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  1. It was obvious Iowa was exposed last week. They just caught a break with PSU’s QB getting hurt.
  2. I guess I don’t know what your job is but I wouldn’t have thought twice about this, even as a supervisor. Maybe I’m old and behind the times. But having dealt with HR on these types of issues, even if he doesn’t get fired, his life sucks now. All over something that may or may not have offended someone. Just drop a note to the guy. Don’t tattle to HR.
  3. Nothing to get upset about. ETA: you notified HR about this?
  4. Three quarters down…I better not blow this.
  5. I waited until 5th grade at least My son decided to play football for the first time this fall as a 5th grader. I volunteered to be the asst coach. It was been a good experience as the parents are well behaved on our team. Although one guy at times has ragged in his kid at practice. Sorry guy, your 130lb kid isn’t beating the 80lb speedsters in ladders. Why are you riding his ### about it?. The coaches are pretty good except one. The league is pretty forward that it’s about teaching fundamentals and having fun. We are building the playbook off the formations/wording of the high school team. This one coach is all about winning. She ignores the rules when she can. Her offense is basically trick plays (double reverses, reverse passes, etc) even though the league said not to do that as they want the kids to learn the basics of the HS playbook. It’s kinda sad and I feel bad for the kids who aren’t learning much. A kid on her team last year didn’t even know how to get in a 3 point stance. My son scored his first TD yesterday. Thankfully I got it on video. He is on cloud 9; watched it 30 times I bet. It was a great weekend.
  6. I just had an inguinal hernia repaired laparoscopically in June. Kinda sucked the first week but by week 3 I felt normal. I haven’t had any issues but very early in the game.
  7. I was on vacation this week and unplugged 99.9% of the time. The only thing I did was check email at night if there was nothing going on. I didn’t respond to anything, just cleaning it out. I was probably a decade into my career before I realized I had to unplug or I was going to completely burn myself out. Now everyone knows I won’t be checking email. If there is a true emergency they can call my cell phone. I bury my email app on a back page on my phone. No notifications, etc. It has worked great for me.
  8. Man we are not doing too hot this year. FBG index is down 1%. Maybe the last 5 months will give us a big turn around.
  9. http://www.styleforum.net is a pretty popular place with lots of forums on various styles, etc. if you want more classic menswear, especially Trad, go to http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com. Those of you wanting better fitting shirts, even shirts to wear untucked, you can try some made-to-measure sites. http://www.propercloth.com http://www.ratioclothing.com
  10. Totally agree! When my first daughter started working I set up a Roth and told her she had to save at least 10%. Went through the why’s and showed her projections. Gave her a small match for incentive. Her Federal tax rate is 0% now. She’s about to turn 17 and has $2,500 so far. This summer she asked if she could buy individual stocks, so she’s learning about that. I hope my other two kids go this well.
  11. I thought we were FBGs? I only wanted to bring up another point. I’m not necessarily a Roth cheerleader. I personally have a hard time arguing Roth if one is in a 30-handle tax bracket. Under 30 I think it makes sense to “diversify”. I will probably be 75/25 traditional/Roth by retirement. A $2mm IRA might only get you out of the 12% bracket now, but I do think tax rates will be higher in 10-20 years. There’s enough uncertainty that I’d like to have some Roth money. Plus a $2mm IRA isn’t a hard bogey. If you start saving at 22 and retire at 62, you can have $2mm saving only $8,000/year @ 8%. If you max out at $19,500/year @ 8% you will end up with $5mm. 6% nets you $3mm.
  12. Only thing I’ll add to the discussion is when thinking about future taxable Income in retirement, there is no RMD with a Roth. Depending on how much you sock away in a traditional, you may not be able to control your tax bracket in retirement with a large RMD.
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