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  1. It was little more than kicking the can down the road. Pretending as if the people weren't still there just waiting.
  2. Picked up a growler of Czann's Dunkelweisen Perfect for this fall weather and the fire pit tonight.
  3. Removing statues is not removing history.
  4. Yeah...I like Gesicki a touch better. And don't really like Thursday night games most of the time.
  5. IMO pretty clearly Henry. More targets, significantly better catch % and has a plus matchup. Agreed...I like Henry a lot. (which is why I now am just holding him in a league he was a bye week filler for Pitts.
  6. Don't feel secure at all (especially with my other injuries). Ive kept him as he is currently the guy getting the carries. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get Carson back at some point...get Barkely back. Then I don't have to worry about flexing him at all. Been trying to deal him and can't even get the guy with AJ Dillon to come off of him (I have Aaron Jones).
  7. And yeah...I voted for the 78 year old man over the 74 year old who also had mental deficiencies (among other major character flaws. Odd how his age and his own mental decline were ignored for 4 years by those now pointing it out in Biden on a daily basis. A bit of hypocrisy there? Look...we probably would have been better off had Hillary won in 2016. And got challenged in 2020 by a non-Trump Republican. Either 4 years of her or even 8 would have likely been better than 4 years of Trump and what we have had so far of Biden. And I was no Hillary fan...
  8. It wasn’t very meaningful at all really in the grand scheme of things. He likely made way more that $400k just in steering government business to his properties.
  9. I laughed at the donation of salary as if that was ever meaningful given what his businesses were pulling from hosting government events. His net worth likely (IMO) decreased from more scrutiny on what he was ever actually worth…plus a loss from his own behavior and people realizing a Trump brand was no longer a sign of luxury. In addition a pandemic will affect the worth of…oh, I don’t know, international hotels and properties reliant upon tourism? But come on…dont even try telling me he wasn’t in that for himself.
  10. Packers signing Whitney Mercilus. Should give them a little boost as a pass rusher (and especially useful if he can play this weekend and Preston Smith is still dinged up). If he can give them about 4-5 sacks the rest of the season, should be a decent signing. Have to imagine as he heads from the Texans to the Packers he looks like @Andy Dufresne riding with the top down going from Shawshank to Zihuatanejo.
  11. Yeah...good to have a nice bottle that you can drink straight up...but is still in the right price range where if you are desiring a cocktail, you don't feel bad about mixing it up. Buffalo Trace was that for me before it started disappearing from the shelves so much here.
  12. Right...and why I don't discount him due to Fuller and Parker being out...because, well, when are they not out? I value Gesicki because he is pretty reliable as being available.
  13. Oh...I get that for sure. Just think they are always at the end of the lists...yet they put up good points pretty regularly, and did so down the stretch last year. Gesicki was very good last year. Im happy to have both at the moment as I had been streaming TEs and nobody seemed to want Gesicki and dropped Fant for Knox around week 3 or 5 after a so so week. I was rolling with Tonyan and his few targets and grabbed Fant and then Gesicki later. We can actually play 2 TEs...normally wouldn't, but if Fant goes this week, I may be due to bye week for Jordan Jefferson and injuries to Carson and Barkley. And I didn't want to aim it at you...I enjoy these weekly rankings and its cool you put it all out there. Just see Gesicki typically lower than his actual prodcution.
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