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  1. That would make a great new thread. You should start that. Some wlll say we don't do enough. Others will say we do more than we should. Maybe naive, but that might be a good discussion if people wanted to try.
  2. I understand. Most people don't ever get to the point you did though and come back. It's literally a cost of doing business. Thanks for being here.
  3. Quick thought if you're interested. This is related to what we're talking about in the other thread. Assuming you want to have a real discussion, dropping the "king" thing will help a lot. By getting that little shot in, it almost ensures you won't get real discussion. It's your choice.
  4. Yup. Same as Day 1. I do think you're highlighting some of why you're such a good poster here though. You get it. If one were to think community is futile and screaming into the ether unless everyone has true mutual respect for each other, online forums with many people will be a challenge.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I don't agree but it helps to know what you think of our community.
  6. Thanks Alex. To add though, I'm saying the ROI equation is not all financial. I like to think I'm mostly rational. The positives of the Community we have here outweigh to me the negatives of heartache, cost, time and lost customers who post here they're no longer going to support our business financially because of something they don't like on the forums. That's a pretty big weight on the "negative" side. But the value of community is bigger on the positive side. I'd love to make that even bigger. Which is why I talk about we can do that so often.
  7. I'd ask for my own sake of curiosity: If you believe that to be true, why do you choose to still be here? That's not a "take it or leave it". Whatever we are to people, we are what we are. And have been for a while. But if I thought a community was that broken, and I wasn't forced to be there, I'd have left a while back. I hope you stay. But I'm interested in what positives you see that outweigh this forum being "act 3 of Lord of the Flies right now and Piggy is running out of time" to you.
  8. Also - sorry for the tangent above. I was just thinking about it today as this seems like more of the "Why do I think that?" discussions we've had in the past.
  9. Agreed. I think you're hitting on some of the points. It's interesting for sure. It's actually a much bigger discussion too on how we choose "preferences". Choosing the local restaurant over a chain is easy. It's when you back way up that it can be interesting. I think of it like you tune into the Summer Olympics and see a boxing match with athletes I know nothing about. One fighter is a guy from USA. The other guy is from Russia. My preference is I cheer for the USA guy. If I think about it, it's probably because he's "like me." He's "on my team". Is "li
  10. Thanks GB. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I'm glad you joined us back then and I'm thankful for all the contributions and I'm glad you're here now.
  11. Ha. I mean "mature" in the sense of the board is established and has been here a long while.
  12. Thanks. I always take good luck wishes. And yes, like anything, it's a question of the good outweighing the negative. The negative is clearly the headache and time and money needed. But the clicks aren't of much value. The Community is what I value. That's the positive. There are lots of real people who've made real friends here. There's been mountains of good discussion here. That's the positive. As far as acting surprised, I don't think I've been surprised much.
  13. Yeah. We're asking people not to do that. If you disagree, state your point and make a case for discussion. Thanks.
  14. Thank you GB. Fully admit to being too optimistic or even naive. I've got lots of failings. But I feel pretty confident I'm not being disingenuous here. As far as not "understanding how the internet works", I'm still learning and quite hopeful...
  15. And this goes back to the bigger picture of why we moderate. The primary reason is I think (and I'm totally open to being wrong) it helps create good discussion. I learned this lesson some 25 years ago when I encouraged a well known fantasy football writer to join us on the use.net boards. He wrote a long and thoughtful post and spent a ton of time on it. It was great value to the group. The first reply was "you suck". He messaged me and said, "I'm done". And never contributed another thing. One might say he was being thin skinned. I say he had tons of platforms begging for
  16. I think we all get the positives. What I see folks asking about are the negatives. Meaning, localism for some may be in the same thing as "protectionism" or "patriotism". Or a focus on those who look like us and the idea of not wanting to get outside our "local bubble". It seems like one of those things that most people like me automatically see as "good" but I'm hearing people who are thoughtful question how good it is and wanted to ask what folks here thought.
  17. There's truth there too. This is a mature board. Lots of folks have been here a long time. And this kind of thing can happen over time. When many of us started here, there weren't a ton of options for community like this. Now there are tons. I do think though the answer is not to just throw up the hands and say it's devolved or matured. I think it requires a more mature level of understanding. Just like any long time community or relationship. The question, and I truly don't know the answer though: Is that too much to ask?
  18. Yes, we're all adults. But people can still use emojis to troll or be uncool. Both those things we ask people not to do.
  19. I saw a person I like with a large following yesterday talk about how he loved how his city promoted "localism". I'm not sure exactly how he meant it. Internet says: What's your opinion?
  20. I do believe this is the type of thing that gets us back to where we were. Simply because that's more how we used to be it seems where people didn't assume the worst and didn't keep their little notebook of offenses. The trouble is it's way less work to fire off the snarky or condescending shot and get the likes from the people who think like you. What you're talking about requires thought and maturity. Obviously, that's more difficult. Would love to see if we all can do more of that.
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