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  1. No she is not. There was no fears of such just concern that she may have a life long problem now most likely because of inexperience. My father, who was a pharmacist and 88 years old, got his vaccination January 2020 but told me the girl did it improperly as he started bleeding after .
  2. My girlfriend after 2nd shot in March had severe shoulder pain. It persisted for about 2 months before she went to doctor, who diagnosed her with sirva which is the needle hitting the bone. She continues to get pt, still in pain and has trouble sleeping.
  3. I was going say same about unproductive crosses. Always go near post if it’s there.
  4. Aronson needs to go near post there.
  5. Need better spacing..young legs vs old?
  6. Bought 7 to but lucky put stop loss at 4.50... good luck
  7. So I’m considering a vacation to Cancun. Requirements are a negative test going in and coming out., however people crossing illegally how no requirements but why?
  8. FYI - she can’t win any where. She claimed to be an American Indian with no proof. She would be better off to say nothing but apparently that’s not possible. Sad and ignorant.. but not surprising..
  9. Agree . It’s a joke that people think open borders is a positive for our country. First talking point was it’s just Mexicans fleeing gangs, then it’s global warming from the the triangle then all the Haitians started to come. Who is next for our federal free credit cards?
  10. Yeah, allowing millions of unvaccinated illegals into our country that will require financial support from my taxes is worthless.. how many us deaths can we attribute to unvaccinated? Who cares right..
  11. Just saying one policy doesn’t fit all. I agree with you but certain areas of California will have a problem..
  12. Cool. More unvaccinated illegals while the administration pushing mandatory vaccines. Biden - I want everyone to be safe. Reality - let’s in millions of unvaccinated then transports them around the country.
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