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  1. I honestly think things will get back to normal a lot sooner then predicted by the administration. It’s a classic under sale over deliver game plan. I know my state (Connecticut) is ahead of the curve with respect to vaccines but we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths the past couple of weeks. Based on new vaccination timelines here, we should have close to entire state (except children) done by May. In addition, we should all expected mistakes, delays etc regardless who is in the White House given we’ve never experienced any like covid. So hat
  2. Heard it was a position in Biden’s cabinet.
  3. Based on either inflation or other countries not taking anymore us debt or requesting payment.
  4. At some point and maybe not in our lifetime, our deficit will cripple this country.
  5. Doesn’t every country have it except maybe communist countries?
  6. I’ve come to grips with my brother a long time ago. I’m just presenting a real life example of people’s attitudes and life decisions when presented with either work or not. My concern is this group will grow if given money without strings and we can/should expect a large increase in migration.
  7. Thanks for the work. I did read after posting that one estimate had it 3.9t which is close to your figures. Regarding social security, people receive more that 12k per year so would people on ss get less? Think you would phase out UBI for high income households/individuals.
  8. That ship has sailed a long time ago. Can we afford it?
  9. So I may have missed this but what’s the price tag for UbI at 15k?
  10. I have 20-25% of my old employees sitting at home as they’re collecting more in unemployment....
  11. I had the same dilemma with my son and called my accountant. He said it more beneficial for me to file as head of household vs individual. So filed my sons taxes as dependent and student. If you can still file as hhh without your daughter then that’s the way to go.
  12. I think we’ll see a huge surge in illegal migration. This is more incentive for people to want to come here.
  13. Work or even volunteer at soup kitchen, food pantry, religious organizations, school crossing guard etc anything rather then doing nothing.
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