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  1. When was McFadden signed? Why would he be so much more adept with the Cowboys passing game than Michael? How long does it take to pick up blitz packages? Is Michael really that stupid (or not able to determine who to block)? Sorry...Not Michael thread. /deletepost

  2. If De'Angelo Williams were to take over for Bell in Pitt, he'd be coveted as the best thing since sliced bread, err...Christine Michael. Similar histories, both have been at the top of the FF world at one point, why treat McFadden different? Just because he's skipped leg day for a few years?

  3. It seems to me like the Patriots game plan coming into the Jets game was going to be pass heavy, it's not the first time they've abandoned the run entirely if they feel they have an advantage in doing so. Hell, much of Brady's short passing game is just an extension of the running game anyhow. Makes sense to just leave Lewis inactive if they had no plans on using him.

    In regards to today's non-practice, would he be considered "limited" with a sports hernia?

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