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  1. Derrick Henry reached 21.8 mph on his touchdown run yesterday. 21.8 mph = 100 meters in 10.26 seconds. If he ran, carrying a football and wearing pads and cleats while running in a lane of bermuda grass, he would have won the bronze medal at the 1972 Munich Olympics
  2. Probably the closest list to the way i see it as any i've ever seen.
  3. Similar story for me too. I traded for the King just before our 2020 Dynasty Draft. I got King and the 1.11 (Ruggs over Justin Jefferson DOH!) and gave up the 1.04 (JK Dobbins) 2.04 ( Raegor) and OBJ. Watching DH play and knowing what kind of human he is...I can see purchasing a Henry 22 jersey in the near future
  4. If he went to Baltimore, he'd be insane.
  5. I'm considering it. My normal starter is Lamar Jackson...who didn't practice today.
  6. Same. I need 13.1 from Miles Sanders tonight. Non PPR so a TD and 71 totals yards will do it. In another league I need CeeDee Lamb to stay under 22. That is a PPR. So 6 receptions for 99 yards and a TD works just fine for me.
  7. Apparently he missed practice today. An alert I read is that his hip is sore because of that flip into the endzone Sunday Night. smh I wasn't aware that missing practice puts you on the Q list...or if there is more to it than that
  8. Just got a notice in my ESPN league that he is now listed as questionable. Does anyone have better news than that?
  9. It was a last minute thing and my dynasty team could have prolly been champion 3 or 4 of the last 5 years if it was best ball format so I figured, why the ford not
  10. #6 this week...by far the highest i've ever placed in the main contest. It's not built to last...it's basically my dynasty team lol
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