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  1. I know everyone loves this angle as expected but I'm not sure I agree on labeling the "victim". I don't think @Brunell4MVP claimed his son was a victim. And I don't know the person who had to pay rent is a victim either. Without question though, the ability to spend hours of a day on something that doesn't pay is a luxury. And a great many people don't have that luxury. I think it's an interesting topic. I've always felt unpaid interns were not something we'd want to do. I saw someone the other day in the fantasy space say they were going to hire some interns this summer and have the
  2. We are super excited to be adding some outstanding folks to the Footballguys team. Dave Kluge https://twitter.com/DaveKluge_FF Troy King https://twitter.com/TKingMode Adam Wilde https://twitter.com/APWilde They have a wide range of skillsets and focuses. Please give them a follow on Twitter and welcome them. We'll get them up and running here soon at Footballguys.
  3. Thanks. We'll just have to disagree. I said it was disappointing I saw a lot of something. People asked why I felt that. (Is that what we call being "called out" now?) I replied it was trending on Twitter. I'm sure I'm biased in lots of ways. Based on messages I've received, lots of people on the board agree. It's almost always in the opposite direction of how they see things. Which may be their bias. I expect that's natural and part of life. I doubt I'm going to change that. All good.
  4. When something is trending on twitter, it's trending because there are a ton of people talking about it. I've no interest in continuing the discussion as it's been discouraging enough already. But the the downplay / minimize on this is interesting.
  5. I saw a lot. "Rest in Piss," "Good Riddance," and "Rot in Hell." were trending on Twitter. Folks like Bette Midler aren't what I'd call fringe. It is what it is. We obviously can't control twitter. We can have some small bit of control on the forums and we tried our best to do that. Same as we do for any famous person who dies completely regardless of their political views. Hopefully we can move on from this one. But it was pretty discouraging.
  6. I'm sorry you had trouble there. I sent you a PM. Please forward me the ticket number for customer service issue that was created and we'll try to see if we can help. Thanks.
  7. I understand. I just disagree. Like this I thought was awful for Marty Schottenheimer. https://twitter.com/Football_Guys/status/1359497345151479814?s=20
  8. You can get most everything you need in life from the Avett Brothers, The Godfather and Forrest Gump.
  9. Far from "everyone" was okay with the way Trump did that. The reality is tons of people, maybe most people, were not ok with that. The election showed that. But you know that. Even if Whatabouts are fun for some people. Regardless, what other people are doing isn't our concern. Our concern is going to be trying to have a forum where people act more cool. That's what we'll try to do here. And we do it the same for anyone that dies. Please help us. Thanks.
  10. Do not just at a post. If you disagree, state why. If you just want to laugh at people, find another board.
  11. That's a popup for the Footballguys.com website asking folks to subscribe for a free Insider account. If you're not logged into the Footballguys site, it'll occasionally pop up. Hopefully they'll do that and then eventually buy a subscription as Footballguys subscription sales are what makes this message board possible.
  12. Fun series we're doing on our new Instagram. Hope you're following there too. Here's the question: Who wins the 2020 Award for Rookie Best Value. Let's hear who you think and more importantly, why.
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