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  1. I'm starting him with complete confidence. I see him as a mid to low WR 2 from here on out.
  2. Just passed on a 2nd in 2020, and a 2nd in 2021. Drafted him #24 overall in a dynasty rookie draft. Holding. (Also, for the record, got Justice Hill 19th overall.)
  3. I think Cole is clearly the better option than Dede. That could surely change next season, or sooner, but right now? I think Cole is who I want in this passing game, Hurns notwithstanding. Hurns has been injured and is probably going to have some rust - it's not like Bortles is the head of a well-oiled machine, here. Recent rapport matters, to me, in this situation. And watching the limited highlights that I have of Cole, I like what I see. Dude's a burner, and he's running nice routes.
  4. I don't think that this IS a case of chasing points. I think he's been getting a bigger role for several weeks running, and "chasing points" is usually best illustrated based on a decision to start someone because of what they did the prior week; week, not weeks. I'm leaning toward starting him over Corey Coleman, Hunter Henry, Devante Parker and Will Fuller, for what it's worth. There really hasn't been all that many reliable receivers this season. I think Cole is more than a, "chasing points" or "hail Mary" type start. I think he's a legit option, as far as a #3 receiver type.
  5. For one, it's not a PPR. But besides that, because Williams has easily outscored him over the last three weeks. How can you be so surprised? I think a good case can be made for either, but I don't think it's so absurd for me to opt to go with Williams.
  6. I have him in over Christian McCaffrey, for what it's worth. I'm excited to see what Williams does this week as the 1st stringer to start, with some experience under his belt, with a healthy Aaron Rodgers while being healthy himself. If Williams is going to be a #1 caliber RB come next draft season, this is going to be the game that cements his status as such. If he goes off here, gets 20 carries, gets 4 yards a carry, hauls in 3 or 4 passes for another 25/30 yards and punches one touch into the end zone, then Williams owners in dynasty leagues will have reason to be really excited. I'm getting there. I also have Aaron Jones, which naturally is an important handcuff for Williams in a dynasty league. Then, besides McCaffrey, I have Mark Ingram, Jr. and David Johnson. Having Williams go off will give me options going forward, as I can dangle the Williams/Jones combo, Ingram, and McCaffrey, and take whichever offer suits me best (I need a receiver or two, and am always happy to get picks). I'm getting redundant here, perhaps, but I'm very excited, and what Williams has done in recent games leads me to believe that he might be a great compliment to Rodgers, and a force going forward. His pass block, pass catching, and ability to consistently get 3 yards are elements that lead me to believe that he can develop into what many of us envisioned for Eddie Lacy after his impressive rookie campaign. And I don't foresee any weight or conditioning issues for Williams. His frame looks nice out there. Alright, I'm going to go listen to Eminem's new CD, watch the new Star Wars movie, and try to stop obsessing over Williams until Sunday afternoon.
  7. I have a bye this week, for which I'm thankful, as I need to see this situation play out another week. I have both Jones (who I've had all season) and Williams (who I picked up when he was cut during Jones time as the starter) and I wouldn't really care to start either. I am hoping Williams keeps getting the majority of the work and that I can confidently start him next week, but I think we're going to see both get used, despite what their Head Coach is saying.
  8. It LOOKS like Jones will be active. Will he be a big part of the game plan? What does this mean for Jamaal Williams?
  9. I'd rather have Fournette, too. But I don't. I do have McCaffrey, in a dynasty, and am greatly relieved to see him playing so much better.
  10. I'm glad this question came up. I'm a pretty big fan of his. I think his floor his pretty high for a 22 year old tight end. He'd have to underachieve mightily to be anything but a top 7-8 tight end for the next decade. I am in one league, and it's a dynasty, so that skews my thoughts some. With that said, I kind of look at Gronk and Kelce as being of similar talent and value, and then view Henry and Engram as being similar in talent and value. But I think those are the easy top four tight ends in the game. I respect anyone who wants to make a case for Zach Ertz, and there are probably others, but to try to sum up my take, Henry's going to be a super reliable tight end whose career arch may look comparable to Kelce's.
  11. Decided to do some research on the kid in preparation for next season, actually. In so doing I saw that he had no thread, so...let's do this.
  12. Because I have Aaron Jones in a dynasty league, I just grabbed Jamaal Williams. One thing I've noticed about him, statistically speaking, is that he's had more success receiving than running, and that dates back to the preseason. Everything I read indicated that his surest route to success was to run it between the tackles, and he did punch one in from the 1 yard line last week. Can anyone elaborate on this dichotomy?
  13. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/wide-receiver/ This list indicates that Bryant is a free agent in 2018, but they could be misinformed on the basis of what you just shared.
  14. Then that changes my opinion. Everything comes down to whether or not he's traded this season if you are correct, sir.
  15. I'd take a flyer on him if I was a different team in the NFL, and I DO think he will be traded. He's a free agent at the end of this season - he ain't coming back, and they ain't using him anyway. They'll dump him for a 7th, maybe a 6th, because - why not? Get SOMETHING out of him organizationally speaking since you got NOTHING out of him on the field the last season and a half. I think he's a hold for another week because of this in redraft, and I'd dump him if he didn't get traded. In dynasty, I'd hold him until next fall unless my roster was really really tight. In fairness, he has not had a good opportunity to show what he has this year, and I think there are a handful of teams around the league that will be interested in bringing him in and seeing what he's capable of when he gets 8 targets a game. What is he? 26? He was SO good early in his career that the intrigue will stay there for another calendar year or so, at least.
  16. I just took a major risk on this guy, giving up a future 1st and change in a dynasty league for him. But I really like his measurables, his athleticism, how he looks when running the football.....I even kind of like his situation despite the fact that Cleveland is a dumpster fire. Curious to hear what folks are thinking about him in his second injury-marred season. Had he come out with the 2017 class, would he have been between Davis and Golladay? Can we expect a third year breakout next season from him, and if so, what is his ceiling for that campaign?
  17. Anyone had a chance to watch the 49ers much, and thus develop a strong opinion of Kittle? I like what I hear, and I am impressed by some of the highlights. I like the situation. In a league where the scoring system is favorable to tight ends, I'm leaning toward starting Kittle over Hunter Henry and Martavis Bryant, so I want someone to say - Do it, Kittle is AMAZING! And, I want you to be right when you say it. However, if you say something somewhat opposite, that's fine, just be right. Who has a crystal ball or a really informed opinion?
  18. I'd hope so. But, you think the Vikings are expecting the same of Treadwell? You never know until they get on the field.
  19. I'm curious to hear from Texans fans (and others) what they expect out of Will Fuller. Looks like he'll be back this week. I'm wondering if they see him as a long term #2, or if he'll eventually slide down the ladder once they draft or sign someone else, in addition to being curious as to his outlook for the remainder of the season.
  20. For what it's worth, just grabbed him with the 25th pick of a 14 team dynasty, rookie draft. Couldn't believe he fell there. Watson and Mahomes went ahead of him. I wasn't planning on taking a QB, but with how well he has played so far, I figured it was pretty low risk for where I got him. After watching highlights and reading up on him, I'm pretty enthusiastic about his chances. I'm surprised, for example, that this thread is only three pages deep. Just about the quietest I can remember the world being about a quarterback taken with the #2 pick.
  21. So, I figure, with him appearing to make the team, Robert Turbin getting released, and reports that Christine Michael is being shopped, he deserved his own thread. With Beast Mode and Fred Jackson in front of him, he's pretty clearly a longshot to produce this season, but what about the future? He's the only reasonably young back now on the roster. What are his prospects?
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