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  1. Is there any chance Honda could change their mind and stick around F1? They seem to be having a lot of success this year.
  2. Cramer Sounds like Cramer gave a little plug to QS, DKNG, and PLTR (and 7 others) which he thinks are good "buy the dip candidates". I'm hoping it will give a little boost to those 3 this morning!
  3. I got in line but was kind of relieved I wasn't in the top 2k! Those holo cards are selling for a nice profit though, if you got in on it.
  4. I did that on some other cards and did pretty well. I don't think there will be any more at least until another "Seeing Stars" pack is released, but I have no idea how many more they'll issue, maybe enough to get it up to 10k like the other Seeing Stars cards? Hopefully that would be the max. My one hesitation is that I feel like this is a unique moment, and even if it becomes the norm that players do their own commentary on their moment, this will always be the first. Plus, my serial # indicates it was part of the first issue of the card. Not sure how much value that would hold in the future, but I would think some? The price is all over the place on this one so far. As soon as the card was issued yesterday, I jumped on the MP and I saw one for $75. A few hours later, the lowest was $225, and right now $144. If it gets back over $200 it may be tough not to sell though.
  5. The more expensive challenges that do lock say something like "Shoot your shot and complete this Challenge to snag this rare, never-to-be-sold-in-packs Moment." I didn't see that comment on this challenge, and the card says 6688+ CC. The cards that are closed don't have the "+" and I think are all at least LE (limited edition). I could be wrong, but that leads me to believe this was the 1st issue of this card, and it may be in some future packs.
  6. I hear you, I think I'm done depositing Dapper funds as well. That's cool your daughter is getting into collecting cards! Hopefully Conley's commentary will be the start of a trend, and more NBA players will want to get involved going forward!
  7. I really enjoyed the movie, the special effects were awesome. Even just the part where Kong climbs back onto the boat and throws up water was so cool. #teamgodzilla
  8. I completed the "Welcome to the All-Star Family Challenge" which ended yesterday. I got the Mike Conley moment below as a reward. This is the first card where the player commentates his own highlight: Mike Conley card I'm a little surprised there are only 6,688 of this card since all the cards needed were 35k common cards. I should probably sell it before they issue more but not sure yet.
  9. I waited a little less than 10 mins and then decided the walk to my car would probably be another 5, so got up to leave. As soon as I started walking away I hear "Sir.....sir!" and thought I was about to get sat back down and lectured, so I was deciding if I should ignore it and keep walking, or turn around. I turned around, and the lady that was sitting behind me was holding my driver's license that fell out of my pocket. I thanked her and was free for my escape.... 🤣
  10. Got my 1st Pfizer shot yesterday. I had a slight headache last night, but overall, just mostly a sore arm. Prince William County, VA was doing their vaccinations at a vacant Gander Mountain space and I was in and out within 30 minutes. Very well run and organized!
  11. Nice, congrats. I just scheduled mine for Wed. VA just opened up Phase 1b, so I know 5 people getting vaccinated this week. I think that's a good sign for Northern VA.
  12. Nice, thanks for the input! Thankfully, it does come with a torch lighter, but just not the 3-torch lighter that comes with the M. I have a 16mm piece now, so my plan is to just get a 16mm to 14mm adapter. Hopefully that'll work well! I think I'm going to get a DaVinci IQ2 too, which I think I can a deal on from my brother's vape shop. Part of me likes the non-electronics aspect of the Dynavap, but I also don't want to have to use a torch lighter every time I want to use it. Do you guys do anything with the ABV material? I watched a Dynavap review where the guy said he uses it for his cannabutters. That sounds like a nice benefit if you get 2 uses out of it!
  13. Nikita Mazepin (Haas) seems like a horrible human. I saw the video HE posted on his IG account a few months ago, where he was groping some drunk lady in the back seat of the car (now deleted and apologized for) and he's also tweeted “I have a secret about you mate that people might call a coming out.” to George Russell. I saw his last race in F2 where he basically crossed the track to prevent being passed and forced the other driver off the road. I know there were a couple F1 drivers that didn't seem too happy that he'd be there in 2021. Maybe I'm wrong, and only read the negative stuff about him, but this guy seems like he's going to be a huge villain in the sport. The things that I enjoyed, but was somewhat surprised by, in Drive to Survive was the animosity that Bottas & Sainz were carrying last year. I thought that was really interesting, but I respect it, it's all rooted in a desire to win. I felt a little bad watching Carlos & Lando, you could tell there was a little emotional distancing since the previous season. I think Ricciardo is the perfect replacement for Lando's teammate though.
  14. I just ordered a Hydravong Deluxe pack from Dynavap. It's a vape that you heat up with a lighter, so no electronics. The reviews were pretty good, but I'll check in once I get it and test it out. I think the lighter seems like kind of a pain, so if I like it a lot, I may go ahead and get an induction heater to sit on my desk (or the rechargeable one ). Hydravong Deluxe Pack Does anyone else have a Dynavap device? I'm definitely still interested in a chargeable device but this one seemed like a good starter, and was pretty cheap comparatively.
