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  1. I did provide support for my stance. Unlike your posts which contained none for what was your actual assertion. Asking you a question and pointing out the fact that Cuomo is a Democrat and people want him gone is not trolling.
  2. There is a D next to Cuomo...seems a consensus he should be gone. Rather than comment here, you seem to instead want to talk about Dems...care to discuss this person instead of complaints about Democrats?
  3. Seems like a pretty awful person. And people like him? (according to Commish there above) Teams and all I suppose.
  4. Lets be honest...he most certainly did do impeachable things in both instances. I can claim that is honest too. I think both situations would have ended up with any POTUS of any party impeached. And possibly removed at a different time in our history (not going to happen now without the right numbers in the Senate). GOP can push for it...sure, won't make them look any less foolish. There really is no precedence. Unless he pressures another country to investigate a political rival...or pushes divisive rhetoric telling his people to come to DC to stop the steal...and incites an insurre
  5. A lot of pages...it was about the entire russian story. Not sure if you realize...it was a pretty big story. Debunked...thats funny. Not sure if he has held a press conference. Not sure I care either. There are still national guard there as they stated they would be until March 12th I think...Capitol Police have requested they stay another 60 days. Are you saying you know more about what is needed than the Capitol Police do? A lot of EOs...many to reverse the EOs of the previous guy...as expected. Many also little more than ceremonial things. Its not about the number...its
  6. Well...hard enough to get people to even agree what is far left or far right.
  7. Because a post was made that this place was far left. A claim that has been made many times. And each and every time, including this one...when asked, people making such a claim refuse to ever bring any specific way this place is far left. Instead we get the usual back and forth and deflection...then personal comments.
  8. sure...and I would not deny that this happens. But there is a difference between that...and claiming this board is far left. Which is what I disagreed with and asked someone to back up. And when asked...several continue to refuse to even bring any example of it here.
  9. This is a completely false assertion about me and complete BS to continue to get personal. Please stop.
  10. The attempt to paint the left as believing in pee tapes beyond mocking and laughing at that part of the dossier is laughable. That and claiming this administration is closer to a dictator after berating posters about how bad dictators are...but now coming to the conclusion with a dem in office. Definitely absurd.
  11. For specifics from me. If this place was far left...wouldn’t the majority support progressives? Even Bernie, as charismatic as he is, his ideas are not supported by any majority. Most have a negative opinion of AOC policy wise and her antics. There is not some groundswell of support fro the squad. Instead, more support for the moderate candidates like Biden. Like Pete. Even looking for moderate to liberal Republicans like Flake and Kasich. Would that be true if this place was “far left”.
  12. Hi hat narrative? Seems your post was the one making some narrative about this place that isn’t factual and you cant support.
  13. That doesn’t equate this place is far left though. That some have moved further left doesn’t mean as a whole the democrats here or the board is far left. That is a giant leap in logic. Telling that when asked...nobody who believes this place is far left can ever answer with anything specific.
  14. No instead of not...thought the context would make that easy enough. But there you go.
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