, and for I/O-intensive operations (video/photo editing) you can see larger gains. GPUs are starting to access textures directly on PCIE gen4 NVMe drives now (called "direct storage"), which removes the CPU/bus from the equation. Tech is still immature, but could bring gains in gaming, especially with 4K textures. Finally, an NVMe drive is cableless. So you get a cleaner build. Just sits on the mobo (or behind it). No ne
  13. I've put on 5lbs from my "normal" weight of 165. But I've also added some upper-body bulk with the weight routine I've been trying to stick with. Personally, I'm internally debating the benefits of dropping to 165 again (light=fast), versus worrying that I'm not giving my body enough raw material to improve my muscle quality. Lately I've been leaning to the latter, but I've also noticed my pants starting to feel a little more tight. Definitely not what I want!
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