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  1. They were mailed as always. We mail what we have for 1:00 pm games and then also for the 4:00 games. But in same way, it's by far best to get it in real time updated here https://www.footballguys.com/subscribers/sundayupdate/
  2. Thanks Bri. We can't do that in the email as it requires synching to your league but the "there's a better player in your Waiver Wire" feature is a HUGE part of the Premium Subscription. You can view our projections https://www.footballguys.com/projections/inseason and click on your league and see the free agents available in your league right there so it's super easy. That ability to see who in your specific league with your specific scoring system is available probably the most important feature we offer.
  3. Thanks @Army Eye I can see using both like that for sure and letting the website be the "official" word. For usability on the web rankings, I'm interested how they can be better. Can you point me to a url link that does what you're saying? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Again, that doesn't sound nitpicky at all. I always need feedback. But to be clear, we don't see this as a "workaround" at all though, This is the primary way people access our weekly content. We put a huge value on improving usability and listened to feedback in week 1 and made major changes to get this flow right. So now anyone who goes to the home page has the Weekly Content prominently displayed. Plus the link stays the same so people can bookmark and go right to the weekly content. We'll keep trying to polish it up but I feel super good about the usability right now. If you have specific suggestions on what we could improve, please feel free to comment here or DM me. Thanks.
  5. We talked about having one big Injury thread vs a new thread each week here and most folks said they'd rather have a new thread each week. So here we are! I'll start one each Thursday. A couple of things to please keep in mind that would be really helpful if everyone can do. 1. Please use the players real name when you're posting. And please be specific as you can about the injury. If you don't know, say you don't know. In other words, "A-Rob just got blown up!!!!!" sucks. "Allen Robinson in on the ground with what looks like a knee injury" is way better. 2. Please let us know the source and share a link if possible. If you're watching the game and saw the injury, please say that. If you read it on Twitter, please say that and give a link. If you got a Sleeper Alert, please say that and click through on Sleeper to the source that's usually a tweet and share that link. 3. Please let us know what happened after the injury. This is super important. Was he: Carted off Helped off with assistance Walked off with a limp or something 4. Please update if they come back to the game or sidelines. Hopefully it's a "He's back in the game and looks ok". Or it may be "He's on the sideline without his helmet". That kind of thing. You get the idea.
  6. Hi @tigerz Something is wrong. We did two important things at the beginning of the year to address this. 1. If you go to https://www.footballguys.com/ the top picture link is a large rectangle box that says SEASON LONG START HERE in orange and then says "Week 7 Season Long". it's the most prominent thing on the https://www.footballguys.com/ page. Are you not seeing that? 2. if you click that large link for the Weekly page, you go to https://www.footballguys.com/season-long. We've made it so that link stays the same every week and displays the current week's weekly content. So it's super easy to bookmark and always go right to the current weekly content. Is that not how it's working for you?
  7. Thanks. I don't think you're being nitpicky at all. I do think we have the flow to get to the rankings extremely smooth. Usability is absolutely crucial and I think we nail that. If there's another site that is cleaner or faster, I'd love to see it. But we both agree it's still 3 seconds. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a web browser open at all times. And I don't disagree at all that all things being equal, people will take 1 second of opening an email over 3 seconds of looking online. But it's not remotely "all things equal". It's stale rankings in 1 second vs current rankings in 3 seconds. My question for folks is I'm interested in those that will accept the lesser product to save 2 seconds of time. And for sure, I'm not arguing either way. We provide both avenues so it doesn't really matter to me. I'm simply interested in trying to understand how and why the customer chooses different avenues of our product.
  8. Thanks. i can see the convenience factor. Although to be fair, the process to get to the rankings on the site are: Click: https://www.footballguys.com/season-long Then at the top of that page, click PPR Rankings https://footballguys.com/subscribers/myfbg/mycsforemail.php?ppr=1 It's literally 3 seconds. And you can have the same info presented in the email but know that it's current. I can see how people like to have the reminder in the email box. I know many people do "live" out of their email box. I do. Thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming.
  9. First thing - THANK YOU. Seriously. I know it's fun for some to our Premium Subscription here but this board would not exist without it. It's how our business operates. So thank you. For real. I also know a lot of you subscribe just to help support the forums. That's awesome too. Thank you. *** Ok, a question for the folks that purchased the Season Long Pro subscription. Every week, we email to our subscribers our weekly cheatsheet rankings. I know people love them as I always get lots of feedback on them. But I don't like the rankings very much in email format as they are often out of date in a couple of hours. The rankings and projections we have on the website are vastly superior. https://www.footballguys.com/season-long I'd much rather people use those rankings. But yet, I know some folks love the rankings that are emailed. My question then is, Why? Why would folks want rankings emailed when they can view the most current rankings on the website? Is it just for the convenience that it's right there on your phone or computer? Thanks for any and all insights. J
  10. For sure. Almost every team but the Patriots have the same MO for the past few years. It's the home town pessimist and it's fascinating. I'm not sure why it's so prevalent in serious fans but it's one of the more predictable things in all of sports.
  11. "They'll be fine" is a pretty wide range. They won't win the Super Bowl if they don't fix the defense. But neither will Kansas City giving up 7 yards a play. I think they'll be fine meaning I think Staley will get the defense better. In a salary cap league, no team has everything (Although Dallas might this year). Overall, I think they'll be fine. Will be interesting to see how they do this week. With everyone putting Staley in the Hall of Fame last week (joining Herbert who everyone already had in the Hall of Fame ) it'll be interesting to see how they respond to that trouncing.
  12. Ok. I think you guys were right. This team is terrible. Joke. They'll be fine. They ran into a buzz saw in Baltimore and got exposed in some areas. They'll be ok. The Ravens might be playing better than anyone right now. And given their injuries, that's scary.
  13. I know some people love the whatabouts. That what Harris did is somehow ok because Pence did it too. We all know that's often a deflection. I think the much more interesting discussion in the current one. Is doing this kind of thing ok? Or should it be?
  14. Thanks. I'm kind of fascinated with labels and generalizations. Is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_nationalism popular? For the bolded above, do you have some data to support your claim that a "Large majority of white Christians are Christian Nationalists"? What is the number? When I hear "large majority", I think upwards of 75%. Do you think it's higher than that?
  15. EVERYONE in this drop this back and forth non NFL BS. I'm sick of posters posting about other posters and not football. If it's about another poster, do not post it.
  16. Yes. It seems like Pence and Harris are both clear on this. One is in the past. One is happening now. Does Pence having done this make it ok for Harris?
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