  15. I was 256,646 but assumed I used up my luck on the last drop. Think I'm 1-4 on getting a pack when amounts are limited now, which actually seems pretty good.
  16. Lol, not sure why it's not showing up for you. I sold it last night for $325 though, so that link may not be working anymore?
  17. I think I'm finally getting a strategy together. Everyone else may have figured this out already, but it seems like the cards peak while they're involved in a Challenge: Active Challenges . People are scrambling to get all the cards needed to complete a challenge to get the Reward. I'm not bigtime baller (yet) so I'm not going to be able to complete the Seeing Stars Challenge 1, for example. You need the 12 cards they list to get the special KD card as a Reward. Those 12 cards avg about $200/ea in the marketplace right now, so you'd have to spend about $2,400 to get the KD card, which may end up being worth that much. However, I suspect that once the Reward has been given out, and the Challenge is closed, the 12 cards you bought will drop to about 1/2 their original value. So, I think the strategy is, if I don't think I can afford to complete a Challenge, I'm going to sell the card, and look to buy back after the Challenge is over, if I want it. I sold my All Star Donovan Mitchell card for $325 that I acquired last Fri since I don't have $3-4k to complete the challenge it's associated with. Last night I completed the Welcome to the All Star Family Challenge, which ends in 10 days, to get a special Mike Conley card as the Reward. I kind of stumbled onto this because I already had 2 of the common cards needed and I had no idea why there were listed around $58-$70 each, while most of my other common cards were $13-$14. Once I found the Challenges page, I figured out why and bought the 3 other cards to complete the Challenge. The above is all short-term strategy. I do think keeping packs unopened is also a good approach, if you have the self-control. 🙂 I completed my first set, called The Gift, which is 5 cards around $60-$70 each and 1 card around $200, just because I thought it'd be cool to own a complete set of something, long-term, and it's probably the cheapest set. They probably had a reward for it awhile back, but that's probably why the cards are cheaper now. Just sharing my thoughts as I figure some of this out...
  18. They did it by team again but I thought Season 3 was really well done, much better than Season 2 IMO. Ep 9 is about the Grosjean crash and is so intense.
  19. I got lucky and drew 34,038. My Donovan Mitchell All Star moment could have been a better one, but I'm just happy to have gotten a pack. I did get a pretty low serial number though (128/2021). Donovan Mitchell moment
  20. The last pack I was able to get was the Seeing Stars pack. I got a 7k/10k LE Hardin Seeing Stars card that I sold for $275 to help fund future packs. I've been trying to sell my 34/35,000 Mason Plumlee for $225 but no bites yet. 🙂 I opened the Pre-Order Base pack from a couple weeks ago, which was delivered last weekend, and didn't have anything good in there. Best card was a 2651/35k Hassan Whiteside. I've been in line for every drop over the last 6 weeks and been able to get 2 packs. There's a drop today at 12 PDT for a rare $229 pack, but I think they only have 36,378 of them. You have to have 3 moments in your collection to be eligible, so maybe that'll make it so less than 180k people are in line.
  21. Nice, that's probably the shark move. Since the Base Pack from last weekend is still on Pre-Order, this was really the first pack I've been able to open. It's so in your face to open and reveal them, I just followed along. I'll probably take your strategy on some in the future though!
  22. Got lucky and got assigned around 14,000 in line. I got the base pack last weekend so this is only my 2nd set. I'm not sure I fully understand the value yet, but am just trying to accumulate as many packs as I can until I do. 🙂 I've spent $23 so far (no marketplace purchases) and and just hope what I have is already worth more than that. Says my most notable card is a Mason Plumlee dunk because it's #34 out of 35,000. Wish I knew who that was. 🤣
  23. Nice. I got into these about 2 weeks ago which, apparently, was the wrong time to do so. I'm down between 8-10% on all of them, even after doubling down. ARKG has fallen the most in that time, so probably has a little more short term growth potential as well.
  24. ARKF and ARKW are my favorites, although I'm in ARKG as well. I had ARKK and ARKW at one point, but they seemed to have very similar holdings, so I consolidated those into ARKW.
  25. I bought a smoker from Grilla Grills about a year ago and have loved it. It's very well made, double-walled (which is great for keeping temp when it's cold outside) and their customer service is really good. I follow them on FB, and whenever anyone has any issues, Grilla, and typically even the owner, address it and correct it quickly. The parts are easy to maintain, and their site has great videos on how to take everything apart if you need to. I have the the grilla (the black circular one) and my brother has the Silverback. Both great smokers with their separate pros and cons, but neither one of us would switch for the other. 🙂 Grilla Grills They have some videos that go into detail about the comparisons vs other smokers as well. I think they're pretty well priced for the quality you get.
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