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  1. IMO, a “case study” should have a larger sample size than one.
  2. Forfeiture of a first round draft pick always makes everyone feel better.
  3. In a rebuild 1QB PPR.... started with 1.05-1.09 and 2.09-2.12 and OJH, who I traded mid draft. Finished with TWO 2020 firsts, Metcalf, A.J. Brown, Deebo, Isabella, JJAW, Fant, Harris, Diontae Johnson, Irv Smith, Lock, and Preston Williams.
  4. The OP states there is data going back the past ten years?
  5. Looking for an owner to take over a team in an active dynasty league. Team has 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 4.07, and all of next year’s picks. Only prepay for next year when trading your first rounder. Please see below for roster and rules. PM if interested. http://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=45939&O=07&F=0010 Thanks, Bill
  6. Started Blount over Henry and regardless of the outcome, not regretting it. The performance by Henry and the performance by the Jax run D were huge anomalies condsidering the 13 week sample size. And just for the heck of it, I asked one of the owners why he was making claims when his season was over. He says he always manages through the end of the year and 1) I should ask about that setting before joining a league and 2) Good luck finding a league that has a rule preventing roster moves by eliminated teams.
  7. Switched him out for Blount but it was by no means a last minute decision.
  8. Not true in my case. Can’t manage worst to first waivers any better than being the last playoff team in a league where there is absolutely nothing at stake for the 7-12 teams. Definitely no toilet or sacko bowl either.
  9. Yes... worst to first waivers and I’m the 6 seed so I *should* have had first claim. Bottom six teams are playing for nothing. TWO of the six teams out of it put in claims and won Samuels and Wilson. I’m forced to start Henry at RB2. Commish said there’s no rule so there’s nothing he can do. Just wondering why two owners would be stupid enough to do this. I will not be returning to this league.
  10. Assuming Gordon is active, anyone starting Ekeler over him anyway?
  11. Anyone think Buffalo could go on a nice little run for a few weeks? Chicago could be an average matchup but then Jets, Jax, Mia, and the Jets again. They did hold Brady pretty well in check on Monday. Not enough sacks and turnovers to be productive? I know their offense can also make them unattractive by setting up short fields.
  12. Lest we forget Mixon and Cook were second rounders and they went top 6 in last year’s rookie drafts. TB and Indy both have picks coming soon and Guice or Chubb could “fall” into either of those situations. So things could look more like we expected an hour into the second round tonight.
  13. Do you prefer a simple PPR dynasty league that is open and active year round? Do you pay your fees on time and respond to trade offers with a couple of days (even in Feb and March?) Then this startup is for you. I am a responsive commish with over 10 years of Dyno experience. I’m in a few leagues but not so many that I neglect any of my teams. All I want is 11 other owners that abide by the above principles and are in it for the long haul. Below is a link to the league page so you can review scoring and bylaws. This setup is similar to another league I run and we have had an extremely
  14. A team can conceivably play a super bowl in their home stadium. No way to really prevent this possibility, I guess
  15. Declined a dynasty trade offer a month ago to trade my Hunt for his Julio straight up. Played that guy this week.
  16. Anyone else lose a matchup on the KC defensive touchdown at the end of the game? That was fun to watch.
  17. $100 budget, 1/2 PPR, return yardage Went for $26. Other bids were $23 and $19.
  18. Had Ryan Mathews playing tonight. My opponent was done. I would have already won had I started Crowell or Melvin Gordon. When Mathews scored on the sweep I went up by approximately a quarter of a point. His next two subsequent carries were for a loss. I lost by less than a half point. Good times
  19. PPR Team A: Fleener, Funchess Team B: Crowell, John Brown Team C: 2016 2.04, 2017 First (early-mid) Team D: Latavius Murray Team E: 2017 First (mid) Team F: Decker
  20. Why not just run your own leagues (or find a commish) on MFL? Other than the MFL fee, there's zero rake, all the money goes into the prize pool. How about redrafts? I did two Phenoms leagues this year where I drafted within two hours of joining. Just decided to do them on a whim because I like to draft. There's a convenience factor that IMO, offsets the rake when looking at redrafts in particular.
  21. I don't really have a dog in the race, but what do you base this on?
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