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  1. Wsl2...?....take over for Busman...

    password Sinrnan1

  2. 7-9 I think it was either that, or 8-8 was my prediction for the year. I said that at the beginning simply because of the difficulty of the schedule. Man that was pretty rough! And yes, we were literally 2 plays away (GB and SEA) from being 9-7, I get that. What I DIDN'T foresee was how it would unfold. There were several games in the first half of the season I thought we would win, and flopped. The strong second half, however, is encouraging. It tells me that we are still just a few pieces away from being strong contenders. I was not on the "Fire Caldwell!" bandwagon, but wouldn't have
  3. And this is why I think it would be a horrible decision to let Stafford go (trade, whatever). He is a GOOD QB, just needs some protection!
  4. Looks like this reader agrees with me... http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2015/03/08/ndamukong-suh-miami-dolphins/24613109/
  5. Suh was either getting franchised or going to FA no one would of traded for him last year without working his deal I agree, they would have had to work out a deal. Personally I don't think tagging him was ever an option -- waaaay too much for just one season.
  6. I know I was in the minority before last season in saying we should trade Suh and get some nice picks. Yeah, I could see it causing a bit of a rift in the locker room and our defense would have suffered. Could have even costed us a chance at the playoffs, but we'll never know. As the season progressed and we were doing very well and nearing the playoffs, I knew we couldn't trade him. But now I'm wishing we had. Could have gotten a King's Ransom. Now we won't get a thing.
  7. I can see that comparison if we are talking 25 year old Nate not 32 year old Nate and I think Tate is still more athletic than Nate was in his prime. Burleson produced decently when he played last year. From the dynasty thread, Tate was targeted 93 times last season and caught a team high 68.8 percent of said targets. He also averaged a ridiculous 7.9 yards after the catch. The guy has improved every year, has a super bowl ring and we got him at a decent price, I am not sure what there is not to like. I hear ya, but keep in mind Tate was about all they had to pass to -- both Harvin AND Sidn
  8. Sorry, not a huge fan of Tate or the signing. I truly hope he proves me wrong, but he hasn't exactly lit it up throughout his career. Sure, he had a good season last year, but that's one. 2012 was ok, I suppose, but I just see Nate Burleson all over again...
  9. Suh is going to be his own agent from what I hear. Free agency starts Wed and the Lions and Suh have yet to sit down to talk contract. Are they going to get this done in a couple of days? He isn't a FA. Here's a nice rundown of his current contract. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/ndamukong-suh/ They just need to re-negotiate as he has a huge cap hit this year. He has finally hired an agent. But can they come to a decent new contract? I dunno... I just don't want them tying a ton of $$ in another player when they have some many needs.
  10. Put me in the camp of "trade Suh if there's a really good deal to be had." Love having him. Our D-line could certainly use him for years to come. But his contract is going to be huge and we could get cheaper labor in the form of picks for him. I wouldn't let him go for anything less than a 1st in 2014 and at least a 2nd in 2014. If not that, then 1st in 2014 and maybe 1st or 2nd in 2015 + more.
  11. Really think Slay could have been had in the 3rd, and I would have really liked them to snag Robert Woods to compliment Calvin. I've said it since they signed him, but Burleson is NOT the answer. Broyles I like a lot, but very injury prone. Woods has great hands and would have been a fantastic #2. Punter in the 5th........ wow. Just.... wow.....
  12. I sure hope this guy proves me wrong. He has a tremendous motor and will not have nearly the mileage that any other player at any other position will have up to this point. But he is extremely raw and very very limited experience.
  13. Haven't seen the $$ yet with Bush, but I like the signing. Hope it wasn't too much (in my mind more than $3-$4 mil/year). Would really like to see us shore up that secondary some more. Keeping Houston was decent. REALLY would like to see us draft Milliner IF he's available at #5. Headcase or not, I wouldn't mind seeing us take a shot at the "Honey Badger" in the 2nd or 3rd, too. Yes, BOTH.
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