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  1. If Desert Power can’t get it for you, you might look at https://emma.msrb.org/ and see if the bond traded that date and use that. Good chance with a MTA bond. Or somebody in EJ should have BBerg access.
  2. I liked the call back to Age of Ultron when she sneaked up on Agatha and touched her head to give her the hallucination (or whatever you call it). Agatha mentions the Darkhold says the Scarlet Witch is more powerful than even the Sorcerer Supreme. Interesting since the expectation is we will see some confrontation between Sr Stange and Wanda in MVoM movie. Not being a comic book guy, is the Darkhold infallible? Just hoping Scarlet Witch doesn’t become the magical Captain Marvel/Dues ex Machina since Dr Strange has shown himself quite powerful in his movies so far.
  3. The one time I forget to buy my stock. I’ll enjoy the paper victory (for now).
  4. Maybe Wanda is into that? So am I right SWORD reanimated Vision using Wanda’s residual energy from the Stark drone? They are going to send him into the Hex to confront Wanda? Take the other Vision? This will be interesting.
  5. Excellent episode. Appears to change where Wanda’s powers came from, no? They we always there but the Mind Stone super charged them. So does Agatha try to mentor her or is she going to go all Luke Skywalker on Ben Solo here? Agatha’s outfit was excellent as expected. So the magic went into Agatha blue but came out purple. Wanda is red, so is Agatha similar to Wanda, a kindred spirit? Or have I become that big of a nerd that I’m thinking about colors?
  6. My 9 yo son has been in school full time this year, and he is fine. My 12 yo daughter has been mostly hybrid and it’s a growing disaster. Throw in losing a grandparent and her cat to top it off. She is starting a therapist soon. The last few weeks have been brutal. Thankfully school goes back 4x a week on the 9th. My 16 yo daughter is fine - got her license last week. She has a job at a retirement community she likes. School is fine for her. Crazy how drastically different it hits each kid. Hang in there everyone.
  7. I have health equity as well. Low fees, Vanguard funds...about as good as it gets. My only complaint is the $1,000 minimum in cash. Of course that’s probably why the fees are low. I do wish I could keep a small amount in cash just for fees.
  8. You probably know this so maybe it will be helpful for others. If you do any charitable giving, you can gift the securities with LT gains and rebuy with cash. You get the charitable deduction and gains go bye-bye.
  9. Excellent. I really want to know how Peter got there and what he understands. Also was the scene with Agnes “real” or a swerve? I am really enjoying this.
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