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  1. Back in the day, my favorite local music venue was The Bayou (under the Whitehurst Freeway ... RIP 1999 ). I still hit places like the Birchmere, Rams Head Onstage, State Theatre, Jammin Java, Barns @ Wolf Trap etc (9:30 not so much anymore.. i leave that & the H street corridor to the younger folks) Now it's Wolf Trap Filene Center. These are on my list to see this summer: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lyle Lovett Whadayougot?
  2. This would save IU a bucket of $ ... if only it were true
  3. Or just have closed intersquad scrimmages. As a coach, I would not want any more "help" from the conference.
  4. I see NO UPSIDE for any B1G teams here. Might as well just get rid of the conference tournament if there are non NCAA tourney games after it is over.
  5. LOL @ this monstrosity nestled in a business park right off a major commuter route in the burbs http://www.hanovershadygrove.com/ My office overlooks the scenic parking garage while coworkers' offices have a lovely view of the "luxury apartments" at what appears to be about 20 yards from their windows.
  6. Is JT3 toast or can he save his job with a good showing in the Big East tournament?
  7. If both sides could remain civil long enough to agree on what the problem is, that would be a good start.
  8. Happy birthday, old timer

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