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  1. Back in the day, my favorite local music venue was The Bayou (under the Whitehurst Freeway ... RIP 1999 ). I still hit places like the Birchmere, Rams Head Onstage, State Theatre, Jammin Java, Barns @ Wolf Trap etc (9:30 not so much anymore.. i leave that & the H street corridor to the younger folks) Now it's Wolf Trap Filene Center. These are on my list to see this summer: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lyle Lovett Whadayougot?
  2. This would save IU a bucket of $ ... if only it were true
  3. Or just have closed intersquad scrimmages. As a coach, I would not want any more "help" from the conference.
  4. I see NO UPSIDE for any B1G teams here. Might as well just get rid of the conference tournament if there are non NCAA tourney games after it is over.
  5. LOL @ this monstrosity nestled in a business park right off a major commuter route in the burbs http://www.hanovershadygrove.com/ My office overlooks the scenic parking garage while coworkers' offices have a lovely view of the "luxury apartments" at what appears to be about 20 yards from their windows.
  6. Is JT3 toast or can he save his job with a good showing in the Big East tournament?
  7. If both sides could remain civil long enough to agree on what the problem is, that would be a good start.
  8. Happy birthday, old timer

  9. NEVER bet against sparty in the month of Izzo. At least, take the points
  10. It's not worth it for the couple of pennies per gallon i'd save for the avg 12 gallon fill up my car takes. Not to mention that it would hose up my commute. Express Stop in Burke has a comparable price/gallon.
  11. Costco gas is among the cheaper gas stations here in Northern VA, but the Costco gas pumps have lines that remind of gas rationing from the 70s. I'm not waiting 30 minutes to an hour to save $1 on gas. I get 1.5% cash back on all purchases with my Navy Federal Visa and 1% from discover (5% on gas 3-6 months out of the year).
  12. What sort of nefarious activities do you engage in? I rarely get a fraud alert from my card issuers. Before I got the chipped card, Discover replaced my card with a card with a new number every year or 2.
  13. My siblings & I all went to Maryland. 0 of 16 grandchildren went to Maryland for undergrad studies, 1 went to Maryland for a Masters.
  14. Melo missed a shot that would have put them up by 2... Sparty had the ball with under 10 seconds left with the score tied. Sparty turned it over on a mishandled pass under the basket. Terps inbounded the ball with about 6 seconds, Melo took the ball down court, pulled up & sank a deep three to put ther terps up with 1.1 seconds left. Sparty's last shot hit the rim but didnt go in. Terps win.
  15. Dan Snyder overpays for washed up players. Romo is in all probability toast. If he came to Washington he'd make less on field impact than Neon Deion Sanders who ended up being slower than Reggie Jackson in Yankees pinstripes and less likely to actually tackle someone than DeAngelo Hall. I dont want Romo, lets be clear. But I have come to accept that the current ownership will make the worst possible decision every time.
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