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  1. Fair enough. I guess I'm not buff enough to feel like I could be around my work colleagues shirtless. This dude wasn't any Adonis, either. But perhaps I'm on an island on this one.
  2. FWIW, I had bursitis in my knee way back (the first time I tried to pick up running). Shut it down for a few weeks, and even spent a weekend in bed to try to get it to heal (I was walking with a limp). None of that worked until I went to the doctor and he prescribed a mega dose of Naproxen. Fixed it overnight. The dose also resulted in some GI bleeding, but I'll be damned if that pill didn't work miracles on my knee. Fill the prescription. YMMV, of course.
  3. Yeah, zero chance I could run over lunch at work here in DFW. Even in cool temps, I sweat enough that it would make the rest of my day pretty gross. Still an early morning guy. Get it done first thing, and it isn't hanging over me the rest of the day. And while it tends to be the most humid part of the day, at least it's cooler. And the sun isn't beating down on me. On a related note, the other day I saw a guy out for a lunch run at our campus (which is quite large) and he was all @gruecding it and running shirtless. At work. Really? I get that it's hot, but really?
  4. @Juxtatarot is so incredibly fast. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Nice work, dude. Fully expect you to post a photo with your hardware.
  5. @pbm107 that's some serious stuff happening up there. That was quite the fight and you probably had more of a workout than your long run. Glad to hear your house made it through the worst, sad to hear about the water in the basement. Take care, and sending positive vibes eastward.
  6. 50F for my run up north this morning. Downright dreamy!
  7. If you don't mind looking like a noob in the pool, I find breast stroke to be very doable. It's slow. But as one who also can barely do a 25yd length free, it's at least sustainable and counts as some cardio.
  8. What's the difference between this and the Endorphin Speed?
  9. I recently ran a 50s 250m Strava segment, going about as fast as I could. Would be close.
  10. Is there any way to know what pace The Freeze is running? Curious what it takes to win.
  11. Encouraging run this morning. It was hot and humid, and I ran a little faster than I have been during my recovery. Felt good through the whole thing, and surprised to see that my HR was "only" 140 at the end of the run. Just last week it was 145, and the week before that 150. Leg is definitely not 100% but I feel like it's 90% and not getting worse. Despite some long trail runs the last few weeks.
  12. Moose Mountain 29K (Micro) Race Report Registered for this race in 2018, and it's been modified/canceled twice. First time, the course was diverted off the mountain (is it really a "Moose Mountain" trail race then?) and shortened. Second time, COVID. So it went virtual. My friend and I ran the course anyway, and I had a time of 3:47. So this year is the first year I get to run the actual race with other racers, on the actual course. As you guys know, my fitness is ####. I DNF'd an ultra last week, after 40K and 2,000m of elevation gain. I expected it, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. So this week, I set my expectations low. Figured 4+ hours on the trails, and told my wife an ETA for a return home accordingly. Assumed a PR for the course wasn't in the cards. I'll leave the details of the race to just a few bullets: Weather was nice at the start, roughly 12C/55F and partly cloudy, but there was potential for rain in the forecast, and the top of the mountain was projected to be much cooler and windy (as it always is this time of year) The first ~4.5K is only slightly uphill, and I managed some good (for me) paces there Then from about 6K to 14K is the serious climbing, just best to run the infrequent flats and power hike the climbs Got to the top of the mountain (the turnaround point) in under 2 hours, and I was surprised by that -- ahead of my pace on the (virtual) run last year Of course it is always windy and cold up there, and this year was no exception -- glad I wore my long-sleeve quarter-zip to dull some of the bite Kept a good pace on the descent, but my friend who just pwns downhills passed me and I didn't see him until the finish (as expected) I had to walk some of the paltry uphills in the last 5K Got in under 3:30. Just shy of 29K on the watch and 1,000m (3,300ft) of elevation gain/loss. No official time yet, but that's a 15-minute PR for me from last year. Low bar, but way better than I expected. Feel really good right now (mentally -- physically I'm pretty sore). Maybe there's some hope for me to get this injury behind me and run some more. Clearly the trails are better for my injury than streets. But I kind of knew that already. Some real #BMF efforts out there today on Strava from the FBG gang. @MAC_32, @pbm107, @JShare87, @Juxtatarot (among others), all with kick ### runs. You guys are awesome.
  13. Signed my (immune suppressed) wife up for a 3rd Pfizer shot as fast as I could. The online CVS registration process even has a check box for this (booster dose). I'll be at the front of the queue as well when my 8th months comes due.
  14. With each passing day, my goal for Monumental is less and less about running a competitive (for me) time, and more and more just to meet you guys and have a fun weekend. I would love to be in a situation to have @SteelCurtain pace me (would have been a great goal with my April level of fitness), but right now I'm just going to run/walk whatever I can, and try to have a good time. My epic fail last weekend has really highlighted just how much fitness I've lost over the last few months.
  15. Thanks, hard to beat that price! Grabbed a pair.
  16. Yeah I missed the original post somehow. I'm in, too.
  17. I'll just leave this here. Good stuff.
  18. Yup, I was just telling a colleague that pre-injury me would have been complaining about how hot/humid it was this morning, and how slow I ran. But post-injury me was happy to just get out and get that post-run feeling of satisfaction. Need to keep that memory for future use.
  19. 152 for me tomorrow at 0400, when I hope to run. But I'm not complaining. If I were go out right now... it's 169. Pretty sure I'd die.
  20. I see him still riding around France on Strava, so I have to assume he hasn't moved yet.
  21. Men's marathon ongoing. Trevor Hofbauer (CAN) isn't a favourite by any means, but I'm cheering for him. He runs in my neighbourhood and I follow him on Strava. Go Trevor!
  22. Ah, that's much less disconcerting then. Nevermind!
  23. Yeah, kind of sounds a little unsafe, actually. We had a swimmer drown here in Alberta recently during a standard Tri. I imagine the risk of that would be much higher after a long run & bike.
  24. Combination forward-leader and grandpa.
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