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  1. Did he just say “Lamar, do you want to go for this”?
  2. Nice run too…then that was too easy for Lamar.
  3. There is an or in there. It does not have to be hatred. Definition of misogyny : hatred of, aversion to, or prejudice against women https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogyny He has…many times over…shown a prejudice against women.
  4. Double coverage and safety help. Float one to him.
  5. And got 2 carries. Good to see that fumble didn’t immediately bench him.
  6. Well he was back in there on the first play of the drive and got the carry there after the big play to Hollywood.
  7. Yeah lucky to not lose it. He had good burst so far. We will see how Harbaugh treats this now as Freeman had a great run and Murray had a nice one too.
  8. Its left biased…but does decent when it comes to factual reporting. Are you disputing anything claimed?
  9. Looking like Thielen will be a steal for a lot this year. Thought Jefferson would take over more…but Cousins goes to Thielen ao much older n the redzone.
  10. Gus…be prepared for everything to be exciting.
  11. Yeah hard to hang on to him at this point. May have a boom here and there but can’t count as n amy consistency IMO
  12. So let me get this straight. They beat and injured cops…broke inti the Capitol. But if they got to Senators or the VP, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything because Senators are great at self defense? Thats the logic you want to go with?
  13. Looks and sounds like a lot of Vikings fans there.
  14. I wasn’t offended. I said sorry if I read it wrong. My bad. Just didn’t see a need for a laugh given what happened.
  15. Thats how it comes off when a smile gets posted. It doesn’t come off as if you don't cry you laugh. Sorry if I read that wrong…just comes off callous.
  16. You laughed…he took a head shot. Sorry if I don’t find that funny.
  17. Maybe not so garbage time if these QBs keep throwing INTs
  18. Possible concussion concerns are funny?
  19. Looked better on that reception than last week. Turned up field immediately rather than any hesitation.
  20. What happened? Hearing fumble and hurt?
  21. Im holding off hoping to get them for free for next week. Have NE now and rolling with them against the Jets this week. But following NO for NE, NYG, then WFT after that.
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