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  1. If Garrett doesn’t run 2-3 screens for Barkley, he should be fired tomorrow..
  2. Fun fact - hof pitcher jim palmers nickname was cakes because he ate pancakes every day he was starting.
  3. Get China on the phone to tell them they’re going to need more slaves to make batteries.
  4. Not entirely. https://www.advocatehealth.com/assets/documents/faith/jehovah5.pdf Their religion is based on the Bible and vaccinations are a violation of gods laws. Now it’s true it leaders are somewhat receptive to the vaccine,
  5. The mandate covers all companies with 100 employees or more. I would add the following: Orthodox Jews, jehova witness, autoimmune people, allergies etc. even though you have a very safe vaccine people are not going to take that chance with their lives then claim disability. There are very few judges that will deny this claim. I work in the insurance industry and judges/ federal government are pro- employee.
  6. We should expect employees filing disability and workers compensation claims. Anyone that can reasonably argue getting vaccinated is dangerous to their health or for religious reasons.
  7. So you are in favor of Americans and anyone that help us getting executed, women being tortured and harvesting terrorists.
  8. No, we or anyone can change their mind. Biden didn’t reverse course and made the decision to pull out. What are the positives with us leaving? Agree , we or someone would need to police the country.
  9. Joe is the king of executive orders so he can change the deal if he wanted. You handle it exactly like the last 5 years. You mess with us and you will regret it. Now we have 4 gitmo releases in the taliban government...
  10. There’s no peace. We had 2,500 troops and no deaths in 18 months. It was not a war but a terrorist policing action. So the decision is imo what’s the cost for this policing vs the cost of increased terrorism across the world?
  11. Nice deflection. Are you ok with taliban executing and torturing women? It’s ok because at least we’re out #.
  12. According to Nancy, she threatened the Taliban that they better respect women rights or else. So our speaker of the house expects it would be fine..
  13. Taliban beating women protesters with whips and sticks. Nice job joe.
  14. The cookout has played a very good game thou. So kudos to them for hiding their alliance.
  15. But the Whole premise of cookout was just black people and vote out white people. I’m relaxed just pointing the hypocrisy but you keep looking thru those rose color glasses.
  16. What do you think cbs or on-line people would do if an alliance targeted just non-whites?..
  17. It wouldn’t bother me in the least as this was in play for big brother, survivor etc for all seasons. But there’s a big difference from alliances that target people based on rac vs sex imo.
  18. Hundreds of Americans left looking to get out with assurances from the reputable taliban. Let’s cut a deal with the taliban.
  19. I did the same when my youngest moved out in March. He was and is my best friend as been raising him and his sister full time when my ex moved out 7 years ago. Every day I would play and practice a sport with him and he ended capitain of soccer, basketball and tennis teams.
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