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  1. Happy birthday, old timer

  2. Sup Juice? Lil Nut engaged yet? You teach him how to throw diamond rings? :D 

    1. NJ


      LOL, you remember that story huh?  Not much going on here, just working and juggling the kids, starting a new job.  What's going on with you?

    2. NJ


      OBC still around?  Tried to stop by but can't remember the login/pw?

  3. Has anyone seen reg aka "BigHead" lately? 

    OBC is still up, tell him to phone home. TIA

  4. Back in the day the younger kids went to school later, so the older kids were home in time to help watch them.
  5. This is cute. Kid gets on bus at 7:15. Next year 6:45. Why!?!?! Probably bus schedules. Big push in Northern VA to get the school day to start later. My kids (now adults) used to catch the bus at 6:30am. By the time sports/activites etc were done it was easily 5PM
  6. Pig parts & corn meal formed into a block that is sliced & pan fried. Hearts, snouts & anything else that wasn't good enough to be in sausage
  7. You want I should send you some? RAPA brand is the world's best. RAPA is the only brand I buy. I did have some home made scrapple at VQ in Portland. It was good, it just didn't taste like the scrapple I know & love.
  8. My wife is a woman, so... "Of course I need all these different shoes!" Wears 1 pair of sandals the entire trip That is better than having her change "outfits" 3 or 4 times day. FML
  9. My parents are in their 80s and their entire social calendar consists of attending various memorial services. It seems like they go to two a week, but that is probably a (slight) exaggeration. My parents have been gone for quite a while now (they'd be 101 & 99 if they were alive)... I still remember the morning death watch ritual of reading the obituaries, looking for names of friends. Do what you can to maintain or improve the quality of life of your old ones... when they are gone you wont have that chance ever again.
  10. God Bless the stoic midwestern mindset. We've had this discussion. Pittsburgh is NOT the midwest Yes, we have. Yinzland is close enough to the midwest ... just sayin
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