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  1. Butting in here maybe add injury for contact sports to the list too. In general, trans girls will be bigger and stronger.
  2. Don’t understand Idaho low ranking when they have the highest population growth from people moving there.
  3. I think mostly everyone will acknowledge there was and still is racism and we are getting better as a nation all the time. But that’s not the root of our problems today.
  4. I honestly don’t believe any police reform will solve police killing people unless you take guns away from the police.
  5. Yes I’m a believer in free markets and small government. I agree the road is never ending and will be bumpy at times but the fractures are the biggest in my life time (1966). I see less people open to debates but rather it’s the sledge hammer approach thru violence or shouting down from their social media accounts .
  6. The last 3 presidents have pushed this narrative which is one of the reasons we are unstable as a nation right now and it’s not getting better. So based on your opinion everything should get better? When I can expect normalization where we are not pitted against each by race, wealth and politics?
  7. For the most part, our media has devolved into a partisan tabloid and trump had very little/nothing to do with it.
  8. Imho that’s an idealistic view of the journey. No one knows what’s at the end of road but it could be something we don’t want or never thought of. That’s my fear.
  9. So you expect the normalization of people by race, political preference and wealth to calm down in the future? How and why?
  10. So the polarization of the country where we are fighting and pitted against each other based on race, politician preference, and wealth will create a perfect nation? Where in our history do you draw that conclusion? I was under no such illusion we were fine but just would evolve over time.
  11. I see the country becoming more polarize by the day by race and political preference. I thought and was told by many that trump was the main reason but it’s not getting better with Biden.
  12. E Really? So she purchased house and land in Georgia with 5% down? What bank signing on for that without assets?
  13. Not sure this belongs here but this thread got me thinking and maybe this idea is separate thread worthy. I’m starting to come to the conclusion this country is being tore apart. Imho - it’s getting worst with no end sight. While I’m roughly 5 years from retirement, the end of life game for me is probably outside of the United States. It’s so sad..
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