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  1. Well...looks like it was OANN...so would not be surprising if they came to a false and illogical conclusion.
  2. Yes...the vaccine too...often people posting such things from a mobile device capable of tracking them.
  3. The problem, as mentioned, was also that the Trump administration also limited the legal means of getting here. There is very little due process. The system is broken.
  4. At this point...its hared to take this seriously when the issue with Shokin has been gone over so many times...that he was acting in an official capacity pushing official US policy...not personal political grievances pushing a foreign government to investigate a rival. And no...the trial did not show a sitting US President saying such things as Trump said over and over for months. Seems pointless to ever think a rational discussion is possible here...so I think there is zero reason for me to respond to your posts any longer.
  5. Except this seems slightly off from the actual thinking of dems and border security. Wall and a bunch of men with guns may not be what they want...but that does not mean they don't really care about protecting the borders (and lets be honest, seems only one border was cared about as far as protecting it under the previous administration). Its just Democrats plans are more dealing with immigration, foreign aid, and things working on the root causes of why people try coming here illegally. Vs....lets build a wall and make even legal immigration harder. This does not mean Biden is doi
  6. The bolded is still the key and the difference in what so many articles were about in the past.
  7. Id continue pushing things Americans want. The house will pass it. Make Republicans in the senate vote against it. And then have the mid term election commercials write themselves. Mitch cant keep them from getting on the record anymore.
  8. How were they backed in a corner? They were the ones bringing the information out? They found it out...didn’t look the other way. You all are making up a false narrative.
  9. So they didn’t care more about Pepe And Speedy as you claimed?
  10. Managed to get Mexican takeout in a healthy way not even getting fajitas. Well mostly because i added things from home (had leftover black beans from last night’s dinner...and made a quick cup of riced cauliflower which is so useful really). Had those things with some grilled chicken and onions (it was served on top of rice that is covered in cheese sauce...saved that roce to use as a side dish for the kids later in the week. It was a thin butterflied chicken breast and I saved half of it to have in a whole wheat pita for lunch tomorrow with some avocado, salsa from the restaurant and a fe
  11. Bonus that it costs the taxpayers less than golf.
  12. Weak effort here...all to deflect away from a bad redstate article and a topic that doesn’t make much sense.
  13. I support a source from bogus attacks calling it fake news and unreliable...especially from those who spread links from far worse places. The source didn’t call things that...an author was. Nor does it show they are more concerned with that than cuomo sonce they have broke several of the cuomo stories.
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