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  1. Was fun while it lasted. CMike will no doubt be shot out of a cannon by another team soon, his SPARQ score stands strong, and he'll be a must start DFS
  2. This dude will be in my week 16 title game lineup, guaranteed. #Bentley
  3. Michael's rushing has increased in each of his last three games. Dude is warming up
  4. When was McFadden signed? Why would he be so much more adept with the Cowboys passing game than Michael? How long does it take to pick up blitz packages? Is Michael really that stupid (or not able to determine who to block)? Sorry...Not Michael thread. /deletepost
  5. Please give it to McFadden 45 times this week...at least Michael is first in line to replace his broken ### ...I think
  6. Nice 2nd round "hope" at this point. Wasted draft pick, hope he can regain last year's form. If only Gronk had fallen a few more picks...damnit
  7. Too many people trying to tie New England's offense to some sort of traditional reference.
  8. Snap count won't change, NE does what NE wants, regardless
  9. Sadly Abdullah's decline doesn't seem to be as much about opportunity as it does ball security...gonna be a big "what if..." when the season ends. Think David Wilson
  10. Take away Gronk's fluke touchdown and Lewis is leading the Pats in receiving
  11. Belichick knows that Blount will be suspended for pot in a few weeks, gotta run him into the ground. Lewis is playoff gold
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