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  1. Thanks. That's a super interesting point. I'm a BIG believer in projecting and predicting what we really think will happen. And I stress to our people doing the ranking they have that freedom. But I also stress they have to be able to make a case for every projection and ranking. I think it's super important. Because our promise to you the customer is we'll give you all we've got. If we don't do that, we should just publish an ADP list and call it a day. Or do what some folks do and tweak an ADP list just enough and mail it in. That's certainly the easiest path. No
  2. Thanks @ZWK Definitely something that will shake out over the summer (and with some kickers, through the fall!). Folk's salary falls about middle of the pack. https://overthecap.com/position/kicker/ But Folk will be tough to beat.
  3. Also, get a shot at winning one of 3 Footballguys Premium subscriptions by retweeting. Info here. https://twitter.com/Football_Guys/status/1393196576609382402?s=20
  4. It's a big day as the Footballguys Detailed Stat Projections are LIVE. Not just live, but for a limited time, FREE. And we don't hold back. We project detailed stats down to the last yard for every player that matters and we give them all to you. These are the foundation of Footballguys and they're the biggest way we help you win more at Fantasy Football. We've got a new lineup of projectors and a completely revamped system behind the scenes that we hope will help our folks deliver better content to you. A ton of new features for the projectors to help us dial these in against historical
  5. FWIW, this is exactly the kind of posting I'm asking people to do. State your point and add a link. Then civilly engage the other side. More of this please from everyone.
  6. One last time. Please drop it. If you have a point, please make the point and back it up. Please do it without accusing others here of lying. And for people wondering why I'm so discouraged with the forums, it's stuff like this spending time trying to smooth everything over so people on all sides aren't upset. I've asked the moderators to do less suspending as we've talked but that winds up with repeated back and forth and me asking people to drop things and them refusing and it's what will likely eventually cause the forum to close as I simply don't have the time.
  7. FWIW, my son is traveling and left Charlotte this morning. Found stations with gas just east of Charlotte.
  8. That's not at all what I asked people to do. And honestly kind of discouraging you'd say that's what I want. Please let's drop this and please let's all try to be cool. When I talk about the giant downsides of a forum, and the struggles of trying to keep it on the rails, this kind of thing is what I'm talking about. Please let's drop and move on.
  9. Both of you: When you quote something, please add a link. When you disagree, don't just call the other person a liar. Use links to back up what you're saying. Thanks.
  10. You're welcome. These are some of the best things we do. And always good to hit both Dynasty and IDP content I know people like to see.
  11. Agreed. One of the things we're trying to do better with is including the post in the warning so people can see better. But for sure, let's keep this thread on NFL. Thanks.
  12. And please let's not turn this into a how bad the moderation is here. The Free For All and Political Forum has plenty of that already. People almost never think whatever they did was suspension worthy. People have no problem with "Biden is a moron" but don't like it when their guy is called a moron. It's life. As I said, we're mostly out of crisis mode with the moderation and I hope we can get back to more normalcy there.
  13. Hi EBF, One of the casualties of last year was in attempting to keep the political forum from a complete meltdown, we asked repeatedly for people to be cool and in desperation, there were lots of people who were suspended for longer than normal times for posts. Your post calling Trump "a complete and utter moron" was the kind of posting we tried to avoid. The moderators did manage to keep it from completely melting down. But the cost clearly was high as one can see with you. It's made me question if having a forum is worth all the negatives. it seems we're mostly in a lose-lose situ
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